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Jul 11

How to get free bids and gameplays on QuiBids.

Posted by Blake Brown under Tips & Strategy

How to get Free Bids on QuiBids

UPDATE (2017-02-03): All Free Bids and Gameplay contests have ended, however we will still maintain the Sunday Timeline Contest and the Saturday promo codes for the time being. 

Are you looking for free bids?

There are a bunch of ways you can incorporate free bids into your QuiBids strategy. If you aren’t taking advantage of these opportunities, you could be missing out on even more chances to win some great deals.

You can also get free bids from playing our games, so be sure you’re taking advantage of gameplays as well. Keep reading to see different ways you can earn free bids or gameplays on QuiBids.


1. Enter the Daily Twitter contests

We also host a contest on Twitter every Monday – Friday. You must have a QuiBids account and follow us to be eligible to win. Every day around noon CST, we’ll post a contest tweet (usually with the hashtag #FreeBids). All you have to do is follow the directions in the tweet to enter. Sometimes the tweet will simply ask you to ReTweet to enter, other times you’ll need to answer a question by replying to the tweet.


2. Become QuiBidder of the Week

Every week, we feature a new QuiBidder here on our blog. To enter, all you have to do is post a photo or video of you with your win(s) on our Facebook page, and in the description tell us about your experiences winning the item.  If your post is chosen as QuiBidder of the Week, you’ll earn 90 free bids!

5. Weekly Promo Codes

We typically post a promo code for free bids to our followers on Facebook every weekend.

6. Timeline Contest for 2X Gameplays

Additionally, we host timeline contests on our Facebook page where you can comment on a particular post to be entered to win a 2X Gameplay.

7. Get your post shared on Facebook

Post a photo or video of you with the item you got from QuiBids. In the description, tell us a little about winning it (or using Buy Now). If we share your photo/video, you’ll get a 1X Gameplay!

8. Get chosen to be in our Facebook cover photo.

Post a photo of you with the item(s) you got from QuiBids on our Facebook page. If we use your image in our weekly cover photo Tuesday update, you’ll get a 1X Gameplay.

9. Sign up for our email newsletter

Get free bids promo codes by signing up for the QuiBids email newsletter

Here is an example of a QuiBids email. Please note that the above coupon has expired.

Every once in a while, we’ll include a promo code for free bids in our email newsletter. Make sure you’re signed up to receive it by going here and don’t forget to add us to your Safe Senders List. You can make sure you’re subscribed to our emails in My QuiBids under Email Preferences. Contact support if you need help subscribing.

10. Bid on hybrid and Gameplay auctions

How to filter Hybrid and Gameplay auctions on QuiBids

Hybrid auctions are auctions for a real good product that come with either a Gameplay or free bids. You can filter to only show hybrid auctions via the “Filter By” drop down menu on the Live Auctions page and selecting the Hybrid and Gameplay filters.

11. Earn badges

Earn badges on QuiBids and get free bids!

All badges come with free bids too!

12. Buy items from the QuiBids Store

Get free bids when you purchase an item from the QuiBids Store

If you don’t have time to bid, you can buy items directly from the QuiBids Store and get free bids with each purchase!

13. Rate QuiBids Games

Rate a Gameplay on QuiBids for Free Bids

One of the lesser known ways to get free bids is by rating games after you play them. You’ll get one free bid for each game you rate.


All of the free bids opportunities above will come in the form of Voucher Bids. Go here to refresh yourself on the differences between Voucher and Real bids.

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What methods do you use to incorporate free bids and Gameplays into your QuiBids strategy? Tell us in the comments!

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