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Customer Photos - Canvas Art

Customers love the beautiful canvas art on QuiBids!

Mar, 21st 2013 in Products, Testimonials by Blake Brown

Most people know that QuiBids offers all types of cool electronics and household appliances. But with the release of QuiBids Store back in November (and last month for Canadian bidders) we’ve expanded the assortment of products on our site. Go ahead and browse through the QuiBids Store and you’ll see what we mean. It can become a daunting task to keep up with all of the new cool stuff you can get, and it’s not uncommon for some new products to slip through the cracks.

One type of product that seems to stay under the radar is the beautiful collection of canvas art available on our site. We’ve noticed after some QuiBidders receive the canvas art they won they tend to post photos on QuiBids’ Facebook page and comment that the product images on our site “don’t do the artwork justice.” Below you’ll find what some people are saying about the canvas art on Facebook. Click the photos to go to the actual Facebook post so you can leave a comment and tell them how nice the artwork looks.

Click here see the Canvas Art on QuiBids

quibids buy now vs store

Buy Now vs. QuiBids Store

Mar, 20th 2013 in Site Features, Tips & Strategy by Matt Carney

Since QuiBids Store debuted back in November, QuiBidders have seen their shopping and purchasing options increase well beyond the one-auction-one-product setup that the site debuted with in 2009. And I’m not just talking about the ability to pick from a range of products. The QuiBids Store organizes products by category, brands, price, customer reviews, and even by gift recommendations and discounted prices now.

But the great big decision that QuiBids customers have to make now happens before they even enter an auction, and it’s this:

Do I buy what I want from the QuiBids Store and take the guaranteed Voucher Bids? Or do I venture into an auction, resorting to Buy Now if I can’t get it at a discount?

QuiBidder of the Week - Amanda L

QuiBidder of the Week – Amanda L.

Mar, 18th 2013 in Testimonials by Blake Brown

Hi there QuiBidders! Why don’t you give your bidding finger a rest and take a moment to read about the newest QuiBidder of the Week, Amanda L. from the US! Like many before her, Amanda initially met QuiBids with skepticism but it didn’t take too many wins until she became a QuiBeliever. Keep reading to learn more about her experiences on QuiBids! Click here to tell us your story and you could become the next QuiBidder of the Week and win a $50 gift card of your choice.

QuiBids Bidding Tips and Strategy for New QuiBidders

Bidding tips from QuiBidders on Twitter

Mar, 15th 2013 in Tips & Strategy by Blake Brown

Do you follow QuiBids on Twitter? In addition to the free bids opportunities, site updates, and great deals, we also share helpful bidding tips and strategies to give you more success on our site.  And since employees are not allowed to bid, of the best QuiBids Tips come from fellow bidders.  Below are just a few of them.  Do you have a QuiBids Tip you’d like to share?  Tweet it using the hashtag #QuiBidsTips.

quibids charity regional food bank

A quick look at QuiBids’ upcoming charitable initiatives

Mar, 14th 2013 in Charity, News, QuiBids Employees by Matt Carney

Our corporate home’s in Oklahoma City and ever since QuiBids’ 2009 inception we’ve done what we can to ensure that we keep that connection to our hometown strong by investing in non-profit and charitable work around the city. Sometimes that’s meant partnering with larger initiatives via corporate sponsorship (this, we’ve learned, sometimes means you gotta put on a coat and tie) and others it’s just been contributing to specific campaigns doing good work around Oklahoma City.

Check out these four awesome new badges!

Mar, 12th 2013 in News, Tips & Strategy by Matt Carney

Updated: These Badges were relaunched on these dates:
5,000 Bids Placed Badge: April 4, 2013
10,000 Bids Placed Badge: April 15, 2013
25,000 Bids Placed Badge: April 29, 2013


5kbidbadge      25kbidbadge

So not too long back there we hosted a live chat for customers to share their opinions and concerns with QuiBids’ chief financial officer Jeff Geurts —one of our first four employees— directly. In addition to a lot of pointed, thoughtful questions about QuiBids’ long-term goals and strategies behind specific functions of our site, we heard some excellent suggestions and recommendations from customers, several of which we’re pushing through to our developers to start building into the site right now.

4 quibids auction win cinepad

QuiBidder of the Week – Karen C.

Mar, 11th 2013 in Testimonials by Blake Brown

Happy Monday, QuiBidders! We’d like to share a brand new QuiBidder of the Week with you. Her name is Karen and she has been bidding on QuiBids for about a month.

9 quibids auction wins legit

17 wins QuiBidders are clearly stoked about!

Mar, 8th 2013 in Products, Testimonials by Matt Carney

If there’s one thing we’ve learned since opening QuiBids for business in 2009, it’s that people love bargains. And I don’t mean that in the casual “Oh man I love these tacos”-sort of way. I’m talking full-on, jump-up-and-down, shout so loud when you when an auction that your neighbors check to make sure you’re OK love winning bargains on QuiBids.

Now we love when our customers win but we love it even more when they tell us what they won! Check out all these people who were clearly stoked by their big QuiBids wins!

quibids sxsw

QuiBids returns to SXSW!

Mar, 7th 2013 in Events, News, QuiBids Employees by Matt Carney

So next week more than 300,000 (no seriously, more than 300,000) people will descend upon Austin, Texas for South By Southwest’s annual three-part interactive, film, and music festival. And we’re excited to announce that we’ll be two of those people!

quibids televisions

15 TVs won for 10 bids or less on QuiBids

Mar, 6th 2013 in Products by Matt Carney

Have you browsed QuiBids’ selection of TVs?

We’ve got everything from old-school three-and-a-half-inch tuner/receivers that you can take camping with you on up to the totally enormous 46-inch weatherproof LCDs by CiiL Technologies. We promise that somewhere between those two extremes lies a happy medium that’s just perfect for you.

So why don’t you have a browse through these particular auction wins that probably had our customers jumping up and down in front of their computer screens. Every single win here came with single-digit bids which is a much more commonplace occurrence on QuiBids than you’d expect!