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Jul 19

Just say “no” to third-party software

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Third party software not allowed on QuiBids

Is it okay to use third-party software on QuiBids?

This seems to have been a hot topic lately on the QuiBids Facebook page – the use of third-party software.  Third-party software is essentially any software not associated with QuiBids that can be used to give bidders an advantage in auctions.   We’re always trying to find and share the best tips and tricks to help build your online bidding strategy, but when it’s through the use of a third-party software, it’s cheating, it’s against our terms, and we strongly discourage it. Other than the potential to have your account terminated, we discourage this form of cheating because:

  • Third-party software could provide inaccurate data – Due to the format of our auctions, the end or sold product that is shown may not always be the end product that bidder chose.  Remember, you have up to two hours after the end of the auction to redeem your win.  Within that time frame, you can pick from a variety of products of the same price range.   Without gaining access to private purchase information, these sites have no way of seeing what product was actually selected – making their data inaccurate.
  • We are not affiliated with them – We won’t go as far to say we don’t trust them, ok we might, but we do not have any ties to these sites and don’t have faith in something that is built around our site when it wasn’t built by us.
  • It is cheating – although these sites may provide public information that we have on our site, it can still be seen as cheating in the way that per our Terms, we don’t allow it.  Therefore, if one of these is being used by QuiBidder A and QuiBidder B is not utilizing it by complying with our Terms, QuiBidder B does not have same level playing field as QuiBidder A, making QuiBidder A what the kids would call a “pumpkin-eating cheater.”

In our Terms and Conditions, we mention the use of third-party software could have your account terminated.  See the information below in the Account Termination section of our Terms.

account termination

We have systems in place to protect our customers and that includes not permitting the use of third-party software.  And in the words of Forrest Gump, “you never know what you’re gonna get.”  But how does this protect you?  By not using the third-party software, you won’t have to worry about your account being terminated, which we wouldn’t want anyway, and it keeps your account clean by our standards.

So, should you use third-party software?

The answer is, and we say this respectively, NO. It’s against our terms & conditions. If you choose to do so, don’t be surprised if you lose your ability to bid because your account got terminated.

Be sure to read our site’s complete Terms and Conditions here. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments!