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May 15

How to get more Top QuiBidders Leaderboard Points

Posted by Blake Brown under Contests, Tips & Strategy

Tips for the Top QuiBidders Leaderboard Contest

January 2015 Update: This promotion has been updated and we no longer have the leaderboard, however you can still earn rewards. To learn more, go here.

We’ve had the Top QuiBidders leaderboard on Facebook for some time now, and the QuiBids community seems to get bigger and more vibrant every day. As our community continues to grow, we’ve been noticing that some users are missing out on great bonus point opportunities. Because of this, along with some helpful feedback from Top QuiBidders participants, we thought it would be a good idea to provide you with some advice to make sure you’re maximizing your points potential.

Don’t waste your time on old stuff.

We’ve been noticing some QuiBidders are trying to earn extra TQ points by scrolling through and posting on older comments and posts. While you’re free to go back in time on our Facebook and like/comment on any our stuff (we don’t blame you – there’s lots of valuable information on our timeline), you will earn points for your activity on recent posts only.

We love videos





Videos are some of the best ways to share your QuiBids experience with others online. Plus, we’re always throwing tons of TQ points at those who take the time to make these vids. If you need to jump the Leaderboard quickly, videos are the way to go. Follow these tips to get the most out of your video reviews:

  • Speak clearly so we can understand you.
  • Make sure your face is completely visible in the video.
  • Make sure product(s) are visible and give as much detail as you’d like about your experience winning them.
  • Better quality means more potential points
  • Bonus points are limited to one video per day per person.

Add Value

Make sure every interaction you make on our Facebook page adds value to the QuiBids community. We will soon be updating the scoring algorithm to no longer award points for comments that are repetitive and posted one after the other. So instead of replying to multiple comments with the same thing, take a little extra time to craft a response that is more meaningful and helps the community grow. If we like your response, there’s a chance we could throw in some bonus TQ points too – y’know – just because you’re awesome and stuff. 😉

And on that note, if you notice someone who deserves extra TQ points for going overboard and being super helpful to others, feel free to send us a private message and tell us why you think they deserve it. Please limit these bonus point nominations to one per day.

Enter the QuiBidder of the Week contest

You already know you can earn points by posting pictures of you with your wins, but if you take .5 seconds longer and add the #QoW hashtag to your photo, you will be entered to be featured as a QuiBidder of the Week on our blog! If you’re photo/story is chosen, you’ll get a 2X Gameplay and 100 bonus TQ points! Go here to learn more about the QuiBidder of the Week contest.

Hide Your Username

Just got these 14k gold CZ earrings!  One of the recent winnings, they are more bright and sparkly in person, i plan on never taking these off, they are the perfect accessory for my every day use! Absolutely love them! Thanks Quibids Retailed at $12.99 Used 3real bids= $1.80 Ending price of $0.16 Total of $11.03 savings Or 85%!!!!

We give bonus points to bidders who post screenshots of their wins on our Facebook page. However, some users prefer to keep their username private for various reasons. We respect your right to have your username private – so if you choose to post a screenshot on our page, it’s up to you to make sure your username is blurred out. See the above example from QuiBidder, Blanca. This blurring (or marking) feature is available for most free screenshot tools online, like this extension for Chrome browsers

Respect Others!

Respect others

As always, we want to keep our page a place for users to talk about QuiBids, discuss strategies, and help each other become better bidders. When interacting on our page, please keep in mind that everyone is different and there may be people who have differing opinions or interpretations than you do. We ask that you please respect these differences. If you feel someone isn’t treating you nice, please don’t retaliate – just send us a private message and let us know the situation. We remove TQ points for activity such as this because this kind of stuff doesn’t really add any value to our page. Plus, it can potentially cause unnecessary pain for others. Also if the problem persists, the user making the attacks could be banned from our page. If the difference of opinions starts to become too much for you, then we suggest you block the user so you will no longer see each other’s posts/comments any longer.

Social Media has given us the ability to connect with people from around the world with similar interests and passions, as is the case here with the Q community. We understand that everyone has their own ways of communicating and expressing themselves, which is why we want to make it clear that – as long as you adhere to our three big social media rules (No cursing or offensive behavior, no spam, & no personal attacks) – you’re free to post however and whatever you’d like. Just know that you won’t get as many points (and could potentially lose points) if you aren’t following our advice and aren’t adding value to the community.

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Do you know someone in the Q community who has been overly helpful for you? Give them a shoutout in the comments below!


To be eligible to win the leaderboard rewards, you must first login to the Top QuiBidders leaderboard app on Facebook and approve the subsequent permissions. The above advice does not guarantee an increase in points. These are just tips for ways to improve your chances of getting more points.