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Sep 05

Like QuiBids? Leave a review!

Posted by Matt Carney under News, Testimonials


If there’s one thing that the Internet’s proven for certain, it’s that people love to share their opinions as far and wide as they’ll reach.

We’re totally behind that inclination to share here at QuiBids. If you enjoy a product or service and experience good customer support with it, then your voice should be heard! On the flip side of the coin, it’s also your responsibility as a consumer to warn people about goods and/or services that don’t fulfill the advertisements they use to draw you into their marketplace.

QuiBids yields good reviews and bad reviews, but not in equal measure. The Better Business Bureau backs our business with an A-minus rating, and our advertising reflects the deals that are possible for customers who spend their bids and time wisely. Most of the people who take to sounding off on complaint sites are the ones who skim through the sign-up process unaware —despite our obvious and repeated disclosures— that a QuiBids profile costs about $60 and includes your first 100 Real Bids. Happy customers are the ones who read up on our QuiBids 101 pages and enter into our auctions with a realistic expectation of what they can accomplish and a clear strategy to achieve it.

We know this because the majority of the negative reviews about QuiBids all say the same sorts of things. Here are a few of the most often recurring:

1. QuiBids is a fake! They take your money without telling you!

Nope. We make it abundantly clear that it costs $60 to get started bidding on our site. That price is a buy-in that includes your very first Bid Pack so you can get started winning QuiBids auctions. Also, that buy-in is totally refundable, so long as you haven’t spent the bids in an auction yet.

2. QuiBids runs up the prices of their auctions by using bots or shill bidders!

Again, nope. We underwent a third-party audit last summer conducted by Grant Thornton that found that —put short— all the outcomes of QuiBids auctions are user-controlled. You can read that report here.

3. QuiBids won’t deliver an item after you’ve won it!

Not true. Every so often our suppliers will run out of stock on a particular item and that prevents us from fulfilling the order. However, if this unfortunate instance does occur, we’ll offer you your choice between a replacement product of equivalent value (at zero additional cost) or we’ll just refund the price you paid for the product and credit any bids you spent on the auction back into your account. More about that here.

So here’s what you can do to contribute to the wide world of QuiBids reviews: Write your own! We’ve got a lot of different channels for you to do this, but here are a few of the bigger ones:

1. Blog comments

We update this blog with a new post every work day about new issues, products, features, and strategies regarding QuiBids, so we love to hear your honest feedback about what we’re doing!

2. QuiBids reviews

We set this page up specifically to help people share their QuiBids experiences with the world. Review away!

3. Social media

People constantly take to social media to share about their big QuiBids wins, which is the best review we can ask for! Hit us up on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, or wherever else you’ve got an account!

4. QuiBidder of the Week

52 times a year, we pick one lucky QuiBidder of the Week to share their QuiBids story with the world! Sign up to do it here, and you could win a $50 gift card of your choice!

When you’re writing your QuiBids reviews, we just ask that you speak honestly from your experience. You don’t have to be a good singer to sing our praises!


Here’s another blog that we set up to help you get the word out about QuiBids! Leave us a review there!

6. MyWOT

MyWOT stands for “My Web of Trust” and we think our site’s just a bit more reliable than what their current ratings suggest. Sign in and write a review of our service!

Happy bidding!