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Apr 13

Introducing: Color Capture

Posted by Matt Carney under News, Site Features


Any chance you’ve noticed this odd, new cultural phenomenon, the Color Run? It’s caught on in 18 U.S. cities by combining all the physical anguish of running five kilometers with the humiliation that comes with getting splattered by magic color dust. Although the folks in this video sure do make it look like a whole mess of fun.

Well, this week QuiBids is announcing a new feature that’s just like the Color Run … except for the part where you get sweaty, sore, and doused in paint by a horde of riled-up strangers.

It’s called Color Capture, and it’s the latest (and greatest, we think) way to cash in your QuiBids Gameplays. Let’s give it the old once-over and see how it compares to other QuiBids Games.

Unlike our previous Games, Color Capture hinges on strategy more than luck, so if you’re a fan of puzzles, patterns, or board games then this may just be where you wind up spending all your future Gameplays. You start out with a randomly-assembled puzzle board, a timer, and exactly 25 steps. The goal’s to cover the entirety of the board in the same color, as fast as you can.

You accomplish this by selecting one of the six paint cans beneath the board to change the color of the top-left square. When the square changes to the color of a square adjacent to it, they both (and any other connecting squares of the same color) become captured, and will now change colors together, steadily spreading across the board. Eventually it’ll look like this:

Just playing the game isn’t enough to earn bids, however. You’ve got to work for them! You amass bids three ways.

1. Percent Complete — The more space on the board you capture, the more bids you earn. This is how you’ll pick up the bulk of your bids, so we recommend focusing on this strategy first.

2. Colors Cleared — You gain additional bids by clearing away whole colors from the board. For each color cleared, you’ll earn an additional five bids. Here’s a good example of a board that cleared off a bunch of the space, and even managed to get rid of one of the colors.

3. Time Remaining —If you capture the entirety of the board, you’ll be rewarded a bonus bid for every ten full seconds left on the timer. For example, you earn one bonus bid if you finish with 17 seconds left, two bids for 22 seconds, and so on. Since you’re rewarded more for the sheer bulk of squares and colors you capture, we recommend that you focus more on the previous two strategies than this one.

When you’re all done, check to see how many Voucher Bids you earned, and jump right back into those auctions! Happy bidding!


  1. Bina Rhodes says:

    Any practice modes?

    1. QuiBids says:

       No practice modes at the moment, Bina, But we really like the idea!  We’ll be looking into it. Thanks!