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Jan 27

Using the QuiBids Watchlist

Posted by Blake Brown under Site Features, Tips & Strategy

Have you heard about the Watchlist on QuiBids?  This feature lets you keep track of products that you are interested in while browsing the site.

With more and more products showing up for auction on QuiBids everyday, trying to keep track of your favorite items can become quite a daunting task.  So what do you do when you come across that laptop you have been wanting, or when you find that Xbox 360 Kinect bundle that you have been itching to bid on?  You can keep track of any upcoming auction with a cool feature called the Watchlist.  The Watchlist allows you to save and track your favorite items as you are browsing the pages of QuiBids.

How do you add items to your Watchlist?

While browsing through all of the name brand, top-of-the-line products on QuiBids, you can hover your cursor over the title of any auction, which will produce a dropdown menu with the option “Add Watchlist.” Simply click it to add the item.

You can also add items to your Watchlist from the auction page. Simply click the “Add Watchlist” link on the right side of the page, shown below.

Where do you find your Watchlist?

After clicking on “Add Auction to Watchlist,” click on the “My QuiBids” tab to actually view what you’ve added.

On the opening page, you will see the item(s) you selected and wanted to watch.  The Watchlist will automatically order the auctions by end time. Now you can also conveniently view your Watchlisted items from your QBar, no matter where you go on QuiBids! Check it out:

What are the benefits of the Watchlist?

  1. Unlimited:  You can keep track of as many upcoming auctions as you want!  If you decide you no longer want to follow an item anymore or the item shows up SOLD, you can simply delete it and remove it from your watchlist.
  2. Strategy:  Keep a tally on the same product for multiple auctions, to see the average amount that item eventually sells for.  It can help give you an advantage for that same item in another future auction.
  3. Time-Saving: It can be used throughout the day for you to check on the item and to s its status.  If you see it’s too popular of an auction for you, then you may want to come back another time for another auction and not waste time on this one.

This tool helps you win big by saving you time and money – and who doesn’t need that?

UPDATE: Your QuiBids Watchlist is now easier to use!  Click here to read how.


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