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Apr 12

Limit Busters — Your thoughts?

Posted by Matt Carney under Site Features


So we’ve noticed some impassioned feedback on the QuiBids Facebook wall in the last day or so and thought it prompted a good opportunity to discuss one of the more divisive features on our site: Limit Busters. Our business model is built to connect directly with customers, so we want to hear what you think about them.

Nearly six months ago, we increased the 28-day auction win limit from eight items to a healthy twelve. This change sparked a lot of immediate, almost universally positive feedback. More recently however, a few Facebook fans have decried the practice, saying that the change (and the availability of Limit Busters) empowers so-called “power bidders” who increase the competition to the point where bidders with limited funding can’t win auctions for more popular products.

Should we expand win limits or decrease them? Should we put a limit on Limit Busters? Should we crack down on daily win limits? Do you find yourself rubbing up against the auction limits more often now than you did when you first joined QuiBids? We want to know! But first, let’s take a minute to get the facts straight about Limit Busters and auction limits before weighing their pros against their cons.

Limit Busters — The facts
You obtain Limit Busters by winning them at auction.

Limit Busters come in three sizes: Bust One, Bust Two, and Bust Four.

Limit Busters clear the most recent win(s) out of your account to allow you to participate in auction(s).

Limit Busters do not affect several auction limits, which are indicated via asterisk (*) below.

Auction limits — The facts
QuiBids limits users to no more than twelve wins in a 28-day period. It is permissible for all twelve of those wins to occur in a single 24-hour period.

Won auctions for Voucher Bids do not count toward your 28-day period limit. However, won auctions for Voucher Bids do count toward that 24-hour period limit. As in, if you win six items and six Voucher Bid packs in eight hours, you’ll have to wait 16 more hours until you can win more items. Capisce?

You’re allowed only one win per 28 days on items valued at $1,000.00 or greater.*

You’re allowed to win only one specific product with a value price greater than $285 in a 28-day period.*

The daily win limit of 12 auctions includes auctions for Limit Busters and Voucher Bids.*

An item obtained via Buy Now does not count toward your auction limit.

Limit Buster — Pros and cons
Limit Busters offer a workaround to customers who like to bid on lots of smaller items rather than more expensive, more highly sought-after ones.

By enabling more users to bid on auctions, Limit Busters allow us to host more auctions, which means more QuiBids customers can win a greater selection of items.

Limit Busters can become a permissible way to enable “power bidders” to get around auction limits and thereby force bidders with fewer resources out of more auctions.

More popular, more expensive items (particularly high-dollar electronics) become tougher to win, because bidders with more bids can fight off users with fewer bids.

Alright, there it is. What do you guys think about Limit Busters and auction win limits? We’ve already asked the question on our Facebook wall, and “Lower daily/monthly win limits” appears to have taken a commanding lead, but we want to hear more specific feedback directly from you. So please sound off in the comments below!


  1. The increase in the monthly limits is not a problem, however, the availability of limit busters makes the monthly limit meaningless.  The acquisition of limit busters should be limited to 3/month.   The increase in DAILY Limits is the real issue.  Allowing 12 wins/day simply surrendered the entire site over to the power bidders, hogs, and re-sellers who dominate the majority of the auctions.  This is a particular problem for those of us on the more competitive servers.  There is just nowhere to run to avoid these bidders:  they are on everything and they are trolling the auctions ALL DAY, and there are more of them now than ever before.  If I could BEG for one change in Q policy, it would be to return to the 3/24 limits.  Thank you so much, Q, for asking and for listening to the 90% of your loyal members who have been shut out of most of auctions by the 10% ever since the limits changed in November.  We REALLY want to come back and join in the fun again! We always tried our best to avoid these bidders, but now it’s just impossible.  There are too many of them and they never go away….

  2. Karen Carnahan says:

    I totally agree with Catherine’s analysis, but I might suggest a compromise of perhaps 5/24 limit.  The 12/24 has made bidding crazy!  I also might add a limit on auctions over $500 to 2 or 3.

  3. Nora Dodson says:

    As long as Limit Busters can be bought using BIN at $15/Bust, the only REAL limit “power bidders” have is the daily limit. Utilizing Limit Busters, the present 12 wins/day limit actually equals to a limit of 336 wins/28-day period. To equal the playing field, you can START by not allowing Limit Busters to be bought, like you do with the GPs. If you can’t or won’t, THEN reduce the 12 wins/day limit, which is excessive under these circumstances, back to 3 wins/day. Thanks for listening.

  4. frbr1182 says:

    I am ok with the daily limits, however I would like to see the monthly limits increased to at least 15.  There aren’t enough limit busters to bid on each day.  As an added note, I don’t agree with the buy now option counting as part of your 12 in a day limit.  If you buy now, it shouldn’t count because it isn’t an auction you have won.

  5. QuiBids says:

    Hey frbr1182–

    Items acquired via Buy Now don’t actually count toward any established auction limit. You can choose to Buy Now for 28 items in a day if you like!

  6. Nancy Kraft says:

    I think the daily limit should be reduced if you want to keep customers that aren’t power bidders selling their won merchandise as a business.  At this point, I wouldn’t recommend this site to ANY of my friends.  They’d be too intimidated!  I’ve been using this site for 9 months and I’M intimidated.  I agree with a daily limit to larger priced items (>$299).  I saw a pro win 3 laptop computers (all different brands so they skirted the same item rule) in less than 8 hours.  Nice day’s work!

  7. Nancy Kraft says:

    I agree that daily auction wins needs to be reduced.  I also think there should be a daily win of an item >$299 to 1 or 2/day.  At this point I would NEVER recommend Quibids to any of my friends.  It’s too intimidating with all the power bidders and re-sellers.  I watched someone win 3 laptop computers today (all different brands so they skirted the same item rule) in less than 6 hours.  Not a bad day’s work!

  8. Randal Arndt says:

    Personally, I think the all limit buster auctions should be eliminated,  and that the number of larger voucher auctions, ie: the 100 and 250 voucher auctions, that an individual can win should be limited to a specific number per month. maybe a total of 12, the same number as auctions that you can win in a month… this would allow other bidders the opportunity to win some voucher auctions.

    i also feel that the largest, 250, voucher auctions should be included in the monthly auction limits.

    i also agree with the comments below that the daily auction win limits should be reduced back down to 3 per day. again, eliminating the limit busters…

    i don’t feel the being able to win 12 auctions per month is too many but i agree with Catherine’s comments below that the power bidders have a tendancy to rule the auctions. i’m new to quibids, only a few months, but already i know a number of bidders that i don’t want to go up against because in watching them over the past while, they will do almost anything in order to win… sometimes when you look at what it really cost them to win, by adding up real and voucher bids (there is a cost to voucher bids) they’ve bid more than the item is worth just to win it… by doing this they aren’t letting others win any auctions… maybe catherine’s suggestion of 3 wins per day to a maximum of 24, maybe even less, per month is a good idea… it would spread the auctions out and you would probably get more people participating…

    another way to control the power bidders would be to limit the number of auctions a bidder can be in at the same time, make it a maximum of being able to bid on 2 auctions at a time, that way it would allow other bidders the opportunity to win items.

    for most of us, we don’t have all day to spend on quibids and would like a fair chance at trying to win something…

    another thought would be to only allow a bidder to win one of any given item… that way someone isn’t trying to win a specific item everytime it comes up.

  9. Keep limits the same.  BUT, if you want to bid without limits, sign up for NO Limit Bidding and pay $1 a bid.  Put those people who sign up in their own section.

  10. Giuseppe Mancini says:


  11. Gilbert Gravelle says:

    Eliminate the BIN option for limit busters. (same as Game Plays). This will help the smaller folks by letting the power bidders bid against eachother for busters.

  12. There are too many people out there who just keep winning auctions, and winning the limit busters so they can continue to out-bid others who have been trying to win the big ticket items.  Get rid of the limit busters to make it fair for others who don’t have thousands to blow.

  13. I don’t like the limit busters, when you reach your limit…..that’s it !  You should have to wait until they drop off in time.  Moreover, this allows others to have a better chance in winning the big ticket items.

  14. Randal Arndt says:

    hi i’m new to quibids, only a couple months, and with what i’ve observed over the past couple months in my opinion, limit busters should be eliminated. quite often you see a number of power bidders bidding on numerous items per day day after day because they have won or purched a limit buster…
    i think the daily limits should be reduced back down to 3 per day and 24 per month as suggested by catherine below. that seems way more fair and shouldn’t allow for as many people to hog the auction items, and again totally eliminate limit busters…
    i also think it would be good to limit the number of 100 and 250 voucher bids wins to  daily total for both of these bid vouchers to a maximum of three/3 per bidder /day…
    another way to make it so auction items get spread around better is to limit the number of wins per item to one/1 per month per bidder…
    i’ve watched power bidders run up the price on items just to win, and when you look at what it cost them, between real and voucher bids, (yes there is a cost to voucher bids, you don’t win them for free) they pay more for the item just to win it…
    if you level the playing field i think more people would enjoy and refer friends to quibids, right now its hard to refer people because of the people who dominate the quibids auction site…

  15. Getting rid of the BIN on the limit busters and dropping the daily limits to something more reasonable like 5 or so would be an extreme help. There also should monthly limits based on the value of the items. The power bidders are getting way too out of control. 

  16. Getting rid of the BIN on the limit busters would be great. The daily limits should be reduced as well since the power bidders are using the extra wins to bulk up their bid accounts. 4 or 5 wins per day would go a long way to give the regular members a chance. Limits should also be based on their value so that everyone has the chance to win something great.

  17. cgrodan says:

    If Quibids has a limit of 12 items in a 28 day period then there should be NO limit busters or this defeats the purpose of setting limits. I feel like limit busters is a scam for quibids to make more money. I like everything about Quibids except for the limit busters.

  18. Becky says:

    please eliminate limit busters and also the number of daily acquisitions per day to 3. When I started with Quibids over 1.5 ago, it was fun and exciting. There was always a chance to win something really good at a great price. That is not the case anymore. I haven’t won in a while and wasted my limited funds. Please find a way to put handcuffs on the big guns. They ruined Ebay and now have Quibids in their sights.

  19. Judy Podgers says:

    The hog resellers have ruined the site for the average members with thinner budgets.  I say drop Limt Busters down to 3 and for you to actively go after those greedy fat cats, perhaps through IP addresses.  They are impossible to avoid!  I know thier dollars are profit for you…… but increased fair gamers could defray the losses.  You can tell by some of the names they choose, that they will never give up.

    I love QB and when I am broke, like now I have no excitement in my life!

  20. Kristen Emly says:

    I vote to eliminate limit busters.  This gives more people a chance to win auctions.

  21. Paul Sherman says:

    One of the biggest problems one faces are the power players. There are 4-5 who compete in EVERY 250 bid auctions. Yesterday one PP was bidding in two 250 bid auctions at the same time. These handful grab 500-750 bids in their pool and there is just no way to compete against them! Even if they use 300 bids to win 250, they stop anyone else from winning these and as such, they virtually control any auction they attend. I know who they are but many newcomers don’t; they will waste their small cache of bids going up against these power players and go away disgusted, muttering that it’s impossible to win on Quibids and likely never return. I’m sure this is not what Quibids wants.

    To me, the only solution to this problem is put a limit on all the bid auctions. One 250 bid win in 24 hours or 4/28 days to allow others to have a chance as well otherwise they will simply gobble up all the bids available (they can win 12 a day!) and they can also control all the other auctions as well, after all they can outbid you because of their huge cache. I also think 12 wins is too many in 24 hours. 4 is plenty and gives more bidders a chance. Let the power players come back tomorrow if they want more. Yesterday I could hardly find an auction where at least two power players weren’t bullying themselves around. I knew they were “heavies” and stayed out of the auctions but watched helplessly as 3 newbies dropped a bundle of bids in a futile attempt against these trolls. Especially now that the avatars have been redesigned and you can’t even tell if a bidder has won many or just a few items (but you can see when it’s a newbie).

    My suggestions to improve and expand this great site are as follows:
    Limit all bid auctions to 1 every 24 hours
    Limit all Limit Buster auctions to 3 every 28 days
    Do not permit bidders to enter LB auctions unless they have won at least 10 items
    (I have seen dozens of newbies bidding in LB-s, wasting their time and pushing up the price for genuine bidders who needed Busters)
    Run auctions for newbies where only bidders who won 0 or 1 item ONLY can attend
    Drop the daily win limit from 12 to 4 to give everyone a chance and curb the power players who troll everything with a 500-750 or even a 1000 bid cache

    That will even up the playing field a little and keep many newbies who run into the power players early, lose their entire cache and never return. As things are now, I find it difficult to recommend the site to my friends for fear of them losing their hard earned to PP-s and consequently their friendship as a result.

  22. Torikace says:

    I dont think the daily limit should go back to 3. That would keep me and many others from bidding on smaller items, like gift cards, which was something i never used to bid on. Maybe a daily limit of like 6…i would be ok with that. Maybe to curb the power bidders drom hogging all the electronics and other expensive auctions you could limit not just one item of a specific brand,model, etc under $999 per month, but make it one laptop or one tv or one set of gof clubs per month. You could do this for anything valued at like $400 or more.

  23. 4fatcats says:

    I feel that lower daily limits and lower monthly win limits is more fair for someone like me on a limited allowance to bid.  Just throwing it out there I would like to see 6 the daily win limit.

  24. Lovetobid says:

    We might look like power bidders to you, but we make Quibids the most money.
    I reach my 12 day bid limit a lot and end up buying several limit busters a day since the bidding goes crazy and also they are far and few of them out there a day. I spend about $600 a month just on the Limit Busters.  So I can win more stuff I don’t need in the first place.   I bid only on items I know I am going to win just watching how people bid.  Or make sure I want the item bad enough that I am willing to pay full price for it. The shipping and handling actually covers the cost of most items up for bid.  The costlier items go for higher bids anyway so Quibid does not lose on most auctions.  The few that slip through for a few bids are absorbed by all the items that are heavily bid on.  Take the scooter for example. Let’s say, it goes for $130.00 multiply that by .60 and Quibid earned $7800.00 and the value for one scooter is $1800.  So Quibid made a hefty  profit.   I keep close watch on all my bids place per item cost/win racial and I do break even. But again, I have all the stuff I didn’t need in the first place. The vouchers are a real eye soar for me too and I agree that the 250 should be limited to one per day and the 100 to three and so on.  I don’t think Quibid would ever limited it to fewer then that.  They make good money on those vouchers.  One day I won 10 x 15  & 25 bid voucher auctions in the row, because people just did not want to bid against me anymore. I agree, it is not much fun when you bid on something with real bids and you have someone with a ton of vouchers outbidding you.  I always monitor the people I am bidding against.But you have to see it from Quibid’s point of view.  They make tons of money on the vouchers.  A lot of people have reached their 12 wins a day limit for merchandise and that’s all they can bid on until another Limit Buster comes along.  Another thing about the vouchers.  I can tell you how many times I ended up buying the 15, 25, 50 (never the bigger ones) so I can place bids on items I would never place real bids on.If I see bidders that have big vouchers wins in their win history, I will not bid on that item or I know their trends well enough and know how far they are willing to go to win an item. I keep a log of all the names that overbid and stay away from them.  You find them mainly overbidding on the items that come with game play bonus or extra voucher bids.  I bid those auctions with game play bonus only if I would purchase that item outright.I never bid on the voucher auctions with game play bonues, because that’s where the bidding goes out of control. I don’t like that Quibid recently changed the win history down to two.  Makes it harder to evaluate bidder trends.

    Well then again Quibids is in the business to make money and will try anything to get us hooked.  Nobody is forcing us, to sit in front of the computer and place bids. We do that at our free will.

    On that note, Happy Bidding

  25. Stacy Gould says:

    I totally agree with Randal. Power bidders are really taking more if their share of the pie. I haven’t won anything for a long time and honestly have been reluctant to throw away any more bids. I’ve noticed certain bidders winning the same items again and again and can only guess they are resellers. I really think setting better limits would not take away from your profits but enable others to win. Spread the winnings more fairly and everyone is happy well maybe not power bidders but that’s o.k.

  26. NWilson74 says:

    I don’t have a problem with the limit busters if people are using them for the reason they were provided.  The rule is you can win one certain item at X price range per 28 day period.  They win a limit buster and what they won i.e TV they are able to bid again as it has knocked off their latest  winnings list.  Who needs 3 TV’s in a 2 day span?!? Resellers is who.  

    Since coming on to Quibids 6 months ago I have seen a decline in “Wins” for myself decline to 5% of what I had won in the beginning.  I had a great deal of fun on here, it was my nightly downtime once I put my kids to bed to bid on items that I would normally go out and spend money on any ways, such as Walmart cards, Costco, Tims etc.  I don’t mind buying them out since I will simply spend the money there any ways in time.  However, the site and commercials market the business as “SAVE BIG” when you shop here, and I ask you…how?  I watch these sharks on here manipulate the system.  Although it might be a handful and you don’t find it necessary to take action, think about the fact they are bidding on all the 100 and up vouchers and winning (I have seen people spend 600 voucher bids to win 250, and 360 to win 100).  From there with all their voucher bids they go on to bid on the big ticket items and win as people like myself think “there’s the pain in the a$$ again forget it” and shut my computer down for the day.  All while my actual real bid money I won’t use, and stay off for days at a time.  You are now paying them to take the items for free, and losing paying customers that would be happy to save 30% or more. At this point I don’t bother to bid on a big ticket item, as I can watch the local flyers and get the same item 25% off OR more and not pay for shipping.  I would end up paying more for the item in real bids or Voucher bids when going up against these bullies and their voucher bids.  I simply can’t be bothered, and it looks like from reading everyone’s posts below they are feeling the same way and would like to see some changes made.  Ebay is mentioned as a competitor, they have strict rules to selling and buying on their site, Quibids should follow suit.  You will make more money making an X amount of good paying customers money vs a handful of abusers.  Everyone I referred to Quibids has stopped, they didn’t see the fun in it, which is a total shame as they always heard me speak of my great savings.  Sorry I tried!Happy to support your business, but when you come up against these sorts of characters, we will just go back to our local stores and support their small business again.  I even witnessed someone bid 137 voucher bids on a 15 bid package + gameplay?  how is that even logical considering you win 15 bids and possibly 3-20 during the game.  Makes no sense what so ever, and the fun of it all has now been lost I am afraid.Hope this input helps, I have certainly voiced my concerns on several occasions through the chat and email to you guys hoping you will see the massive decline in my bid purchases from Nov-April.  It speaks for itself.  We used to alot so much money per month for Quibids, now we have stopped and have returned to paying as we go at the above said companies.  Good luck, hope to see some serious changes soon, and see the hammer come down.  This is life, we are given rules to live by, it’s time that some are now put into place and everyone will have to learn to adjust including myself.

  27. Ok I haven’t been active on the facebook page or the auction site for a while now, mainly because of the power bidders and tha ability to win 12 items per day then buy the Limit busters, which makes limits unlimited. I had the unfortunate good luck to win several big ticket items back when it was actually possible and am now in the same brackets as all the power/ resell bidders.  I think the 12 a day and the limit busters should be completely done away with to return the play field back to where it was over a year ago. You guys should also ACTIVELY investigate and  ban  these power bidder/resellers as you state you will in the Terms of Service. In stead you encourage them with these limitless limits because they have raised your profit margins  up due to the influx of new bidders  you have acquired fro the TV ad blitz. ” Imagine they actually think they can win items for as little as 80%, 90% even 95% off against the  Hogs of the game. Anyway there is my comment on the situation.