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Apr 02

Never miss another free bids promo code!

Posted by Blake Brown under Tips & Strategy

Promo Code for Free Bids Facebook Notifications

What do most all QuiBidders have in common? They love winning, or course! So what better way to help you win more than with free bids!

We are always giving out new promo codes for free bids via email and on social media. Hopefully you are already aware of this, but if not, we wanted to take a moment to let you know how you can start taking advantage of these free bids opportunities. Read on to learn more. 

Email Promo Codes

If you sign up for our weekly promotional emails, you will automatically be on the list to receive free bids promo codes exclusively for newsletter subscribers! Make sure you are on the list by checking the box in My QuiBids.

When logged into QuiBids, click on the My QuiBids tab, then click on My Account, then click My Information.

My QuiBids Email Newsletter Sign Up

Scroll down to the box that says “Special Offers.” Make sure the appropriate circle is checked.

Special Offers QuiBids Email Newsletter Sign Up

If you have the box checked and haven’t received emails from us, make sure to check your spam and junk folders. If that doesn’t work, contact and we will help you troubleshoot further.

Social Media Promo Codes

Every Saturday morning, QuiBids tries to post a promo code for free bids on our Facebook page. Additionally, we will share promo codes for various holidays or special events. So make sure you follow us on social media to keep up with all the free bids opportunities.



I am not a QuiBids customer. Can I still claim the promo codes?

No. In order to be eligible for the promo codes, you must be a QuiBids customer and have purchased the initial bid pack.

Do the promo codes expire?

Yes. All promo codes will be for a limited time, so use them before you lose them! Be sure to look for the expiration date with each promo code notification. Also keep in mind some promo code bids are only available for 24 hours after you redeem them.

Can I share the promo code with others?

Of course! But keep in mind you’re adding more competition. We provide these promo codes as a way to reward our loyal customers, but anyone is free to use them as long as they are eligible.

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