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QuiBids' QuiBidder of the week for February 11, 2013

QuiBidder of the Week – Antonio G.

Feb, 11th 2013 in Testimonials by Blake Brown

Congrats to the newest QuiBidder of the Week, Antonio G.! You might recognize Antonio from the QuiBids Facebook page — he recently shared some photos of his wins! Continue reading to catch Antonio’s bidding story to learn how he won the Cuisinart 17-Piece Cookware Set on QuiBids with only 8 bids remaining in his account.  

quibids jeff geurts live chat

Tune in for a live Q&A with QuiBids CFO Jeff Geurts!

Feb, 8th 2013 in News, QuiBids Employees by Blake Brown

Hey guys! Raise your hand if you want QuiBids to be better.

Cool, we do too! (You can lower those hands now.) So, because we receive so much excellent customer feedback at the QuiBids Facebook page and the QuiBids Twitter account, we’re setting up a chance for you guys to help us improve QuiBids directly, by sharing your suggestions, concerns, criticisms, and ideas directly with one of the guys who was there at QuiBids’ humble beginnings!

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75 MORE auctions won for one bid on QuiBids!

Feb, 6th 2013 in Products by Matt Carney

Remember a while back when we tracked down 75 products that QuiBidders won for a single bid? Well, by my calculations there’ve been roughly one and a half gazillion auctions on the site since then, and that means roughly one and a half gazillion totally legit QuiBids auction wins. We see one-bid wins on the site all the time —they’re not the urban legend some claim— so we dug up some of the more notable ones out there to prove it to you guys!

Check it out — there’s everything in there from tons of different types of digital cameras,  and camcorders to stuff for playing, camping, riding, displaying, decorating, hosting, and just plain showing off. Click through the links or the product images to see the auctions for yourself, and join these big winners on QuiBids now!

(Oh, and before we get started, you might be benefited by recalling the differences between Real Bids and Voucher Bids.)

pfaerikgause6 (640x427)

PHOTOS: QuiBids sponsors Pros for Africa nonprofit fundraiser

Feb, 5th 2013 in Charity, News, QuiBids Employees by Matt Carney

We told you guys about Pros for Africa and their mission to support the work of Sister Rosemary Nyirumbe and her Saint Monica Girls Schools in Uganda last week and we’re excited to say that you turned out for our Serge Ibaka jersey auction to benefit the work that she’s doing over there. Thanks to you, we’ll be sending a check for $1,043.55 to Pros for Africa this week that will help fund the Saint Monica Girls Schools and the building of their third campus in south Sudan, a corner of the world that’s been torn apart by war.

Above, that’s Sister Rosemary, pictured with Serge Ibaka of the Oklahoma City Thunder.

The giving didn’t stop there. With Ibaka headlining, we sponsored Pros for Africa’s fundraiser at the Oklahoma governor’s mansion in Oklahoma City last Wednesday and it was a huge success. Hall of Fame basketball player, coach, and commentator Nancy Lieberman hosted an evening that included visits from fellow Thunder starters Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, and Thabo Sefolosha. Not gonna lie: We got pretty starstruck.

Jamie M. - QuiBids' QuiBidder of the Week

QuiBidder of the Week – Jamie M.

Feb, 4th 2013 in Testimonials by Blake Brown

We’d like to give a shout out to the newest QuiBidder of the Week, Jamie M.!  You might recognize Jamie as being one of the valued contributors on QuiBids Facebook page.  She is also very familiar with being on the top ten on our Top QuiBidders Leaderboard.  Keep reading to learn more about her experiences with QuiBids.

quibids february vote with your heart

Vote with Your Heart this month!

Feb, 1st 2013 in Contests by Matt Carney

The heart knows what it wants and QuiBidders’ hearts’ desire bids and free stuff, am I right? Well this month we’ve got another awesome contest for you guys and four lucky customers will walk away with some $100+ freebies just for exercising your U.S. Constitution-backed right to vote. (Unless you’re in Canada or Australia or one of the other countries where we host auctions, in which case substitute “U.S. Constitution” for whatever document grants you the right to elect your officials.)

It’s called Vote with Your Heart and each week we’ll roll out a different set of products for you to vote for! Just scroll on down to the product gallery widget that’s embedded below and vote for the product you love the most! Then be sure to fill out the form beneath it and we’ll pick one lucky winner to receive the product that receives the most votes. It’s that easy!


serge ibaka jersey quibids auction

Bid on an autographed Serge Ibaka jersey benefiting Pros for Africa!

Jan, 30th 2013 in Charity, News, Products by Matt Carney

Go to the Serge Ibaka Autographed OKC Thunder Jersey auction NOW.

Every day means a new horror for a lot of children in Africa, specifically in Uganda and Sudan where the Joseph Kony-led LRA have left a streak of war crimes and crimes against humanity behind them for more than 20 years. It’s an area of the world that’s been splintered by war, kidnappings, murder, and every type of violence imaginable, much of it inflicted on children.

It’s a long way and a different world from where we’re located in Oklahoma City, but there’s a group of volunteers here who’ve founded a nonprofit organization called Pros for Africa that’s supporting the work of the Saint Monica Girls Schools, which are safe havens for thousands of girls who’ve been abducted by the LRA, trained as soldiers, used as sex slaves, and/or abandoned by their families. Led by Sister Rosemary Nyirumbe, Saint Monica’s two campuses in Gulu and Atiak, Uganda teach these girls practical trade skills like sewing, and offer counseling and support to help restore the peace they were robbed of.

auction sites

The ten best deals on QuiBids in January

Jan, 29th 2013 in Products by Matt Carney

Each month we scan through (figurative) piles and piles of auction pages you guys leave behind to see who saved the most! January saw deals on some of QuiBids most popular products —like the iPad and Beats headphones— but we also noted a few huge wins on those stylish Tom Ford Olivier sunglasses and some useful household items!

Check out who all won big below!

nick boccio quibids

An interview with an auction expert: Nicholas Boccio

Jan, 28th 2013 in News by Matt Carney

Back in its heyday, regularly published the most up-to-date news about the online/penny auction industry, hosted a regular radio show, and boasted an active message board where customers gathered to speculate, swap rumors, and read up on auction strategy. With the number of auction sites significantly dwindling over the last year or so, PennyBurners hasn’t been nearly as active, but its proprietor, Nicholas Boccio, is still as savvy as ever. He was there right around the time QuiBids got its start, maintaining contact with hundreds of site owners and passing along information directly to consumers.

We caught up with Nick for a little conversation about QuiBids’ role in the late-2000s’ influx of auction sites, and what it’s looking like now that the dust has settled. Here’s what he had to say.

quibids big savings

How to save money on QuiBids!

Jan, 25th 2013 in Tips & Strategy by Matt Carney

How often do you come across high-end electronics or big home and garden products that are actually on sale? I don’t mean We’re Trying to Ditch that Big Pile of Last Year’s Model Inventory Still Laying Around in the Back of the Store-sale, I mean brand-new, top-of-the-line products that everybody’s physically aching for.

There’s an opportunity for that every day on QuiBids ‘cause we regularly auction off products worth hundreds —and occasionally, thousands— of dollars. I say “opportunity” because, for the persistent, there’s savings to be had that’ll absolutely wreck shop against your typical brick-and-mortar store blowout sale. Even when you find yourself locked into a long, grinding battle, bidding with QuiBids means the peace of mind of knowing that the very worst-case scenario is that you’ll pay a competitive retail price for your prize, which we call the Buy Now. That means 10% off is a win, 20% off is a victory, 50% off is worth jumping for joy, and 99% off is a not-so-distant possibility. The big secret to saving money on QuiBids is simple: Approach auctions ready to use the Buy Now!