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Jun 12

May 2015 QuiBids Community Recap

Posted by Blake Brown under Testimonials


Before we greet the new month, we want to take a few moments to look back on May. We’d like to thank all of our users for helping make it awesome.

Favorite Posts

There were quite a few wonderful posts made by our users this month. We’ve picked ten of our favorites to share with you here. Each of these community members has earned themselves a 5X Gameplay. If your post was chosen, please drop us a PM to our Facebook page with your QuiBids username and we’ll get your reward out to you!

Original Appy Goes To Fiji

Original Appy  sau shoes QuiBids Win
Original Appy
May 3, 2015
Sau got her MukLuks!I used 20 RB and saved 50% on what would have been a BIN if necessary. My friends are thrilled to get new shoes here in a country that runs 90% barefoot and always has cuts on their feet. She absolutely loves the pretty beads on top, but esp thrilled about the tribal print on the soft cushiony rubber sole. She also commented on how nice the silk felt between her toes instead of rubber ones and the contour soles is so refreshing to her arch.Ty QuiBids for making someone in need so very happy at an auction ending price of 56 cents. Ps, I love my MukLuks too!

Connie E. In Gift Card Heaven

Ehlmann Connie Crawford gift card heaven - QuiBids Win
Connie E.
May 6, 2015
GIFT CARD HEAVEN: Please ignore the crazy hair from me lying on the carpet to take this photo. I have been saving up for a new laptop one Gift Card at a time. Most are $15 but some are $25 and one is a $50 card. I have a few more on the way as well. I think I have enough now, or very close to it. I’m headed to the store soon to check the laptops out to see which one I want. Now, if Walmart will just accommodate me with a timely sale, all will be perfection. There are (or will be) 31 cards total when the last few arrive. I didn’t keep as good of track as usual since a few are leftover from my savings for the new TV I gave my husband for Christmas. However, just going by an informal count, I believe 22 are wins and the rest are BINs. From just the more recent cards, I can document that my savings are in the hundreds. Thanks, QuiBids for giving me a fun way to shop and save.

Hallow Wayne and the Boxer Armor

Hallow Wayne 050715 underwear - QuiBids Win
Hallow Wayne
May 8, 2015
Last April, Quibids shared one of my photo when I won Knocker Men’s boxer shorts and one of the comment I’ve read is why not model them? and here it is, your request has been granted.I won this 12packs Knocker brand underwear
in assorted colors which I love the most.I utilized 4 of them in this portrait.The value price is $49.99 and I used 7VB to win this and ended at $0.18 (99% savings).It is pleasing and comfortable to wear making your day always on the go.Thank you again Quibids!

Rick S. and the Golf Tournament

Swalm Rick golf tourney - QuiBids Win
Rick S.
May 16, 2015
Over the past year I collected some great new toys. A Ray Cook Solus Golf 420 CS Wedge won on my first bid as a beginner using 1 VB. Quibids offers a great opportunity for first timers to bid only among beginners. Keeps it simple and easy. Thanks Quibids. Next I needed something to hit so I bid on a set of 45 Bullet Golf Balls won on my first bid that ended with 3 total bids so it was free. So far two items, 2 VBs and no cost. Now that I had my new chipper and some brand new golf balls, what to do when I finally get on the green . . . ummm, maybe a putter. So I watched and watched until I found what I wanted. The bidding magic was not to be as others also wanted in on this product and as they say, in for a pound in for a dollar so I was totally in for the BIN and that is what I ended up needing to do. Three bids after I topped out the auction ended but I gave it a good run and BINNED for the Ray Cook M1 Limited Edition Blue Putter. Then on May 15 I finally got a chance to play with all my new toys at a Charity Golf Outing to raise money for children of our service men and women in the Air Force who are deployed overseas. The weather was perfect (74 degrees, slight breeze, sunny) and the cause meaningful. The chipper performed perfectly giving me excellent lies on the green and then the putter took a little getting used to for the head has a greater mass than my previous putter but once I got the hang of it the putts were straight and true. Thanks Quibids for this great opportunity. The children of our Airmen and women thank you also. Over $6,000 raised.

Bina R. and the Fast Delivery

Rhodes Bina cooking tools - QuiBidsWin
Bina R.
May 20, 2015
Talk about fast delivery. I won the Rachael Ray Cucina 2-Piece Lazy Tools Set + 20 bids on 5-17 and received on 5-20. Oh, the most important part was that I was the only bidder on this auction, (valued at $29.99) so I got the item for $0.01. Now, if I could only get hubby to use them. :)

Kathleen P. and the Promo Bids

Pasqualini Kathleen knives sunglasses gift card - QuiBids Wins
Kathleen P.
May 20, 2015
I’d love to be your #QoW. Over the past week I won a 17 piece set of J.A. Henckel knives, a pair of sunglasses and a $15 gift card to Home Depot w/ 20 free VB. I used the 5 free VB I was given on Friday 5/15 to win the knives and gift card, and the 5 free VB from the Friday before, 5/8, to win the sunglasses. So, I really have to thank you for the ability to win them since they were won with the Facebook VB you give out every week. Winning all these things was a great birthday gift and a help towards the new house I’m looking to buy.The knives were valued at $105 and I won them with 4 VB for $0.32, a 99% savings! The Home Depot gift card was valued at $27 and won with 1 bid for $0.14, a savings of 99%! The sunglasses were valued at $9.99 and I won them with 4 VB for $0.10, a 99% savings too!!!In the picture my cousin is modeling the sunglasses and knives (which just arrived today!!!) The gift card I had sent to my aunt’s house so she can use it for her home improvements. :)

Anne C. and Omaha Steaks

Carlson Anne Wenceslao Omaha Steaks QuiBids Win
Anne C.
May 21, 2015
Received my first Omaha Steaks today! Happy dancing since its arrival. I won this last week for ten cents using 3 vouchers. Omaha Steaks Tops & Burgers Combo (4 5oz. Top sirloins and 6 4oz gourmet burgers) value price of $69.99; saving $69.89; saved 99%. Last but not least, free shipping! Thank you QuiBids! The best place to bid and win! #QoW

Shea J. and the Shower Hooks

Johnson Shea shower hooks - QuiBids Win
Shea J.
May 26, 2015
Yay my new flip-flop shower curtain hooks from Carnation Home Fashions just arrived, retail value $22.99, this was a 1 bid win final cost just $0.01 😉 Have to search for a fabulous summer themed curtain to go with them now!

Cindy S. and the Pineapple Slicer

Simon Cindy pineapple slicer - QuiBids Win
Cindy S.
May 19, 2015
I finally got my Norpro Stainless Steel Pineapple Slicer in the mail!!!! :)
I have seen a few great reviews on here in the past on this and figured I would head to the auctions and get me one! Well, here it is………Just in time for me to try out for the Summer Grilling. I absolutely love grilled pineapple and will be trying this out real soooooooon. ;)Value Price: $14.99
11 Voucher
Auction Price: – $0.30
Winner Savings: $14.69
Saved 98%

David G. and the Holiday Present Update

Gantt David knives - QuiBids wins
David G.
May 5, 2015
Holiday 2015 Present update :)Snagged another Holiday 15′ gift!!! On pace to be done by June 30th :)
Won the Wolfgang Puck 8-piece Cutlery set with 6-piece Steak Knife Set value priced at $82.99 for only 6 voucher bids! Auction price was $.22 and I saved an amazing 99% with FREE shipping!!!
Thankyou QuiBids for making shopping from home as easy as turning on my Laptop

Popular Products in May

Omaha Steaks led the pack in popularity this May. I know we all enjoyed the awesome promotional pricing they shared with us! Not to be left behind are the gift card auctions which continue in popularity. Finishing off our popular products list for May is all manner of kitchen items, from pots and pans to small appliances and cutlery. You name it, people were winning them!

Gift cards of all shapes and sizes continue to be in high demand. Users are also winning a lot of perfumes and colognes lately! And of course continuing in popularity is Omaha Steaks, perfect for spring and summertime grilling!


QuiBidder of the Week Roundup


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