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Sep 23

How two QuiBids employees saved the life of “Gunnie the Underdog.”

Posted by Blake Brown under QuiBids Employees

Gunnie the Dog saved by The Underdogs Rescue Organization

You often hear us talking about how great our customers are – which might we add, we really do have some of the greatest customers in the world! But we don’t often get the opportunity to highlight the great things our employees are doing in their personal lives outside of QuiBids.

You may recall a blog post back in February about two employees, Meike and Jared, who started a rescue organization called The Underdogs. Well, we have an update (and this is another one with a happy ending)!

Last week, The Underdogs got a call about a shepherd mix dog named Gunnie that was found shot in the neck and laying on the side of a road here in Oklahoma City. Gunnie was quickly rushed to the vet, and miraculously she didn’t receive any major or life-threatening damage from the bullet! So long story short, she was going to live!

Now she is eating well,  becoming healthier by the day, and is currently recovering with a new and loving foster parent.

Gunnie is one of those discarded dogs that could not care for herself and had surely lost hope. The first two years of her loveless life had been lonely and torturous. Simply put, miracles began happening for her after the bullet entered her body and in just a few days, her life turned around completely. She had been spending her days and nights hunting desperately for food, water, shelter and ultimately her life only to fall into loving hands, soft voices and open hearts.

You can keep up with her recovery and story by following Gunnie’s Facebook page.


Also, a few local news stations picked up this story. Here’s one from News 9: – Oklahoma City, OK – News, Weather, Video and Sports |


And another one from KFOR:

Be sure to follow The Underdogs on Facebook too!

The Underdogs Rescue is the group paying for Gunnie’s care. Go here to learn how you can donate to help with these expenses too.