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QuiBidder of the Week – Tracy L.

Jan, 7th 2013 in Testimonials by Blake Brown

This is Tracy L., our QuiBidder of the Week for the week of January 7, 2013. Tracy is new to QuiBids, but that isn’t stopping her from showing off this awesome necklace win! Read more about her experiences on QuiBids in the interview below.

Tracy L. - QuiBids' QuiBidder of the Week for the week of January 7, 2013

Better and Best Price - Two-Way Street Sign

6 QuiBids Buy Now prices that are currently lower than Amazon’s

Jan, 4th 2013 in News, Tips & Strategy by Matt Carney

About two weeks ago, the folks at Penny Auctions Blog offered this helpful post which noted that QuiBids Store’s prices and rewards would have to be especially enticing in order to attract a purchase away from a larger, more traditional online retailer. In their words:

Something has to be very attractive. Either QuiBids has to give me the product really cheap or give me really good rewards. This is the only reason I would buy from QuiBids instead of, say, Amazon.

Since every purchase from the QuiBids Store comes with a specified amount of Voucher Bids, it looks like we’ve got the rewards part down. So how about those prices? Obviously we can’t offer the lowest purchase price online (we call it “Buy Now”) on every single product we have, but we do offer the possibility for it, in our auctions. Where else are you going to find an Xbox 360 Kinect bundle for $0.79?

But, as Penny Auctions Blog pointed out, actually, yeah our QuiBids Buy Now prices are lower than Amazon’s sometimes, even with shipping charges factored in. So I went digging around on the site and came up with five more products we sell for less than Amazon does. The lesson here is Always check on QuiBids before you make a purchase elsewhere! If the worst-case scenario of a Buy Now price is itself better than the other options, then you might as well try for a best-case scenario of winning the product at auction.

So, as promised, here are six products (well, five plus that Canon lens that Penny Auctions Blog originally mentioned) with cheaper Buy Now prices than what’s available on Amazon at the moment. Remember to always check QuiBids before you buy online!

Best QuiBids Wins from December 2012

The best deals on QuiBids in December

Jan, 3rd 2013 in Products by Matt Carney

December’s the biggest month of the year for just about any retailer, and at QuiBids it’s no different! You were bidding, Buying Now, and visiting the QuiBids Store like crazy last month and some of our customers made off with incredible, 100%-legit deals in the process.

Let’s check and see who reeled in the big deals this holiday season!

Believe it or not, there were two pretty remarkable 90-plus percent-off deals on MacBook Pros in December, one of which went for a single bid.

oklahomamagazine quibids greatcompaniestoworkfor

Oklahoma Magazine names QuiBids one of its 2012 Great Companies to Work For

Jan, 2nd 2013 in News, QuiBids Employees by Matt Carney

Remember 2012? Seems so long ago, doesn’t it? Well we’ve got one last little bit of business left over from it to address: Oklahoma Magazine named QuiBids as one of its 27 Great Companies to Work For in 2012! We couldn’t be more excited to receive this huge honor. From OK Mag:

QuiBids is all about fun. Not only is it a fun and entertaining place to shop for its customers, it’s a fun work environment too. QuiBids cares for its employees by providing a great atmosphere to work in, which includes a game room set with a Ping-Pong table, Friday get-togethers, no dress code, massages, paid time for community service, employee trainings for professional development, discounted gym memberships, and much more. QuiBids is truly a new tech leader in the community, always striving for excellence in all that it does.

QuiBids Tweet-Off

Enter in QuiBids’ January Tweet-Off!

Dec, 31st 2012 in Contests by Matt Carney

Here’s your chance to prove that you’re the top QuiBids Twitter follower! All this month we’re hosting the QuiBids Tweet-Off and one lucky winner will earn a $100 gift card of their choice! The more you tweet at QuiBids’ Twitter handle in the month of January, the better your chance of winning!

The year in QuiBids [Part II]

Dec, 28th 2012 in News by Matt Carney

The second half of 2012 saw more improvements to QuiBids than were made in the first two and a half years of our deal-spinning existence. It was also much busier than the first half of the year, as we ramped up our charitable efforts, added new functions to the site, and hosted more contests!

Let’s take a look back on what made the summer, fall, and this half of the winter so great in 2012 at QuiBids!

quibids legitimate 2012 end of year auctions

QuiBids’ biggest wins of 2012

Dec, 27th 2012 in Products by Matt Carney

It’s been a good year, you guys – even better than the last. When you weren’t bidding on QuiBids you danced along to “Gangnam Style” almost a billion times, cheered on Bilbo as he returned to the silver screen in The Hobbit, consoled us after our hometown team exited early from the NBA Finals, and even saw a president get reelected.

When you were on QuiBids, you saw that we gave the site a much-needed makeover, a big improvement to our auction model, and even open the doors to the QuiBids Store. You also saw wins. Lots and lots of them, in fact. And among the millions of bids placed on the millions of won auctions, only a select tier were placed so skillfully as to be considered among our biggest wins of 2012.

To determine these select auction winners, we picked out a handful of our most sought-after, competitive products and searched the archives for the biggest savings on them. These auction wins ought to be considered the most impressive simply because so much was gained for so little, even amid intense customer demand. Let’s get to counting them down now, shall we?

quibids okcbiz photo by mark hancock

The year in QuiBids [Part I]

Dec, 26th 2012 in News by Matt Carney

It’s been a year of headlines, debuts, photos, videos, and big events for QuiBids! Thanks, as always, to our awesome customers for shopping with us. We promise to push hard into 2013 and make QuiBids the best online retail auction the world’s ever seen!

But for now, shortly before we jump into 2013, let’s take a little stroll down memory lane to see just how far we’ve come along, starting in…

QuiBidder of the Week – Donna B.

Dec, 24th 2012 in Testimonials by Blake Brown

We have another QuiBidder of the Week – Donna B.!  Be sure to tell her congratulations in the comments below.  Continue reading to learn more about Donna’s experiences on QuiBids.

QuiBids QuiBidder of the Week - Donna B.


Two chances to donate: Hurricane Sandy and Sandy Hook relief auctions

Dec, 21st 2012 in Charity, News by Matt Carney

Several customers on QuiBids’ Facebook page were asking for us to host charity auctions in the wake of Hurricane Sandy in October, and we thought that’d be an excellent way to help fund the relief efforts. New York City alone is going to need a lot of help rebuilding and the American Red Cross is out on the frontlines delivering meals to people and helping to clean up after one of the largest natural disasters in modern American history. They need some help, and they need it now!