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May 02

Let QuiBids make your Mother’s Day!

Posted by Matt Carney under Events


What do you love best about your mom? Is it how she always seemed to know what you were about to forget as you were leaving for school every morning as a kid? Or maybe it’s how she always seems to have a fresh batch of your favorite dessert baked when you return home to see her. Whatever it is, your annual chance to celebrate her is approaching fast, and QuiBids wants to help you out!

We’ve built you this nifty Mother’s Day auction gallery to simplify your springtime shopping — it’s so easy in fact, that you don’t even have to leave the confines of the QuiBids Facebook page. It covers the gamut of great QuiBids products available in the U.S., especially ones we think that all the mamas are going to want. Let’s take a closer look at just what’s up auction on our Make YOUR Mother’s Day gallery.

10K Emerald and Diamond Pendant
While not imported directly from Ireland, this emerald pendant belongs on a mother with a set of green eyes to match it. It’s got three of those gems ranging from 3-3.5mm, set in glimmering ten karat gold, and comes with an 18” ten karat chain!

Palm Harbor Outdoor Wicker Loveseat
Looking to combine the transcendent pleasures of napping on a couch with napping outdoors? Both are exquisitely relaxing pastimes,  and, assuming your mom’s a little on the shorter side, she can enjoy the combination of the two on this Palm Harbor Wicker Loveseat! It’s even got UV- and fade-resistant cushions so it’ll look great as long as you keep it.

$50 Gift Card
Has Mom been moody lately? Women are such mysterious creatures that sometimes trying to predict how they’ll take something like a gift or compliment only leads to further confusion. That’s why relying on gift cards to leave the shopping and spending up to her often proves the easiest, less-risky route to her heart.

Samsung HMX-W200 Waterproof HD Camcorder
Let’s say for a minute that you’re 2012’s Son or Daughter of the Year and you went all out this Mother’s Day, sending Mom out to Cancun or Hawaii or somewhere else that’s sunny and sandy. She’s going to need something to document her trip, right? Why not this awesome waterproof camcorder from Samsung? And even if Mom won’t be soaking up the suns’ rays this Mother’s Day, surely she’ll love to document the time spent with her family!

Available in Canada only: Delonghi Espresso/Cappucino Maker
For the mom who’s known by name and drink order at the local Starbucks, this easy-to-operate appliance will fit into even the tightest of kitchen counter spaces.

Available in Australia only: Floral Green Picnic Set
Your mom more the outdoorsy type? Take her out for a weekend afternoon picnic, then give her the equipment as a gift!

One last suggestion for your Mother’s Day shopping: QuiBids Deals. It’s an awesome new program we started for our customers to skip the auction block and go straight to the savings. We’ve got a Garmin nüvi GPS system on sale this week for $88.99, which is 67% off its retail price. Also be sure to check out the Ravenswood Gas Firebowl (yeah, we know, it’s a bowl! That shoots fire! How cool is that?) for 54% off.