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QuiBids Product Spotlight: Hurley Dry Out Walkshorts

Aug, 9th 2012 in Products by Matt Carney

The summer’s been brutal here in Oklahoma, so polo-style shirts and handsome khaki shorts have become a staple of the QuiBids office’s collective (and casual) male fashion sense. At best, some of us are casual golfers, but we sure do well when it comes to dressing like the pros.

These Hurley Dry Out Walkshorts from our Jewelry & Fashion category scream “Function!” in this crazy heat, good enough for the office (well, our office, at least), a trip to the woods, lake, mountains, or all of the above! And being khaki means that they’ll literally match with just about any color shirt you’ve got.


Free Bids on Twitter

Aug, 7th 2012 in Contests, Tips & Strategy by Blake Brown

If you are a follower of QuiBids on Twitter, you may have noticed that we’re no longer doing the daily retweet contest for 50 free bids.  Instead of boring your followers with a retweet every day, we’ve started providing more interactive ways for you to win free bids on Twitter!

QuiBidder of the Week – Karen C.

Aug, 6th 2012 in Testimonials by Blake Brown

This week’s featured QuiBidder is Karen C.!  If you are a regular to QuiBids’ Facebook, then you might recognize Karen, because for a while now, she’s been an outstanding contributor to the QuiBids community. Karen (also known as “Nana” to her five grandsons), uses QuiBids to teach her grandchildren about logic and strategy. Continue reading to see Karen’s full QuiBids story. Click here to enter.


Photos: #BringOnTheFun visit to the Oklahoma Children’s Hospital

Aug, 3rd 2012 in Charity, News, QuiBids Employees by Matt Carney

At QuiBids, we know fun. That much is for certain. So when we heard about the kids receiving treatments at the Children’s Hospital of Oklahoma (and, as we found out, their siblings who visit often), we thought we might be able to use some of our resources to brighten up their days.

In addition to housing the state’s largest pediatric sleep disorder center and neonatal intensive care unit, the Children’s Hospital has special labs to perform big operations on small bodies, and focuses on equipping parents to give care outside the hospital. And while the hospital’s well-supplied in terms of equipment for providing medical care, we found out that many of the games and toys in its playroom, The Zone, were either going out of date or falling apart.

Winning on QuiBids: July 2012

Aug, 2nd 2012 in Testimonials by Blake Brown

There are thousands of winners daily on QuiBids, and many of these winners like to share their QuiBids Win with their family and friends on Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Now that July 2012 is in the books, we’d like to share some of our favorite comments, pictures, and videos about QuiBids from the past month.

Have you left a comment about QuiBids lately?  Continue reading to see if your post made the blog!


July auction recap

Aug, 1st 2012 in News, Products by Matt Carney

Well, that went by fast.

July came and went at QuiBids like a NASCAR racer through a straightaway at the Texas Motor Speedway, spinning our heads with deals on the way out! As always, savings abounded as customers grabbed big deals on Electronics, Home & Garden, Jewelry & Fashion, and Sports & Recreation products left and right! Here are 13 of the biggest winners from the month of July!


QuiBids Above and Beyond Managers: Ward Wulf

Jul, 31st 2012 in QuiBids Employees by Matt Carney

There are QuiBids employees … and then there’s Fulfillment Director Ward Wulf. Ward helped build the fulfillment process that we now execute every single day, to make sure you get your the great products that you win in our auctions! He’s an integral part of the team at the head of his department, but that doesn’t also mean he’s above jamming out some pop tunes on a Friday session.

Take a minute to get to know one of our Above and Beyond Managers!

QuiBidder of the Week – Bina R.

Jul, 30th 2012 in Testimonials by Blake Brown

It’s Monday, which means it’s time again to announce the newest QuiBidder of the Week.  Congrats to the newest featured QuiBidder on QuiBids, Bina R.! Bina is a bidder from the United States who is about to celebrate her second anniversary with us. You can read her QuiBids story below:

Featured QuiBidder Bina R


Introducing: Word Scramble

Jul, 27th 2012 in News, Site Features by Matt Carney

At QuiBids, playing games is part of our business. So much so that we’ve got a whole team of developers whose job is to build fun, new additions to our QuiBids Games section!

Their latest product is very similar to the popular Words With Friends iPhone app, but our version’s better because you can play it for free bids! We’re proud to introduce Word Scramble!

Like the popular iPhone app Words With Friends, Word Scramble features a Scrabble-like board, tiles, and word/letter multipliers. Also similarly, the goal is to play letters on the board to form words to generate as many points as possible!