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Aug 14

July 2015 – A Month in Review

Posted by Valerie German under Testimonials

July 2015 - A Month in Review
The month of July was hot this year, both on and off the site! Perhaps the biggest news was the release of a new mobile framework for the website. We can’t wait to share all the details of this new offering with you so stay tuned for more information and any other updates as they come available!Without further ado, it’s time to take a look back on July. We’d like to thank all of our users for helping make it awesome. Quibids Mobile

Favorite Posts

There were quite a few wonderful posts made by our users this month. We’ve picked ten of our favorites to share with you here. Each of these community members has earned themselves a 5X Gameplay. If your post was chosen, please drop us a PM to our Facebook page with your QuiBids username and we’ll get your reward out to you!

Gary O. and the Foodie Finds Win

Gary O. and the Foodie Finds Win
Gary O.
July 2, 2015
Bet you wouldn’t believe I only paid .52¢ for all this delicious food
This is the Pig of the Month Foodie Finds
What comes in the package is
2-2 lb racks of Memphis style ribs
1 lb of Applewood Smoked Maple Bacon
1 lb Italian Sausage
6 Strips of CHOCOLATE Covered BaconI was extremely excited about this win. I had been dying to try the chocolate cover bacon and Who doesn’t love ribs.
I can say this was a absolutely delicious win. Every part of this package was Spectacular.
If you haven’t tried this It’s a MUSTP.O.M Foodie Finds retail $109.99
0 rbs used / 5 vbs used.
.52¢ Auction Total
99% Savings ($109.47)

Thanks Q for offering such high quality items

Hallow Wayne and the Mixed Media Shirt

Hallow Wayne and the Mixed Media Shirt
Hallow Wayne
July 8, 2015
Going to places you’ve never seen before were such an amazing experience.Part of it is wearing something comfortable to make that thing an extraordinary.With it’s vibrant and trendy looking long sleeve shirt would make other eyes turn on you.Modeling this Something Strong Men’s Mixed Media shirt that was valued for $51.99 with 20VB was snagged for only $0.10 using 4VB.I just saved a huge amount of $51.89 (99%) in really loved this shirt and the portrait itself is worth a lifetime.Thanks Quibids!

David G. – Travel Log #3

David G. - Travel Log #3
David G.
July 9, 2015
Travel Log #3The maintenance gentleman @ our North Dakota complex has already gone above & beyond fixing a few small concerns with our apartment; Thanks Tim ! As is our custom while traveling we give departing gifts to those who’ve hel make our stay great! Giving Tim this Leatherman 300 is a no brainier! Let’s see if I can wait until September lol!Leatherman 300
Price: $79.99
Bids used : 46 real / 13 voucher
Paid $30.74
Shipping FREE

#quibidswins. #quibids

Donna L. and the Solar Light Set

Donna L. and the Solar Light Set
Donna L.
July 13, 2015
Wow wee! I won this set of 6 Beautiful Silver 12″ solar Powered Garden Lights for 1 VB and one penny. It takes patience to win with one bid…but I can do it! a $16.99 value for 99% off! Now I can see the path down to the pool at night!

Steve S. and the Gift Card Wins

Steve S. and the Gift Card Wins
Steve S.
July 21, 2015
Where else can you win all this for $3.34? ONLY QuiBids ! I had a run on Walmart Gift Cards last week totaling $75, now that is what I call “Savings on-top of Savings”. I invested a total of 46 V/B’s in 5 different auctions. But the nice part is they were all hybrid auction grin emoticon that included 20 bids each for a total of 100 bids. So not only did I Save BIG but it didn’t cost me a single bid, in fact I made 54 bids off these 5 wins! Let me give you the break down, I started with 5 promo bids from last Monday when I won 50vb auction for $0.99, I then decided it would be nice to add to my gift card collection and boy did I when I won these 5 cards plus over $100 worth of other items that have not arrived yet. I won so much in 1 day I was put on time out but it was a Blast and I look forward to my return. Thank you #QuiBids for the #FreeBids heart emoticon YOUR THE BEST! #QoW50 bids won using 5 of 5 promo bids – ended at $0.99
$25 wm + 20 bids – used 24 bids – ended at $2.26
$15 wm + 20 bids – used 8 bids – ended at $0.24
$10 wm + 20 bids – used 3 bids – ended at $0.16
$10 wm + 20 bids – used 10 bids – ended at $0.29
$15 wm + 20 bids – used 1 bid – ended at $0.49To all my Q-buddies I wish you the best! May your next bid placed be followed by SOLD!


Cindy S. and the New Pillow

Cindy S. and the New Pillow
Cindy S.
July 24, 2015
Woo hoo!!! Finally got myself the Lavish Home Ultra-Soft Down Pillow that everyone has been talking about!!! Thanks Quibids for being so generous with your promo bids. I used 3 of my promos to win this!! Value of pillow is $23.99, ending auction 9 cents, giving me savings of 99%!!!!

Robert H. and the LED Shot Glass Set

Robert H. and the LED Shot Glass Set
Robert H.
July 26, 2015
I won some super cool LED Liquid Activated Shot Glass Sets – Pack of 6 = I paid .01 and that’s a 97% savings!! When you put liquid in them they flash different color lights! My kids love em!! THANKS Q

Monteen B. and the Neogadget

Monteen B. and the Neogadget
Monteen B.
July 28, 2015
Neogadget set by Berghoff for the kitchen. Won for 3 voucher bids 9 cents. Valued at $ 46.99. Total savings 99%. WOW.

Connie E.’s Zen Win

Connie E.'s Zen Win
Connie E.
July 29, 2015
ZENo MOMENT: Here I am having a zen moment with my Zeno 8in Mixing Bowl (3.5 qts). On the package, the O in Zeno is filled in and there are two more solid color O’s following so it looks like it says ZEN on the box instead of ZENO. So, I have started referring to it as my ZEN bowl. LOL I bake so much that I wanted another bowl this size for when I am making multiple loaves of bread at the same time. (I use my Wolfgang Puck bowl when I need just one.) This beautiful stainless steel bowl perfectly fits the bill. The size and shape are exactly what I need. I love that it came with a black plastic lid that seals nicely too. The Value Price was $59.99 but I paid just $0.33 and used 16 voucher bids to get it. That’s a savings of $59.66 or 99%. Thanks, QuiBids for the opportunity to upgrade my kitchen for such low prices.

Vanessa T. and the Clock Radio

Vanessa T. and the Clock Radio
Vanessa T.
July 29, 2015
Corsair CR612 Desktop Clock Radio – Black #ProductReview #QOW
This is awesome, and the reason that Jeffery still has a job .. :) We have not had the best of luck with Alarm clocks, but dealing with QuiBids has led us to a successful Purchase of an Awesome Alarm Clock. This Alarm clock has two Alarms that can be set, and is very loud.
With the Awesome Alarms, also comes with a Cd player and radio. The Volume is of beneficial loudness as well. :)
Bidding with only real bids i saved 82%!! Woo hooo ….26 Real bids ($15.60) and the auction price of $.72.. With Free Shipping .. Awesome Product, and Great quality.. I know that this Win is gonna last a long long time .. smile emoticon Thank you Quibids for all the awesome products that you have to choose from ..

Popular Products in July

The month of July was hot, and so were the auctions for gift cards on QuiBids, taking the clear lead. Omaha Steaks dropped to second place, but what a tasty place that is! Outdoor decor and lighting rounds out our top three. Also very popular last month were luggage and perfumes and colognes!


QuiBidder of the Week Roundup

Here’s a quick look back at July’s QoW award winners. If you’ve missed reading about them, check them out now!

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QuiBidder of the Week Roundup - July 2015


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