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Dec 13

How QuiBids Store and auctions complement each other

Posted by Matt Carney under Tips & Strategy


Unless you’ve been without a connection to the Internet for the last month —or you perhaps just joined QuiBids during that time, in which case, welcome!— you should know that November saw the biggest update to the site since this summer’s redesign.

We cut the ribbon on the QuiBids Store just in time to help with your holiday shopping, and so far reception’s been great! Customers have been taking advantage of our holiday season-only free shipping offer and earning Voucher Bids left and right, and participation in auctions is just as strong as it’s ever been. We like to think this is because the QuiBids Store increased the value of the service we offer customers by complementing our auction model and not conflicting with it.

So I went ahead and consulted some of the guys here at QuiBids who plotted out the Store opening in the first place to find out how it increased the value of QuiBids’ service for customers, specifically pertaining to how the Store and auctions relate to each other. I’d recommend incorporating these four facts into your QuiBids strategy!

1. More ways to shop means more ways to shop smarter.

With the introduction of Store, QuiBids customers now have another option to consider when they enter the marketplace for a particular product. If you’re a regular QuiBids user, the prospect of receiving Voucher Bids just for purchasing a retail-priced product carries considerable sway. Why not buy a product if it comes with something else you would’ve bought anyway?

So discerning between which products to buy at the Store and which to bid on at auction suddenly becomes a more intriguing proposition. Do you buy basic, necessary items (like, say, a set of blankets or cookware) at the Store and stockpile the bonus Voucher Bids to spend at auction on luxuries like video games? Or do you save big purchases for the Store because those come with more Voucher Bids?

More choices for making purchases means you now you have more opportunity to shop smarter!

2. Use Store to easily find auctions for specific products.

One of the biggest, most immediately useful ways that Store complements auctions is that it’s made it much easier to find an auction for a specific product. Because of the Store’s many browse functions that allow you to search by auction availability, product category, brand, the number of included bids, and customer reviews (more on these later), both tracking down a specific product and casual browsing are each much more convenient now on QuiBids.

Ease of browsing is especially important since we implemented our new auction model, which has increased the amount of products we can sell at any given time from a few hundred to tens of thousands.

In the surveys we sent out to customers after Store’s debut, one of the most common responses we’ve seen was that customers are using the Store to browse for items, and then proceeding to an auction for the item from its specific product page. It’s good to know that you guys are putting our updates to good use!

3. Use QuiBids Reviews to help decide which products are worth your time.

Another big part of the debut of Store was QuiBids Reviews. Now you don’t have to leave our site to read up on all the great stuff we offer. And the more you know about a particular product, the more informed your choice to either go after it in auction or purchase outright from the Store is.

4. Buy Now vs. Store purchase

Because of the guaranteed Voucher Bid reward, purchasing a product at the QuiBids Store is always going to be more desirable than having to purchase it through Buy Now. This doesn’t really affect whether or not you should Buy Now if you’re deep into an auction and probably aren’t going to win, but it does give you another option to consider in the first place. If you don’t have the time or patience to determine the ideal time to bid, then maybe a Store purchase that guarantees more bids at a later time is your best option.

As always, happy bidding! And be sure to check out QuiBids on your favorite social medium!
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