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Jan 05

How Do You Celebrate Your QuiBids Win?

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When you get an awesome deal on QuiBids, how do you celebrate? Some people do the “QuiBids Dance,” which involves a combination of jumping up and down, flailing your arms around, kissing the nearest person, and/or shouting words like “HOORAY,” or “I WON,” while some bidders are more introverted than others, and prefer celebrating with a simple “Yes!”

However, there are some bidders who become filled with so much excitement that they just have to share the good news with others. We find that many of these bidders prefer taking to social media sites like Twitter to share their most recent wins on QuiBids. Sometimes these posts can encourage followers to sign up using the bidder’s unique reference code. QuiBidders receive 25 free bids for every person they refer to QuiBids.

Check out how these people are celebrating their wins on QuiBids. Feel free to ReTweet your favorites.

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  1. Sharron says:

    i won an i pod touch. and i jumped up and down with excitement,then a week later they told me to choose a replacement,they didn,t have it heart was broken.

  2. Jessica Baker Vintage Diamond Earrings WOW!!!!! I can’t believe I won these earrings for $.18!!!!!!  You have just got to start bidding this is absolutely incredible. You will never get a deal like this anywhere. They are beautiful…….Diva delight and more…..