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Dec 21

Two chances to donate: Hurricane Sandy and Sandy Hook relief auctions

Posted by Matt Carney under Charity, News


Several customers on QuiBids’ Facebook page were asking for us to host charity auctions in the wake of Hurricane Sandy in October, and we thought that’d be an excellent way to help fund the relief efforts. New York City alone is going to need a lot of help rebuilding and the American Red Cross is out on the frontlines delivering meals to people and helping to clean up after one of the largest natural disasters in modern American history. They need some help, and they need it now!

So, 100% of the revenue for this auction for a Toshiba Satellite 14″ i5 Ultrabook will go to the American Red Cross, which has been busy since the Nor’easter and Hurricane Sandy tore up the east coast. They’ve been everywhere, providing Thanksgiving meals to affected people and sheltering evacuees all over the east coast, employing thousands of trained disaster workers to do so.

Bid on the Hurricane Sandy relief auction

Unfortunately the country was shaken by another major tragedy last week, when a gunman walked into Sandy Hook Elementary School in western Connecticut and committed a senseless act of violence. Newtown, Connecticut is still grieving over the loss of 26 of its sons and daughters, all children and employees of the school. Though QuiBids is located far away in Oklahoma City and bears no personal connection to the community of Newtown, we are mothers and fathers, and brothers and sisters ourselves. Our hearts broke last week watching as the news came in.


And while monetary donations can’t heal wounds, family support and counseling can. We’ll be donating all money earned from this auction for a Panasonic Viera 42″ LED TV to the Sandy Hook School Support Fund, via the United Way of Western Connecticut. You may have also noticed a brief downtime on the site this morning, wherein we joined thousands of other websites across the country in going dark for a moment of silence for Sandy Hook. We hope you joined us in this moment of reflection, and we thank all our customers who did so.

Bid on the Sandy Hook relief auction

Both of these auctions start on Sunday, so we recommend adding them to your Watchlists now. If you’re interested in donating to the Red Cross’s efforts on the east coast and the United Way’s work in Newtown, then we recommend reading more at the Red Cross’s website and this article in the Connecticut Post. We hope you can join us in donating! Below are some facts and statistics about the American Red Cross’s post-Sandy relief work, according to This is what your bids on our hurricane relief auction will be contributing to.


Number of overnight stays in shelters the Red Cross has provided.


Number of trained disaster workers from all 50 states have been deployed between North Carolina and Rhode Island. The majority are concentrated in New York and throughout New Jersey.

7.4 million

The number of meals and snacks provided.


Number of health services and emotional support contacts provided.

5.2 million+

Number of relief items, which includes necessities like blankets, tools, and medical supplies.

Happy bidding, and thank you for joining us in support of the post-Sandy relief effort and the community of Newtown, Connecticut.