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Aug 01

July auction recap

Posted by Matt Carney under News, Products


Well, that went by fast.

July came and went at QuiBids like a NASCAR racer through a straightaway at the Texas Motor Speedway, spinning our heads with deals on the way out! As always, savings abounded as customers grabbed big deals on Electronics, Home & Garden, Jewelry & Fashion, and Sports & Recreation products left and right! Here are 13 of the biggest winners from the month of July!

Item: Wolfgang Puck 33-Piece Cookware Set
Price: $379.99
Winner spent: 30 Real Bids
Savings: $361.24
Jdenmanc just found himself or herself with enough equipment to open a restaurant in the kitchen! And enough savings to go stock up the pantry for a month!

Item: Beats by Dr. Dre Tour Headphones
Price: $149.99
Winner spent: Eleven Real Bids
Savings: $141.83
Everything’s going to sound a little bit clearer to customer mbcandre with his/her fresh set of Beats! And for just a little more than $8, they’re about as cheap as an album on the iTunes store!

Item: The new Apple iPad 16GB
Price: $529.99
Winner spent: 45 Voucher Bids
Savings: $527.38
As always, Apple products tend to generate a ton of competition on QuiBids, but blablive here scored an impressive deal, using only Voucher Bids! Bravo!

Item: Toshiba 15.6” Laptop
Price: $489.99
Winner spent: Two Real Bids
Savings: $488.47
If you’ve got to buy an all-purpose PC, you might as well spend less than $1.60 on it, amirite?

Item: Oakley Holbrook Sunglasses
Price: $105.99
Winner spent: Three Real Bids
Savings: $104.09
Just in time for what remains of the summer, NoStoppinNow’s gonna beat the heat and stay out of the sun with this fresh pair of Oakley sunglasses!

Item: Radar Chase Lounge 3 Tube
Price: $405.99
Winner spent: Three Real Bids
Savings: $403.88
Trip to the lake, anybody? Thaile1’s buying!

Item: J.A. Henckels 17-Piece Knife Set
Price: $89.99
Winner spent: 11 Real Bids
Savings: $82.44
It slices, it dices, it’s…a knife set! Duh!

Item: Tamron B008 Telephoto Lens 18-270mm
Price: $649.99
Winner spent: Two Real Bids
Savings: $648.60
Woah. Auction ended at 19 cents. Very impressive two-bid get, Gonnacostusboth.

Item: Heritage Two-Tone 150CC Gas Scooter
Price: $1,899.99
Winner spent: Three Voucher Bids
Savings: $1,899.12
Three bids for a scooter? Seemingly impossible, thy name is QuiBids.

Item: Taylor Made RBZ Stand Bag
Price: $169.99
Winner spent: Eight Real Bids
Savings: $164.99
With that $164 in savings, eski05’s ready to hit the links!

Item: Sony Bloggie Touch 4GB HD Camcorder
Price: $99.99
Winner spent: One Real Bid
Savings: $99.38
This Bloggie camcorder might not make falconsfan1 into Scorsese, but it’ll sure save him or her a bunch of dollars!

Item: Brinno Time Lapse HD Camera
Price: $199.99
Winner spent: Six Voucher Bids
Savings: $196.04
Here’s a cool, new product that we’re really excited about. And now chukkers has a cheap, nifty way to create high-def time lapse videos anywhere and everywhere!

Item: Dirt King Adult Dually Tricycle
Price: $0.37
Winner spent: Two Real Bids
Savings: $428.42
You’re in for a treat, ironeagle1. We’ve got one of these things here in the office and it’s about as fun as a puppy farm.

Total amount saved on these auctions: $5,545.88

*All savings don’t include the cost of shipping.