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May 30

May auction recap

Posted by Matt Carney under Products


Every month is a big month for savings at QuiBids, which is why we have to recap them all to help us remember and celebrate our sharpest, most fortuitous customers and all the great prizes they win for wee bits of cash! May was no different, and all those savings going around surely paid off big for a bunch of customers looking for a great gift for Mother’s Day or even just help trying to win one!

Well let’s get right to it and check out this month’s ten best deals! We do however advise you not to proceed if you’re easily prone to convulsions brought on by severe jealousy of others’ massive savings.

Item: Jamo Home Theater System
Price: $1.28
Winner spent:
15 Voucher Bids
A home theater system? Without placing a single Real Bid? And while using the Bid-O-Matic? Color us impressed. Jakers5447 may not have even been sitting at his or her computer when he or she won this thing. Imagine coming home from a long day of work to find an email informing you that you’ve won a brand-new home theater system. Really improves your day, huh?

Item: Dirt King Adult Dually Tricycle
Winner spent:
Three Real Bids, 29 Voucher Bids
We might or might not have tested this thing out in our office recently, so we may or may not be able to say with a degree of authority that Mr. littlebill is in for a ton of fun. Ahem. Theoretically speaking, of course.

Item: 16GB Apple iPad 2
Price: $1.04
Winner spent:
Five Real Bids
We auction off iPads all the time, but it’s rare that any go for so close to an even dollar. Even more rare that a customer spends less on bids than they do on shipping, and for that we salute you, Mr. or Mrs. Unlimited BIDZ. You went after this one just like that Doberman avatar of yours.

Item: Masterbuilt Electric Smoker
Price: $0.91
Winner spent:
Two Real Bids
Just in time for summer, customer septembre scored this great smoker for even less than the cost of a couple slabs of meat that it can cook. Hey septembre — you, uh, mind giving us a call whenever you host your first cookout?

Item: Oasis Cabana Gazebo
Price: $0.70
Winner spent:
Ten Real Bids
So we spotlighted this particular product a few weeks ago which is how we first saw karprive’s impressive win — a $349.99 product for an even ten Real Bids. It sounds like he/she needs to get together with septembre to host this killer summer cookout that they’re inviting us to.

Item: US Traveler Rio Carry-On Set
Price: $0.01
Winner spent:
One Real Bid
While auctions are won for a single penny on QuiBids just about every day, it’s very rare for an item in the $50 strata to go practically unbid-on. Big-time kudos to cpbutterfield, whose instincts served him or her right here!

Item: Pioneer Home Theater Receiver
Price: $1.76
Winner spent:
Nine Real Bids
Hmmm. Let’s take a second to make a list of things that jack207 can do with the $592.83 cents he saved purchasing this brand-new audio receiver:

1. Pay his rent or mortgage for the month.
2. Buy a 40-inch Toshiba LCD television to accompany it.
3. Put a down payment on a car.
4. Shop for food for a family of four for a month.
5. Or just buy a bunch more bids on QuiBids.

Not bad, eh? We’re glad we could help you out, jack!

Item: Nike Stretch Tech Solid Polo
Price: $0.03
Winner spent:
1 Voucher Bid
Hey, that comes out to, like, a penny a shirt!

Item: Canon EOS Rebel T3i Camera Bundle
Price: $1.76
Winner spent:
One Real Bid, 41 Voucher Bids
Pound for pound, this is the largest savings we spotted on the auction block this month! Did you see one for more? Sound off in the comments, below!

And of course, congratulations to LMFAO1, who’s undoubtedly a happy camper shooting some really high-quality photos at the moment.