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Sep 11

Make your bed, one QuiBids auction at a time.

Posted by Blake Brown under Products

celebrate Make Your Bed Day with QuiBids

Be honest, did you make your bed this morning?  It’s okay if you didn’t, we won’t tell. Since today is National Make Your Bed Day, we couldn’t think of a better way to break down the ways you can utilize QuiBids to let making your bed become an overall QuiBetter experience for you.  Below you’ll see products that are pretty much a necessity when making your bed.  All of these products are available to purchase right now in the QuiBids Store, and all of the purchases come with Free Bids! Periodically, you’ll also see these products up for auction as well.  Just look below each listing in the QuiBids Store and it will tell you how many auctions are available.

If you see anything you want to come back to later, just repin each pin embedded below and it will be saved to one of your Pinterest boards. Of course, this isn’t everything bedding related on our site.  Click HERE to see all Bedding merchandise in the QuiBids Store. So what kind of bedding stuff is there on QuiBids? Continue reading to see for yourself.

The Bed

You can’t make your bed without first having the bed. The Luxurious and eco-friendly Spring Air Memory Backsupporter Bed is perfect for those that want a superior mattress that is comfortable, therapeutic, and ecologically responsible.  Buy it now from the QuiBids Store for $1,599.99 and receive 160 Free Bids with your purchase!

The Sheets

Sheets are the cool pieces of fabric between the blanket and the mattress. To save time making the bed in the mornings, some people choose to skip having sheets altogether.  We don’t recommend this method because, well, sheets rock! Also they can be cleaned more frequently than your bare mattress, which can become dirty over time. Below, you can see different colors of the Home Fashions Microfiber Tuxedo Striped Sheet Sets, which are some of the post popular and comfortable sheet sets you can find.  They’re only $26.99 in the QuiBids Store, plus they come with 3 Free Bids!

It always helps to read the customer reviews beforehand.  This sheet set has a 2.5 out of 5 stars. Below is a helpful review from a customer.

Product Review on QuiBids - Sheets

The Blankets

Nothing can put a person to sleep faster than the touch of a soft, cool blanket.  If comfort is what you desire, the Oversized Microplush Reversible Down Alternative Blankets can get the job done fast.  They come in Chocolate, Grey, Sage, and Smoke Blue.  And if you don’t have time to bid, these blankets can be bought in the QuiBids Store for $74.99 each and you get 8 Free Bids with each purchase.

Or if you like plaid-like checker squares, then check out the LCM Home Fashions Luxury Microplush Twin Check Blankets – perfect for a Saturday in front of the TV.  They come in your choice of Blue, Orange, or Purple and can be acquired via the QuiBids Store for $34.99 and come with 4 Free Bids.

The Comforter

The comforter you choose says a lot about the style and theme of your bedroom. If your bed is like a car, then your comforter is like the paint job.  Below are some color options for the LCM Home Fashions Microfiber Reversible Comforter Set on QuiBids. The Buy Now price is $89.99 and it comes with 9 Free Bids. Don’t forget the matching throw pillows (below). Which color do you like best?

It also has a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars on QuiBids. Check out the customer review below:

QuiBids Customer Review of Comforter

The Pillows

It’s almost impossible to sleep without pillows, but if you spend one night with this Spring Air Latex Queen Pillow, you’ll never sleep with a normal pillow the same again.  Buy it from the QuiBids Store for $179.99 and receive 18 Free Bids!

What if you got one of the snazzy looking LCM Home Fashions Comforter Sets above?  Then you’ll need the matching throw pillows as well!  They’re available now in the QuiBids Store for $29.99 and come with 3 Free Bids.

Everything Else

If you’re a fan of the stuff from Zuo Modern, then you’ll love this sleek Outdoor Anjuna Bed.  It’s a little pricey, but you can Buy Now in the QuiBids Store for $2,518.99 and get 200 Free Bids with it.

Do you do a lot of traveling?  The Texsport Deluxe Air Bed is can be deflated, packed up, and taken with you wherever you go.  Put it in the floor of your tent when camping for the best sleep you’ve ever experienced in a tent.  This air mattress is available now in the QuiBids Store for only $32.99 and comes with 4 Free Bids when purchased.

Whether you like to eat in bed, or you have a little one that’s prone to “accidents,” it never hurts to have a mattress protector, like this one for $59.99.  Buy it in the QuiBids Store and receive 6 Free Bids.

Last but not least, you can’t forget about your best friend. QuiBids also has lots of Dog Beds so your little buddy can also experience a QuiBetter level of comfort.

So did you make your bed this morning?  Take our poll and tell us about your answer in the comments below!