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Check out David DiFranco’s 25 QuiBids Tips

Jun, 26th 2012 in Tips & Strategy by Matt Carney

Is the name David Di Franco Jr. familiar to you?

If not, then you may want to spruce up your QuiBids strategy game. In addition to running his own very informative tech blog, Di Franco’s a regular in the QuiBids YouTube strategy game, and has even written a short QuiBids eBook, that you can download for free at his website.

Last month, David posted this extremely useful video, titled “25 QuiBids Tips,” to his YouTube channel and we couldn’t agree with any of his suggestions more! Check out what he recommends (plus some of our additions) below!

QuiBidder of the Week – Joanne M.

Jun, 25th 2012 in Tips & Strategy by Blake Brown

Congrats to the newest QuiBidder of the Week Joanne M. from Canada!  Joanne started bidding on QuiBids way back in November 2011 to help with her Holiday shopping.  Why did she use QuiBids?  Her reasoning is actually quite simple: It’s a fun way to get great deals!

Joanne has also provided three helpful bidding tips that seem to help her have more success on QuiBids.

  • Wait til’ the last 10 seconds of an auction before starting to bid, and be careful with your bidding so you don’t use up a lot of bids.”
  • “…wait for auctions that start in the wee hours of the morning”
  • “…only use Bid-O-Matic when (you) think it’s getting really close to the auction ending to make sure that (you) don’t waste too many bids.

Here’s Joanne’s QuiBids story:

QuiBidder of the Week June 25, 2012


14 Summertime recipes for the ice cream maker you won on QuiBids

Jun, 22nd 2012 in Uncategorized by Blake Brown

Summer is finally here, and what better way to enjoy this sweltering solstice than with some frozen treats! Homemade ice cream, sorbet, and frozen yogurt always make the summer heat more bearable. So now’s about the time to start pulling your old ice cream maker you won on QuiBids. Oh, you don’t have one yet? Try bidding on one of these ice cream makers on QuiBids.

For this Blog post, we’ve scanned hundreds of Pins on Pinterest to find the best summertime ice cream, sorbet, and frozen yogurt recipes.  Click on each image below to be taken to the corresponding pin.  Be sure to follow our MMMM Pinboard to keep up with all of the food we find on Pinterest.  Below are 14 Summertime recipes for your ice cream maker.  Enjoy.


Announcing: The QuiBids redesign!

Jun, 21st 2012 in News, Site Features by Matt Carney

Starting today, QuiBids‘ fresh, new redesign is available to all customers!

We previously opened the new look up to a small handful of customers for testing purposes, but now it’s ready to go for the public at large! Here’s what you’ve got to do:

1. Click on the top-left icon that says “NEW: See What’s New…” or simply visit the new site here.
2. Be dazzled by our streamlined, faster website!

We’re excited to say that the summer 2012 redesign provided much more than a mere makeover. We took the time to build useful new functionalities into the site, as well as improve its parts that weren’t quite up to snuff. The end result is a much smoother, faster QuiBids, one that’s simultaneously better for browsing customers and those who know exactly what they’re looking for!

So go ahead and take a few minutes to read up on the improvements and additions we made to the site — it’s yours to use, after all!

Hybrid Auctions on QuiBids

What are Hybrid Auctions?

Jun, 20th 2012 in Site Features by Matt Carney

Short answer: Hybrid Auctions contain both a product and a specified amount of Voucher Bids.

Aren’t you glad for short answers? Because there’s actually a lot more to the long answer if you care to get involved with it. And since that’s what blogs are for, we’re going to dive headlong into the long answer here, though I suspect the majority of readers came here looking for the Cliff’s Notes version.

What those readers will miss is pretty vital though, so stay tuned if you’re looking to get the most out of QuiBids. Here are a couple of quick facts about QuiBids Hybrid Auctions that’ll streamline your shopping experience.


Product Spotlight: Ivanka Trump Alexandrite Satchel

Jun, 19th 2012 in Products by Matt Carney

So…purses! As a girlfriend-less dude with only so much fashion sense and a perceived social stigma about any item one “totes” around, I know very little about them. But thankfully, there are plenty of awesome, fashion-sensible ladies who work in QuiBids’ product office who gave me the skinny on this particular item we’ve been auctioning off lately: the Ivanka Trump Alexandrite Satchel.

First off, it’s a handbag in the satchel style, which means (I’m told) you don’t really carry it over your shoulder. It’s more of a wrist thing. It’s got a main compartment for your wallet, phone, and sunglasses, comes with a logo-engraved ornament on the front, and even includes nifty hidden magnetic closures! What more could you want from a purse?

Anyway, here are the quick hits on the last 25 auctions for this particular satchel — you might find that you can own one of these for far less than you’d have expected!

QuiBidder of the Week – Shereese M.

Jun, 18th 2012 in Tips & Strategy by Blake Brown

This week’s featured QuiBidder is Shareese M. from the United States.  Shareese has created rules for bidding to help her win more, and judging from some of Shareese’s previous wins on QuiBids, we’d have to say that her bidding rules are working out quite nice so far.

Shareese sets goals for herself before going into an auction.  Goals can be a great way to limit yourself from spending more than your allowance. Shareese also created her own system of measurement to judge the attainment of each goal.  She considers any auction that ends under $2.00 to be amazing, but she doesn’t consider it an epic win unless it’s under $0.50.  Check out Shareese’s entire QuiBids story below.


Do you know Stevie?

Jun, 14th 2012 in News, QuiBids Employees by Matt Carney

He’s a new friend of ours, one that we’re proud to introduce to you! You see, “Stevie” is the affectionate moniker for the trophy given out by the American Business Awards every year. Or, trophies, rather, as a host of different companies are awarded for exemplary business practice in 44 different categories. They are:

-App Awards
-Customer Service
-Human Resources
-Intelligence & Technology
-New Product
-Public Relations

This year is the tenth annual installment of the Stevies and QuiBids (after finishing as a finalist for New Company of the Year for 2011) is up for the year’s Fastest-Growing Tech Company award for companies that employ up to 2,500 people! We couldn’t be more excited about it! Our site’s been live for a little less than three years at this point, so to be honored twice so early in our existence like this is — well, we feel a lot like another young Oklahoma City-based team that’s enjoying a lot of success in their early goings!

QuiBidder of the Week – James H.

Jun, 11th 2012 in Testimonials by Blake Brown

Congratulations James H., who is the newest QuiBidder of the Week! James calls himself an avid golfer, and like many other golf fans, he is very impressed at the quality of equipment available on QuiBids.

Are you an avid golfer, like James? You might appreciate some of our new golf products on QuiBids. James also used gift cards to help with Christmas shopping for his 9 grandsons this past holiday season.  What to learn more about this week’s featured QuiBidder? You can ready his QuiBids story below:


Fun Friday: Kevin Durant vs. Russell Westbrook…let the battle of post-game fashion senses begin!

Jun, 8th 2012 in Contests, Events, News by Matt Carney

While questions about just who leads the Thunder’s pack have died down this season — it’s the reigning three-time NBA scoring champion Kevin Durant, in case you were wondering — teammate Russell Westbrook’s been challenging Durant in another arena: the post-game press conference.

Both players have taken to sporting especially impressive outfits here in the playoffs, and the sartorial arms race hit a fever pitch during the Lakers series when Westbrook donned a polo-style shirt that probably doesn’t hang in many closets owned by grown men. Paired with a set of frameless, fire hydrant-red glasses, he looked like something out of a children’s cartoon.