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Jul 12

Next Up: Nothin’ but Net Badge

Posted by jfarrand under News, Tips & Strategy

Nothin But Net Badge

This one’s awesome baby!! The latest Badge is now out and ready to be scored.  The Nothin’ but Net Badge is one to get your competitive side ramped up!  So, let the games begin!

Earn this Badge by winning three auctions or completing three Buy Nows in the Sports and Recreation category.  The payout is 3 free bids, or commonly known as Voucher Bids.  Slam dunk!  What are some great products you can go for in the Sports and Recreation category you might ask?  Good question.  Here’s just a sample of the items you can bid or buy to achieve our latest Badge.





Izzo Golf Giant Hitting Net



Wilson football



Chicago Cubs banner



Artisan Chess Table


And that’s not all… We’ve got tons of awesome Sports & Recreation products for you to choose from. So what’s the wait?  It’s time to show off your skills off the court!

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Note: The Nothin’ but Net Badge is not retroactive, meaning if you’ve won or utilized the Buy Now on three items within the Sports and Recreation category prior to the launch of this Badge, you will need to win/purchase in this category going forward to achieve it.