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Jul 27

Introducing: Word Scramble

Posted by Matt Carney under News, Site Features


At QuiBids, playing games is part of our business. So much so that we’ve got a whole team of developers whose job is to build fun, new additions to our QuiBids Games section!

Their latest product is very similar to the popular Words With Friends iPhone app, but our version’s better because you can play it for free bids! We’re proud to introduce Word Scramble!

Like the popular iPhone app Words With Friends, Word Scramble features a Scrabble-like board, tiles, and word/letter multipliers. Also similarly, the goal is to play letters on the board to form words to generate as many points as possible!

Unlike Words With Friends though, you play Word Scramble against a clock, so quick thinking is a must.

There’s a pretty useful How-To when you start each game (don’t worry, you can choose to skip it if you know what you’re doing), so I won’t go too much into a tutorial-style explanation. However, having had the advantage of testing Word Scramble out (sidenote: I’m having trouble believing that playing games is part of my job, but then again, I work for QuiBids) I’ve come up with a few tips that will help you build a strategy for this particular game.

Word Scramble Strategy #1: Play small words quickly.

LAMP’s pretty innocuous, right? I mean, it’s just four little letters. How much can they add up to? Well, when you factor in the right tile multiplier and the creation of the second, even-smaller word YA, you nab yourself a quick 25 points. That’s four Voucher Bids in a single play, because Word Scramble pays out at a ratio of one Voucher Bid per four points.

Playing longer words isn’t a great strategy because your letter tiles change out every thirty seconds. It’s very difficult to consistently create words when the letters are constantly swapping out from under you. Creating simple words is especially helpful, as you can add to them later for more points. See BALE on the screenshot above? I didn’t have an S to make it plural or a D to make it past-tense when I started out, but sure enough, the letter I needed came along later and I scooped up an extra 18 points by playing a single tile.

Moral of the story: Add up small words as fast as you can. It’s very difficult to get through all the letter tiles in a single game, but playing small ball is more likely to pay out big.

Word Scramble Strategy #2: Aim for the corners.

Currently, the placement of the multiplier tiles on the board is the same every time, which means that there are four TW (or Triple Word) tiles in play — one for each corner. These are the most valuable tiles on the board so try your best to make use of them by spreading as far out from the center as possible. Even a pretty basic word like CONE will net you plenty of points when you drop it on a TW tile.

I played Word Scramble about 8-10 times and got the biggest payout —137 points, which rings up to 34 Voucher Bids— when I implemented this particular strategy. DRONES was my big winner (24 points) but even little ones like YO/SO and DIED each netted enough points to make the spread-out tactic worthwhile.

Word Scramble Strategy #3: The more words you create with a single play, the more points you rack up.

By playing AMP in just the right spot, I created two words: YA and LAMP, for a total of 25 points (thanks to the Triple Letter tile hiding under the M).

Sometimes you get lucky and the total winds up much greater than the sum of its parts!

Word Scramble Strategy #4: Don’t worry if your starter word’s no good.

If you keep it simple, you can wait and capitalize when the right tile comes along. Remember how I scooped an extra 18 points by adding a D to the end of BALE earlier? Well here I started out with VENT and turned it into VENTED, earning a few extra points  and more importantly creating a highway to that all-valuable TL tile.

Word Scramble Strategy #5: Only use the Switch function if you really, really have to.

Switching drains precious seconds off the clock and distracts your brain from the flow of the game, so I don’t recommend doing it unless you find yourself in the following situation: If you find you’re dealt a whole tray of vowels or a whole tray of consonants (or an unfavorable ratio, like 6:1 of one to the other), immediately switch them out for new tiles. It’s extremely difficult to create a whole word using just what’s on the board and  a tray’s worth of either all consonants or all vowels, but if you realize what you’ve been dealt and make the switch quickly, then you’ll leave yourself with plenty of time to create a word out of your new letters.

Bonus Strategy: Read up!

I went ahead and included the screenshots from the Word Scramble tutorial at the bottom here, so you can learn how to play before you even take your first tray of letter tiles. Please note that if you click on the screenshots, they’ll get larger and easier to read. Good luck with Word Scramble and as always, happy bidding!