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Jul 03

Introducing: The Flying High Badge

Posted by jfarrand under Site Features, Tips & Strategy

Flying High Badge

It’s about time we got some new Badges, right?  Well, then that’s exactly what we’ll give ya!  Today, we’re announcing the Flying High Badge.  If you enjoy the finer things in life, this Badge is for you.  Or, if you just like to ride in planes, this one’s for you too!

The objective of this Badge and how you can earn the Flying High Badge is by maxing out on your 28-day auction win limit.  What’s the payout – 2 free bids, a.k.a. Voucher Bids.  Not too shabby.  Although it may not give out as much as some of our other Badges, i.e. the 5,000th Bid Badge, it’s still a pretty sweet Badge.  We’ve got more Badges in the pipeline, so as always, stay tuned to our blog where we’ll announce them as they launch!

What are badges?
As described on our site, QuiBids’ Badges are earned achievements that display your bidding skills and reward you with bids! It’s a great way to game-up, build your overall bidding strategy and become a more experienced QuiBidder.  Want to learn more about Badges?  Check out some previous blog posts about QuiBids Badges:

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Is this not enough?  Do you want yet another Badge?  Ok, ok… but we’re waiting until next week to reveal that one!  Until then, Happy Bidding QuiBidders!

The Flying High Badge is not retroactive, meaning if you’ve already hit a previous 28-day limit before this Badge launched, you will need to wait for your next 28-day limit to achieve it.