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QuiBidder of the Week – Trevor A.

Jan, 22nd 2013 in Testimonials by Blake Brown

We’re excited about this QuiBidder of the Week. His name is Trevor, and like most people are when first learning about QuiBids, he was hesitant to try it. Luckily for him, though, he gave us a try and ended up scoring lots of great wins! Read more about his experiences with QuiBids below.

QuiBids Customer Testimonial - Trevor A..

“I won a Metal Detector, Callaway Forged Wedge, 24″ Panasonic Flat Screen TV, Single Canister Vacuum and a 12-Piece Cookware Set for my wife. I also won a Kalorik Blender and a handful of great gift cards. The main items I WON totaled under $2.00 final auction price.” – Trevor A.


You guys raised more than $7,000 with our Sandy Hook/Hurricane Sandy relief auctions!

Jan, 17th 2013 in Charity, News by Matt Carney

Last month, at the suggestion of some of the regular customers on the QuiBids Facebook page, we set up a pair of charity auctions whose proceeds would go to funds to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy and the violence at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. We’re proud to report that you raised more than $7,000 bidding on these auctions, which will be going to two very worthy causes, the Red Cross and the Sandy Hook School Support Fund, which is supported by the United Way of Western Connecticut.

We should mention that —in setting up these specialty auctions— we mistakenly scheduled an additional Hurricane Sandy relief auction that wasn’t advertised on the QuiBids blog or through any of our social media channels. But as it was listed as an auction for charity, its revenue has been included in that $7,000+ figure. Tip of the hat to our customers, who went all-out on this auction even if they didn’t necessarily know about it!

quibids ces

QuiBids goes to Vegas for CES 2013!

Jan, 16th 2013 in News, Products, QuiBids Employees by Matt Carney

Every January since 1967 retailers, journalists, and everybody who’s anybody in the electronics industry has met up in Las Vegas for one of the world’s biggest trade shows, International CES (or Consumer Electronics Show). They head out to the desert to get a preview of the next round of must-have consumer electronics, hammer out business partnerships, and even just sort of stand in awe of it all, as each year draws hundreds of thousands of registered attendants.

CES has been about innovation since its inception, debuting some of the world’s most frequently used products along the way. Among them (according to the official CES website) are:
-The videocassette recorder (VCR), 1970
-The compact disc (CD) player, 1981
-Microsoft Xbox, 2001
-High-definition television, 2003
-Blu-Ray DVD, 2003
-3D HDTV, 2009

Electronics of course being some of the most sought-after items on our site, QuiBids dispatched a devastating duo of merchandising staffers to Vegas last year, and doubled that number for the 2013 convention last week. Our vice president of business development Kerry Morris joined three of our merchandisers this year —Kevin Elliott, Grant Harland, and Mark Moderie (that’s them pictured up there at the top of the blog post)— and after 44 meetings, the QuiBids crew returned to our Oklahoma City office with big ideas in tow. Here’s what they took away from this year’s CES!

quibids strategy auction statistics

Using auction statistics in your QuiBids strategy

Jan, 15th 2013 in Site Features, Tips & Strategy by Matt Carney

We talk a lot about QuiBids strategy around here, but there’s really no substitute for thinking outside the box! Taking the information that’s readily available is for newbies — you’re experienced and smart enough to interpret and apply it! In the old days before auction statistics, you could manually track how many bids a given product was being auctioned off for, but it was a time-consuming, attention-demanding process (this guy explains it pretty well — he was definitely an outside-the-box thinker).

QuiBidder of the Week – Karen H.

Jan, 14th 2013 in Testimonials by Blake Brown

This is Karen H., our newest QuiBidder of the Week! She has been bidding on QuiBids for about a month, and has already scored some nice wins. Continue reading to learn more about her experiences (so far) on our site.

Submit a photo of yourself with a QuiBids win, tell us a little bit about it, and you could become the next QuiBidder of the Week and win a $50 gift card of your choice! Go here to enter.

Karen H. - QuiBidder of the Week

QuiBids Eliminates Shipping Charges for its US Market

Jan, 14th 2013 in Press Releases by Matt Carney

Oklahoma City, OK — January 14, 2013 —, the world’s leading entertainment auction site, now offers free shipping every day! It has eliminated shipping charges on all transactions with customers in its U.S. market. This includes all products won in auctions or bought with the Buy Now option, and it also includes purchases via the recently opened QuiBids Store.

“We want to continue to improve upon what we offer customers, and absorbing shipping charges was the next logical step,” said Kerry Morris, QuiBids’ Vice President of Business Development and Merchandising. “We offered free shipping last October and around the holiday season and received a lot of positive feedback.”

quibids free shipping

Free shipping in the US! For good!

Jan, 14th 2013 in News by Matt Carney

Last week we hinted to a “big announcement” on our social media accounts and you all speculated like crazy. Among the guesses as to what we were to unveil were:
-Free bids
-Free gift cards
-New Badges
-New sweepstakes
-A public stock offering
-Super Bowl tickets
-Free shipping

quibids computer monitors legit deals

26 computer monitors won for 90% off or better on QuiBids

Jan, 10th 2013 in News, Products by Matt Carney

We’re always finding people online who don’t think QuiBids auctions are legit. It’s understandable. You’d have to suspend reality to reasonably consider a company selling top-of-the-line electronics at 90% off what everybody else is.

But QuiBids auctions are a rare breed in that those who study them carefully and learn how they work can reap massive rewards. Sometimes as massive as 98-99% off. Seriously, people win auctions with one bid more often than you would think.

quibids youtube legit

What’s YouTube saying about QuiBids?

Jan, 8th 2013 in Tips & Strategy by Matt Carney

Alright, time to fess up. Which of you are YouTube junkies?

QuiBids is on YouTube and we’re not just talking specifically about our own channel.  Customers use the video streaming site to share their QuiBids strategies, tips, tricks, mostly with helpful guides and unboxing videos! As a resource, YouTube’s a particularly rich database for the astute, carefully studied QuiBids customer.

quibids strategy big items

9 things to know when you’re hunting for a big item on QuiBids

Jan, 8th 2013 in Tips & Strategy by Matt Carney

It’s a well-documented and universally human trait that —when we see especially big items with small price tags— our eyes expand to about eight times their normal size and sometimes even pop out of our heads and dance around a little bit. I like to call this swelling the Googly Eyes effect, and it can seem really comical to us later: “Did I really act all crazy over the chance to save some money on this particular product?”

Here on QuiBids the Googly Eyes effect is especially prevalent. Just check out our biggest wins of 2012 blog post from a few weeks ago — it’s a Hall of Fame-worthy list of high-dollar items only. It’s almost like just seeing the screenshot of a Canon 5D Mark ii camera going for 98% off charges you up to go out and try to win a big item of your own.

But before you rush out there into the land of plasma screens and espresso machines, here are a couple of things to keep in mind that will help you to build on your QuiBids strategy, and —ultimately— save you some serious dough here on QuiBids!