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The 7 things you need to win more auctions

Apr, 9th 2013 in Tips & Strategy by Matt Carney

Do you ever wonder how some people just seem to pull in all the big QuiBids auction wins? It’s kinda the natural inclination whenever those QuiBidder of the Week photos pop up every Monday, like “Dang. That’s a lot of stuff.”

Since we QuiBids employees can’t bid on the site we actually experience that exact same reaction. But we also talk with customers pretty regularly —both on the phones in our Customer Support department and on our social profiles like Facebook and Twitter) and in doing so we’ve noticed some trends among our more successful bidders. So check these out and see if you’ve got what it takes to win auctions consistently on QuiBids.

QuiBids' QuiBidder of the Week for the week of April 8, 2013 - Daniel A.

QuiBidder of the Week – Daniel A.

Apr, 8th 2013 in Testimonials by Blake Brown

Say “Hello!” to Daniel, the newest QuiBidder of the Week! Daniel has been bidding on QuiBids for a few months now, and has quickly proven to be on top of his QuiGame.  Continue reading to learn more about Daniel’s QuiBids experiences. Go here to tell us your QuiBids story and you could become the next QuiBidder of the Week, just like Daniel!

QuiBids April Fools Survey

We want to hear what you thought about our April Fools’ auctions!

Apr, 4th 2013 in News by Matt Carney

We’re pretty big on celebrating holidays here at QuiBids, and April Fools’ Day was no exception this year. We got festive by “hosting” 21 auctions of a unique nature and by “unique nature” I mean that they were a big ol’ farce. Although not completely because the April Fools’ auction “winners” were awarded a Gameplay for their trouble. But no, there is no such thing as a Yeti-guided tour of Mt. Everest. We checked.

But before you scroll down to the survey (which you can also take at QuiBids’ Polldaddy account) to tell us what you thought about our April Fools’ auctions, let’s all take a second to remember what Monday’s round of special auctions were for!

QuiBids 7 Feet Tri Ball Hitting Net

The 10 best QuiBids wins in March

Apr, 3rd 2013 in Products by Matt Carney

Spring arrived in fits and starts outside QuiBids’ Oklahoma City offices this year, but the deals on our site are as awesome as ever! Below we’ve compiled a list of ten big QuiBids wins from March! Feel free to add any of these wins to your Pinterest boards by clicking the “Pin it” button on each image. Do you have a win from March that you’re particularly proud of? Tell us about it in the comments below!

"QuiBids can be very exciting and can save you money!" - QuiBidder of the Week, Jay J.

QuiBidder of the Week – Jay J.

Apr, 2nd 2013 in Testimonials by Blake Brown

This week’s new QuiBidder of the Week is Jay J. from the United States.  Jay has been bidding on QuiBids for over a year now, and has also become a great contributor to the QuiBids community on Facebook. Read more to learn about Jay’s experiences with QuiBids.  Don’t forget to tell Jay “congrats” in the comment section below. Go here to tell us your QuiBids story and you could become the next QuiBidder of the Week like Jay.

Write a prodcut review on QuiBids and win big!

Write a review and win big this month!

Apr, 2nd 2013 in Contests by Matt Carney

UPDATE: This contest has ended and the winner has been drawn.  Congrats Tracee L. for winning the iPad Mini!

Seeing as you guys are nuts for the iPad around here we decided to host another opportunity for you to win one. This month we’re giving away one of these fancy new iPad Minis, and all you’ve got to do for a chance at it is write a review for any product on QuiBids!

That’s the short version, so here are some more, pertinent details:

  • Customers may write as many reviews as they wish. The more reviews, the greater the customer’s chance of winning.
  • All reviews must be accepted per our Site Reviews Rules.
  • Reviews written before or after the month of April 2013 will not count toward a customer’s chances of winning.
  • At the end of the month we’ll draw one winner at random.
  • That’s it.

Pretty simple, huh? It’s all automated so there’s nothing special you have to do whenever you write one of these reviews; the site will record your review and enter you for a chance to win.

April Fools Auctions on QuiBids

Happy April Fool’s Day from QuiBids!

Apr, 1st 2013 in Products by Matt Carney

In case you missed them, here are the 21 fictitious, but nonetheless awesome products we hosted auctions for today on QuiBids! All are valued at a $500,000 Buy Now price, but hey — shipping’s free! How many of the six we teased you with last week did you guess correctly?

You could win these items on QuiBids

16 auctions you could’ve won on QuiBids

Mar, 29th 2013 in Products by Matt Carney

Auctions go un-bid on every day on QuiBids and nothing makes us sadder. Perfectly good auctions gone to waste, like pumpkins in some lonely, unpicked patch. The saddest thing is that they don’t belong on some Island of Misfit Toys because they’re brand-new and work great!

You might notice a common thread among these products, though: they’re cheap. But hey, small items add up! Heck, if I’d have thrown in all the smallball $10 and $15 Walmart gift cards I spotted looking around for these (I spent maybe 45 minutes on it) you’d have enough money to cover your monthly expedition to the grocery store.

So keep your eyes peeled for easy-to-snag products like these and keep little auctions from slipping through the cracks! Click through to see the actual auction that customers passed on.

Computer confusion.

6 things you can use My QuiBids for that you probably forgot about

Mar, 27th 2013 in Site Features, Tips & Strategy by Matt Carney

Before we get started, reading this blog post about My QuiBids will go a lot smoother if you’re signed in to QuiBids. So let’s all take a second to go to the login page and do that. I’ll wait.




OK, let’s proceed. Sometimes, when faced by the sheer enormity of resources available to us online at any given time, we forget about some of the more useful ones, especially if we don’t use them on a day-to-day basis. Refresh your memory with some of the more obscure functions available to you on My QuiBids, the most basic —and important!— feature on our site.

QuiBids charity 7

PHOTOS: QuiBids fights hunger in Oklahoma

Mar, 26th 2013 in Charity, QuiBids Employees by Matt Carney

Our most consistent and regular focus of nonprofit work has been with the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma for a handful of reasons. Chief among them: