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Jan 09

Most Memorable Auctions of 2011

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It’s officially 2012 and we can’t wait to see what the New Year will bring for QuiBids.  It’s hard to believe we’re already into the second week of the new year.  But before we completely wave goodbye to last year, we’d like to look back at some of the more memorable auction wins from 2011.  Without further ado, here’s our list of the ten most memorable QuiBids wins of 2011:

Mother’s Day Spa Vaction

With QuiBids, you can surprise the woman you love with this two night spa vacation for 2 in New York, New York
This Mother’s Day Spa Vacation was sold on QuiBids for $37.99 using 522 Real Bids. That’s a savings of 88%!

Super Bowl Bundle

Throw the ultimate Super Bowl party with everything you need in this incredible Game Day Bundle!   Shopping Redefined with QuiBids.
This Super Bowl Game Day Bundle Sold on QuiBids for $46.73 with 473 Real Bids, and 79 Voucher Bids. That’s an 89% Savings!

NCAA Men’s Final Four Trip for Two

QuiBids Round trip airfare for 2 and tickets to the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Final Four and Championship games!
This NCAA Men’s Final Four Package for Two sold on QuiBids for $30.67, and was won using only 203 Real Bids. – 96% Savings

Las Vegas Vacation Package

Explore Nevada's largest city with this 3 night stay in The Venetian for two, including round trip airfare and the Blue Man Group Dinner and Show!
This Las Vegas Vacation Package was sold on QuiBids for $75.64 using only 18 Real Bids.

New York City Getaway For Two

This trip for two to the Big Apple is sure to be memorable. The trip includes round trip airfare and a two night stay at the Ritz-Carlton in New York City!
This NYC Getaway for Two sold on QuiBids for $47.76, and was won using only 348 Real Bids.

Ski Vacation for 4 to Park City

Get ready to hit the slopes in Park City, Utah with this amazing ski vacation package. This trip for 4 includes hotel, equipment rental, plane tickets, and shuttle to and from the airport.
This Ski Vacation for 4 To Park City sold on QuiBids for $29.33 using 147 Real Bids. – 98% Savings

Ultimate 3D Projector Bundle

Feed your 3D television cravings with this incredible Auction of the Week ... The Complete 3D Projector Package!
This high-quality projector bundle was sold on QuiBids for $4.42 using only 22 Real Bids. – 99% Savings

Callaway Razr Hawk Tour Complete Set

Looking to take up the game of golf but don't want to break the bank on clubs? Turn to the Callaway Razr Hawk Tour Complete Set, which includes everything you need to hit the links with confidence.
This Callaway Razr Hawk Tour Complete Set was sold on QuiBids for $2.94 using only 12 Real Bids! – 99% Savings

Sharp 80″ 1080p LED HDTV

The Sharp Full HD 1080p X-Gen Panel produces stunning picture quality that is second to none.
This Sharp 80″ 1080p LED HDTV was sold on QuiBids for $322.52 using only 18 Real Bids! – 93% Savings

And the number one most memorable auction of 2011, none other than the

Disney World Vacation Package for Four

This Disney Vacation was won using only 3 QuiBids Voucher Bids!
This Walt Disney World Vacation Package for Four was sold on QuiBids for $8.41 using only 3 Voucher Bids! – 99% Savings!

When it came to getting outstanding deals on QuiBids, 2011 definitely didn’t disappoint!  We can’t wait to see what’s to come in the new year for QuiBids and QuiBidders alike.  We’ll have more trips, more bundles, additional product lines and much more!  You never know what we’ll role out, so you definitely don’t want to miss what’s in store for 2012.

Can you name a win that should be included in our list?  Let us know by commenting on this blog post, or by replying to the Tweet below.  Happy 2012 QuiBidders!

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  1. Tralbal says:

    Shoot I thought I did good to get a real nice ring for .03 with the shipping and handling coming to 8.95 wow not so good after all.

    1. QuiBids says:

      That’s still a great win, Tralbal. Once you get enough experience with the smaller wins, you’ll be better prepared to begin going after the ‘Big One.’ When you feel that you’re ready to participate in the bigger auctions, be sure to check out this QuiBids 101 article to help you prepare:

  2. Chris0820 says:

    my most unmemorable bid is when I spent $600 for an apple mac bundle and did not win. It is frustrating!

    1. QuiBids says:

      We understand your frustration, Chris. We strongly encourage bidders to bid on items that you intend on paying the full retail price. If you do not win the auction, you can still utilize the Buy Now option and apply your spent bids toward purchasing the product at retail. This prevents you from ever having to walk way from an auction empty-handed. You can read more about this feature here:

      If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact

      1. BK says:

        So….just how long should we expect to wait to receive an item that we gave up bidding on and finally applied them towards a purchase? It was supposed to be a family Christmas gift…here we are in the middle of January now, still no product???. We’ve sent emails, each time we receive the same response with the amount of time you have to respond to an inquiry, or something about the tracking number which strangely enough changed after the first email….hmmmm, my husband made this purchase, my understanding is he spent somewhere in the range of $800.00. So again, how long should we expect to wait before we get an actual response from someone?

    2. Officialtricia says:

      thats pretty stupid…on your part

  3. Tabba08328 says:

    My most memorable bid was loosing all the time to your computer bots!!!!

    1. QuiBids says:

      Hello Tabba08328. We can assure you that every bid placed on our site is legitimate and placed by real users. We recently underwent a third-party internal audit to verify that we in fact do not use bots or employee bidders of any kind. You can read the full report here:

  4. Sharron says:

    i don.t see travel auctions on here you still have them at all.quibids.

    1. QuiBids says:

      We do have travel auctions on occasion. Are you from the US? If so, we will auction off another Disney World Vacation this Saturday.

  5. Rahul says:

    One of the best auction site… great products

    1. QuiBids says:

      Thanks Rahul! We appreciate the support! :)

  6. Ccassioppi says:

    This blog post should be re-named “In Your Face, Sucka!” Thanks Quibids, for nothing. Wasted time, money, and effort on your rip-off site.

  7. Franandmike says:

    the spa actually cost 355.99

    1. Fremgen_b says:

      how do you know? im very interested in finding out how this site works?

      1. QuiBids says:

        Hey Fremgen_b. Thanks for your interest in our site. Check out this QuiBids 101 article that can help you better understand our auction model:

    2. QuiBids says:

      Hello Franandmike! The Mother’s Day Spa Vacation was valued at $2,999.99. It included a trip for 2 to InkSpa at Ink48 in NYC. The package also included Round trip airfare, 2 night stay in one King Deluxe Room at Ink49, and a $700 Mastercard gift card to book any Spa treatments the winner wants.

  8. Teew59 says:

    Well…I must say. I have gotten some really great deals on quibids. If you use good judgement (don’t go after items you can’t afford to buy outright) you will have some success!

    1. QuiBids says:

      Thanks for sharing the great advice, Teew59! It sounds like you are on the right track for lots of successful bidding in your future! :)

  9. Fremgen_b says:

    i saw this website on tv. seems too good to be true honestly!!!! i see its kinda like ebay, however ebay shows you before hand what ur shipping taz is gonna be, i see here in this site it does not. you have to bid and well at the very end is where they tell you the shipping fees… is that correct?

    1. Blbuzard85 says:

      No, you can see before you bid what the shipping is going to be. When you open up a specific item that is for auction it shows the shipping at the bottom of the page.

    2. QuiBids says:

      Hello Fremgen_b! We do show the shipping fees associated with each auction. To find this, simply go to the particular auction’s page. Scroll down to the bottom of the description, and you will see the “Delivery Cost” for that auction. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact support and we will be glad to help you out. :)

  10. Jojaj518 says:

    Amazing auction site! No regrets in joining. Keep rolling all the great products!

  11. Jasmine says:

    so the product you bid on and the amount ($$) for it, is the exact amount you pay for? plus the shipping of course.

  12. rayray3 says:

    I sat in front of my computer and starting bidding on a 55″ 3D LG. The valve of the TV was approximately $2,100.00 and the bidding had exceeded 255.00. I told myself that this was my time ! I started bidding at 6:00am. By 10.00 pm I had used enough bids to purchase the TV. ( Teew59 commented, do not go after items you can’t afford ) Great advice, I planned on buying the TV anyway. I’m a smart player, but whenever I go after a product, it always breaks the record. That TV eventually sold for $368.67; more than the trip to Hawaii. I really like QuiBids, but QuiBids doesn’t like me! Congratulations to all you bidders that have experienced the elation of winning a big one with only a few bids. I’m rayray3. The next time we battle, please surrender…just once. Have a Happy New Year to all of you that have had that beautiful word envelope your computer SOLD

  13. Ty says:

    Thanks for the great auctions of 2011. Can you please add left handed golf clubs to your auction site. I’m sure you would be surprised to see lot’s of lefties bidding! :)

  14. Heather says:

    So much fun and extremely EXCITING!! Great customer support, THE BEST auction site out there. . . . . by far!!! No comparison, thanks for the amazing products!!

  15. Rjsib3 says:

    I submitted a comment about a particular bidding experience with QuiBids. I’m just curious what content or dialog presented it from being posted. QuiBids is fun..but if you want to catch the big fish, be prepared to hole on that fishing pole for a very long time. Rayray3, please review my original posting regarding my experience bidding on the LG 55′ Smart TV, etc. Perhaps it’s because I altered my guest name which initially was the beginning of my E-mail address. Anyway, QUIBIDS is no. ONE

  16. Jules01 says:

    Guess what people….I won an auction only to find out they actually dont have the item. After several e mails so far no resolve. BBB can take it from here.

  17. Officialtricia says:

    I just got my new Sony DSC-tx5 Camera worth at least $200-300 and I spent $14.95 including shipping! I am so psyched! Thanks Quibids!

  18. danni says:

    are there more things being auctioned soon??? not much out there atm.. macbook pro, gopro hero2, cameras, ipads.. just some suggestions (of things i really like lol)

  19. unhappy says:

    I won a Pearl Earring Multicolor Fresh Water Set of 8
    Auction ID: #773294825 on 12/14/2011 on my first win. The item arrives to me 12/27/2011. I open the box, and two earrings are already in broken state. I was terribly disappointed but I haven’t resent it because of already paying shipping of $8.98 on a item autction won for $.01. It was a total bogus item. Very unhappy customer.