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Jan 25

How to save money on QuiBids!

Posted by Matt Carney under Tips & Strategy

quibids big savings

How often do you come across high-end electronics or big home and garden products that are actually on sale? I don’t mean We’re Trying to Ditch that Big Pile of Last Year’s Model Inventory Still Laying Around in the Back of the Store-sale, I mean brand-new, top-of-the-line products that everybody’s physically aching for.

There’s an opportunity for that every day on QuiBids ‘cause we regularly auction off products worth hundreds —and occasionally, thousands— of dollars. I say “opportunity” because, for the persistent, there’s savings to be had that’ll absolutely wreck shop against your typical brick-and-mortar store blowout sale. Even when you find yourself locked into a long, grinding battle, bidding with QuiBids means the peace of mind of knowing that the very worst-case scenario is that you’ll pay a competitive retail price for your prize, which we call the Buy Now. That means 10% off is a win, 20% off is a victory, 50% off is worth jumping for joy, and 99% off is a not-so-distant possibility. The big secret to saving money on QuiBids is simple: Approach auctions ready to use the Buy Now!

Of course the more expensive the product the more attention it’ll attract from other bidders, and that means that you’re less likely to get a big deal. But hey, cowing out’s for the bidders who didn’t have much of a plan in the first place. Here are a couple of patient, persistent QuiBidders who didn’t fear the Buy Now price, dropped a few hundred (or even thousand) bids in auctions, and still walked away with considerable savings on new products! Try to find deals like these at your local Best Buy!

canon 60d quibids win

QuiBidder: jjserr
Bids spent: 1,015 Real Bids, 15 Voucher Bids
Bid value: $609.00
Product won: Canon EOS 60D DLSR w/18-200mm Lens
Buy Now price: $1,299.99
QuiBids savings: $550.17

User jjserr hung on to this crazy auction with the Bid-O-Matic and his/her efforts were rewarded. Amazon’s listing ten used cameras starting at $899 and he/she got this brand-new one for about $750 or so. Winning!

samsung quibids win tv huge deal

QuiBidder: mmalin83
Bids spent: 1,242 Real Bids, 65 Voucher Bids
Bid value: $745.20
Product won: Samsung 60-inch 1080p 600Hz 3D Slim Plasma HDTV
Buy Now price: $1,299.99
QuiBids savings: $454.69

Most customers get wary when that auction price jumps all the way up into the triple digits, but if mmalin83 had been scared away, he/she wouldn’t have enjoyed some serious savings on this Samsung Plasma HDTV. When was the last time you saw a top-of-the-line TV sell for 35% off?

cantina wicker lounge quibids big win

QuiBidder: agarcia1215
Bids spent: 502 Real Bids
Bid value: $301.20
Product won: Cantina Two-Piece Wave Chaise Wicker Lounger
Buy Now price: $899.99
QuiBids savings: $575.45

Does the prospect of dropping a few hundred bids on a single auction seem daunting to you? Then avert your eyes from this auction, which agarcia1215 saved 64% on. Nice!

taylormade r11 s driver quibids win

QuiBidder: jstcyr1
Bids spent: 430 Real Bids
Bid value: $258.00
Product won: TaylorMade R11 S Driver
Buy Now price: $314.99
QuiBids savings: $39.38

Here’s one of those “Hope you were planning on buying it anyway” situations. But hey, 13% in this case is almost $40! That’s a whole ‘nother bid pack you’re saving!

harmon kardon home theater system quibids huge win

QuiBidder: donotwaste
Bids spent: 616 Real Bids
Bid value: $369.60
Product won: Harman Kardon Home Theater Speaker System
Buy Now price: $599.99
QuiBids savings: $197.45

Single bidders have a distinct advantage over Bid-O-Matic users in that if multiple Bid-O-Matics are set, they’ll automatically bid against each other. Also, since you can only set up to 25 bids at a time, a person manually placing bids can just out-bid a BOM user past that point (assuming the BOM user is actually away from the auction). It looks like that may have been the case for donotwaste here, who saved almost $200 on this home theater system!

macbook air quibids win huge

QuiBidder: searun
Bids spent: 1,352 Real Bids
Bid value: $811.20
Product won: Apple MacBook Air 1.8 GHz i5 13-inch Laptop
Buy Now price: $1,199.99
QuiBids savings: $231.26

Last but far from least is this crazy MacBook Air auction from November. Good luck finding a cheaper price than this at your neighborhood Apple Store!

A trend you might have noticed is that most of these customers are using Real Bids and not Voucher Bids. There’s a good reason for that.

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