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Aug 28

July video contest: The best of the rest

Posted by Matt Carney under Testimonials


Early last week we announced the winner of our What Do You Do with Your QuiBids Wins? video contest, and while there could only be one champion, we received a bunch of good submissions from a broad range of QuiBids users that included seasoned veterans and newbies alike.

The common strand running through them all? A big-time enthusiasm for the savings they get shopping with QuiBids. And y’know, probably the prospect of getting a free, brand-new iPad helped too.

Either way: seeing our customers’ lives directly affected by the service we provide is always a big deal to us, so we’re always stoked to celebrate your QuiBids wins with you! Share them with us at our Facebook page or tell us on Twitter — it makes our jobs so much more rewarding.

That all said, let’s get to feeling good by cruising through these great runner-up videos!

As far as we know, Jeff Kitchens is the first guy to ever write a song about us, so we’re obviously pretty flattered. Be sure to buy a copy of his debut album, Songs for Services That Save Me a Ton of Money!

Because of our auction limits, it’s extremely difficult to accumulate a lot of wins really quickly on QuiBids. It makes these folks’ claim to have won a whopping 582 auctions all the more impressive.

Unboxings are always so exciting! Congratulations on your MacBook Pro, gift cards, and microfiber comforter, dude!

Daaaaaaaaang, look at that spread. Nice work Anni!

Woah. A very impressive bounty of wins here. Good luck to whomever finds him/herself in an auction against this guy.

Bonus points for the script…and we’ll forgive you for mispronouncing our name. It’s hard.

This video ran longer than the one-minute limit, but we’re suckers for cute kids.

15 cents turned into a $15 Home Depot Gift Card. The gift card turned into some plants and a pack of zucchini seeds. The plants and pack of zucchini seeds turned into actual zucchinis. It’s the circle of consumer life.

Way to work with what you got, Mr. Active-Duty Marine! Easily the best example of slapstick humor we’ve ever seen on our site!

Shipwreck documenters! That’s a new one.

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Which video is your favorite?  Leave a comment and let us know!