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Jan 21

New Ways to Earn Top QuiBidders Community Rewards

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QuiBids Top QuiBidders Community Rewards - 2015

UPDATE (9-1-2015): There will no longer be a monthly recap reward for top ten posts every month. 

We’ve had the Top QuiBidders leaderboard for over 2 years now, but like all good things, it must come to an end. Starting February 1st, 2015, we will no longer have the Leaderboard, which means you will no longer be able to earn and track TQ points. However, that doesn’t mean we’ll stop giving out rewards for your contributions to the Q community.

First, we absolutely do not want to put an end to the vibrant and helpful community that has been formed on our page these past few years. If anything, we want to make it grow and add even more value to your QuiBids experience in 2015. After listening to your feedback, we feel that the leaderboard is rewarding quantity as opposed to quality, which is why we are making the below changes starting 2-1. So with that in mind, keep reading to learn the new ways you can earn free bids and gameplays for your participation and contributions to the Q community.

The number one thing to remember


The number one thing to remember –

Post pics and vids of you with your wins!


To simplify the process, continue posting pictures or videos of you with your wins using the same guidelines required for QuiBidder of the Week entries. We want to see your smiling face with the item you won in addition to some details about winning the item.

  • What was the ending price?
  • How many bids did you spend?
  • What kind of bids did you use?
  • How is the product making your life easier?

Post these  on our Facebook page, and tell us about it in the description. If you’re posting a video, keep it brief – preferably under :30-:60. We will give out rewards as follows.

If we share your photo or video on Facebook – 1X Gameplay

Every time we see a customer photo we really like, we’ll share it with the rest of our Facebook community. If we end up sharing one of your photos on Facebook, then be sure to send us a private FB message with your QuiBids username and we’ll credit your account with a 1X Gameplay! This will happen every time we share one of your photos on Facebook.

Please only include original images. Screenshots and images pulled from around the internet will no longer count to earn rewards. Use the QuiBidder of the Week guidelines to reference what constitutes as a good photo post. Don’t forget that this reward only applies to photos and videos we share on Facebook. You can also submit photos via private FB message if you don’t feel comfortable posting them on our timeline.

If your image is used on a cover photo – 1X Gameplay

We try to keep our Facebook page fresh by updating the cover photo every week. If we include your pic in the cover photo, you’ll get a 1X Gameplay!

If you win QuiBidder of the Week – 90 Free Bids

Our favorite poster from the previous week will be featured in a QuiBidder of the Week blog post. If you are chosen as QuiBidder of the Week, you’ll now receive 90 free bids! All of the photos posted on our Facebook page will be considered for the QuiBidder of the Week contest. If you don’t want your post to be considered, please let us know in the photo description.  Go here for more details about the QuiBidder of the Week contest.

NOTE: You no longer need to include the #QoW hashtag. All photos posted on our page are eligible to win the QuiBidder of the Week contest.

FAQ – The QoW will be featured on the cover photo. Does that mean they get two rewards?

No. All QuiBidder of the Week winners will indeed have their photo featured on the cover photo. However, if you win QoW, you cannot win that week’s cover photo reward too. All other rewards can be won more than once, as long as each time it is with a new and unique photo or video.

Other Ways To Win On Social Media

Other ways to win free bids on social media

As stated above, you can now get rewards if QuiBids shares your photo on Facebook, if you’re chosen as QuiBidder of the Week, or if your photo is selected to be included in our cover photo. But don’t forget the other ways to win free bids too.

Timeline Contest – 2X Gameplay

We will also continue posting a contest on our Timeline every Sunday, except starting in February we will have some weeks where we give away TWO 2X Gameplay instead of just one!

Twitter Contest – 50 free bids

Also every weekday, we give away 50 free bids on Twitter. To qualify, make sure you have a Twitter account, follow @QuiBids, and respond to our contest tweet every week day around 11a – 12p CDT.

Help other QuiBidders

If another QuiBidder comes to our Facebook page asking questions or posting concerns, feel free to respond and help them with whatever they are having issues with. Some people prefer to have other customers like themselves help them as opposed to company representatives, and we understand that. So don’t hesitate to jump in and offer your assistance when another QuiBidder is in need.

Also, you can follow the @DidntReadQ101 twitter account that was created to give our most passionate customers a way to help other new bidders. This account will be ReTweeting questions from confused QuiBidders, or it will be posting ways you can leave reviews or respond to other negative reviews. If we see you actively helping other users – whether it’s replying to these tweets, Facebook comments, or leaving reviews on review sites – we will reward you anywhere from 1 – 25 free bids. Keep in mind we can’t do this every time we see you helping someone out. But every once in a while when we see you offering a helping hand to others in the community, we may surprise you with some free bids!

Again, we can’t give bids every time you help someone, mainly because it’s too much for us to keep up with (we have a lot of helpful and caring people in our community), and we don’t want to devalue the sincerity of help offered to QuiBidders seeking assistance. But know that we will be throwing out free bids for this activity from time to time.

What is good and bad to post

Let’s recap: What is good (and bad) to post?

For those of you interested in what we like to see on our page, we put together the list below help clear up any misunderstandings or confusion pertaining to our goals with the QuiBids community. The big things to remember are to always be helpful, and to post pictures and videos of you with your wins. However, let us elaborate a little more.

Things that are good to post

Helping other users

We can’t always have a presence on our Facebook page. Furthermore, employees aren’t allowed to participate on our site. So although we could definitely provide tips and help, we don’t think it means as much as it does coming from a fellow QuiBidder who is in the trenches, bidding in auctions on a fairly consistent basis. This also includes helping new users better understand our auction model to help set them up for a more successful bidding experience. If we notice you going above and beyond helping another user out, we may just throw some free bids your way! Just make sure you are genuine, polite, and helpful in your interactions with other users. Also, we can always use help building up reviews on various review sites across the net.

Posting wins and other bidding experiences

One of the most appealing things about QuiBids is the rush after getting a much sought-after win. We love hearing about each and every one of your wins! So feel free to post them as they happen! You will no longer get “points” for these posts, but you can win rewards just the same!

And on the other coin, we understand that not every auction you participate in will be a winner for you. So feel free to post your failed bidding experiences so others may learn from your mistakes.

Connecting with other users

If you talk to other users in the community, you will quickly learn that our community is almost like a family, or very tight-knit group of friends. We are always hearing about instances where a member of the community will win gifts and anonymously send them to other members of the community.  We think this is just about the coolest thing ever. So we definitely encourage you to continue to be friendly to one another and keep up the spirit of giving!

Things that you should NOT post

It’s a free country and you’re free to post whatever you want. However to keep our page clean, we ask that you refrain from posting the following.

Photos that you didn’t take

If you want to post a photo of an item you won, that’s great! We just ask that you only use photos that you take yourself and don’t try to find one on the internet somewhere. Also, screenshots of your wins are okay to post, but you won’t get any rewards for doing this.

If you do choose to post a screenshot, we recommend blurring out your username just to give you a little more privacy.

Copy/Pasting Product Descriptions

Please refrain from copy/pasting product descriptions from items found on our site. Simply link to the product page with a URL and users can go read the description if they’d like. This adds a lot more brevity to our page to let more people see more posts without as much reading.

Answering questions that have already been answered

If a user asks a question and another QuiBidder helps them before you get a chance to comment, there is really no need to repeat the answer in a subsequent comment. However, if you have something extra to add to the conversation, by all means, go ahead and comment!

This doesn’t apply to positive feedback, like congratulating users on great wins for example. If another user congratulates someone on their win, feel free to jump in and congratulate them too. Keep spreading those positive vibes!

Reporting Collusion or Cheating Publicly

This doesn’t mean that we don’t want you to report cheating. But for the sake of user privacy, we ask that you send any and all evidence to with ATTN: COMPLIANCE in the subject line. Our compliance department is always working hard to catch cheaters and remove them from our site so you can have a more level playing field. So be sure to submit your evidence via this route.

Foul language, spam, and personal attacks

Also important to keep in mind that foul language, spam, or personal attacks of any kind can get you permanently banned from our page.

We don’t always expect everyone to agree or get along, but it’s important to treat others with the same respect you’d want for yourself. Even if a new user doesn’t read before signing up, they are still deserving of the same consideration. So be sure to be respectful when telling them what they did wrong.

NOTE: Since these promo updates are brand new, please keep in mind that any of the above rules are subject to change based on customer feedback and internal workflow efficiency. This page will be updated as the rules change. You must have a QuiBids account and have purchased the starter bid pack to be eligible to win the above rewards. Users found entering with duplicate accounts will have both accounts banned from winning future promotions. Just because you posted a photo or video and followed all of the above guidelines does not guarantee that you will win a reward. Rewards are given out based solely on QuiBids discretion. The above guidelines are simply a layout for what we are looking for in a good post, not a guarantee that you will win something. Bookmark this article so you will always stay up-to-date with our Facebook Community Rewards.


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Promo Updates:

UPDATE (2-4-2015): Now all photos chosen for our cover image will get a 1X Gameplay instead of a 2X Gameplay. Also, the #QoW hashtag is no longer required to enter the QuiBidder of the Week contest. To opt-out, be sure to include in the description that you do not want your photo as part of the contest. By posting photos/videos on QuiBids’ Facebook timeline or by messaging photos/videos to QuiBids, you give QuiBids permission to share your photo with the rest of the community. If you do not want your photo shared, then please refrain from posting it on our page.
UPDATE (9-1-2015): There will no longer be a monthly recap blog post. You may still earn rewards for sharing your wins, however the monthly top posts will be discontinued.