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Aug 28

How One Man Saved Over £5,000 on Brand-New Products

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Real QuiBids Customer Story

By QuiBids User Bryan T.-

How It Began….

I first found Entertainment Auction websites as a result of a Google search for an Apple iPod Touch. I was looking to get one for my daughter for Christmas.  On the right-hand side of the Google search page an ad kept coming up.  It said that an iPod sold for about £6.44 on and I thought how is this possible?

I did some research and discovered how Entertainment Auction websites work.  I learned that on you first buy bids (at a cost of £0.40 per bid).  Each auction starts at zero, and every time someone bids it raises the price by 1p.  If the time ends and you are the highest bidder, you win the item!  As a business professional, with an MBA, my question still lingered however as to how it is possible to sell an item for £6.44 that cost £193.22.  I still could not help but think that this business model was just not sustainable for any business.  …So, I did some simple math and discovered that not only is the penny auction concept sustainable it’s ingenious! With more research I found to be the best place for me to try my luck on a deal for an iPod Touch. I was up and running in minutes.  The registration process could not have been easier.

Prior to bidding on a big-ticket item, I started out by bidding on gift cards.  I was absolutely ecstatic when I won my first gift card minutes after signing up for just £0.05!  I decided to press my luck, and lo and behold, I won another gift card! delivered the gift cards to my door within 4 days! Now that I knew that this was not a scam, I began bidding on the iPod Touch that I was looking for. I ended up winning the iPod Touch for my daughter for £4.67!

Buy Now

The fact that QuiBids offered a risk free “Buy Now” feature was the single most important thing that influenced my decision to try QuiBids.  Knowing that the worst thing that could happen is that I ended up paying full retail for the iPod Touch, which I was going to buy anyway, was comforting. has a wide array of product categories to choose from; Electronics, Home & Garden, Sports & Recreation, to name a few.  I choose because they had several auctions always going on at once. Other sites had far less, and the prices that they sold for were much more.  By adding items to my watchlist I began to realize the fabulous deals that could be had on!

I did some research and dug into my account history. I’ve won 190 gift cards with a value of £4,080.25.  I only invested £1,222.34, saving £2,857.91 in total. Some other things I won were:

Samsung 59” Plasma TV Bundle for £7.14 (99% savings)

Apple iPhone for £6.69 (98.5% savings)

Breville Barista Espresso Maker for £32.85 (92% Savings)

Dyson DC28 Animal Vacuum for £27.80 (91% Savings)

Beats MIXR High Performance Headphones for £8.79 (95% Savings)

Callaway Diablo Edge Hybrid Iron Set for £1.33 (99% Savings)

I received my items very quickly. For physical items, I received them on my doorstep within 5 business days.  In some cases, I received the item the day after I won it.

I’ve researched, and even tried other penny auction websites. has the most auctions available, and the widest selection of products available.  QuiBids takes their reputation very seriously.  They fulfill their auction wins very quickly with brand new items from authorized dealers.  QuiBids has customers support available, should you need to speak to a friendly person about the site.  Other penny auction sites just do not stack up.  First, they are cumbersome to use.  Second, the items sell for much more money on these sites than on  I believe this to be because of the minimal number of auctions on these other sites.  Also they are giving away bids to try and drive traffic to their site.  All this really does is drive up the price of their auctions. is a great place to get amazing deals online.  My philosophy with is simple, “If you are going to buy the item anyway, why not try to get it for a discount on”  Each and every product sells is brand new and authentic.  Shipping is also Free.