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Dec 13

Our $10,000 Winner – Meet & Greet

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Josh Neifert was the winner of our “Be the Millionth Auction Winner” promotion.  What a very merry Holiday this will be for the Neiferts!  I only wish I won a contest like this.  I’m one of those people who never win anything.  Needless to say… I’m jealous!  I know I speak for QuiBids when I say we’re thrilled for Josh!

A couple of us flew out to St. Louis, MO last Tuesday, December 7 to meet up with Josh to present him with his winnings.  It was a very long day since it was literally a down-and-back in one day trip!  Thinking St. Louis’ weather wouldn’t be too different than that of Oklahoma City’s, we didn’t bother to check the temperature there.  Upon arrival in St. Louis, it was a low 18 degrees Fahrenheit!  Well… I picked a great day to wear a dress!  My knees came away a bit frost bitten (not really) after that day.  With all this said, it was still a great day.

Once we hopped in our rental car (compact cars rule!), we made a few stops to gather any last-minute  items we needed and headed on over to the Neifert family business, Rock Roll-O-Rena in Arnold, MO.  We entered the family-fun facility with balloons and check in hand to find Josh waiting eagerly with another five members of his family.  We took multiple pictures and videos and sat down to ask him a few questions:
Jill: First of all, Congratulations on your win!  Can you tell me how you first heard about QuiBids?
Josh: I first saw an ad online.  After doing some research on the company and the business model behind, I decided to give it a try.

Jill: What products have you won so far with us?
Josh: So far, I’ve won a couple cameras, some SD cards, around four pairs of Oakleys, a MacBook and a couple TVs.

Jill: You’ve won quite a few things on our site, including the some of the more higher-end products.  Besides winning the $10,000, what do you think of our site and the business model in general?
Josh: I think it’s great!  Some of the products I received, I used the Buy It Now.  If I lost an auction, I knew I’d at least be able to get it for retail due to the Buy It Now.  I really like that feature.

Jill: What did you think of this ‘Be the Millionth Auction Winner’ promotion when we first launched it?
Josh:  I remember seeing it and thought that I’d never win it, but thought it was pretty cool.

Jill: What were your initial thoughts when you received the winning call?
Josh: I thought it was a joke! I couldn’t believe it!

Jill: With winning the $10,000, you also got to designate where you wanted another $1,000 to go towards.  You chose the local St. Louis chapter of Toys for Tots.  This is a great organization!  Why did you choose this organization?
Josh: I believe every kid should be able to get something for Christmas!

Jill: Ok, last question.  What do you plan to do with the $10,000?!
Josh I’ll start to invest a little into my son’s college, use a little for some Christmas gifts and then pay off some bills.
We stayed for a little over an hour and left them with some memorabilia, including the $10,000 check of course!  We had a great time visiting with the Neiferts and thank them for having us out to their family business!  Congratulations once again to Josh!