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QuiBidder of the Week – Lena G.

Jun, 4th 2012 in Testimonials by Blake Brown

This week’s featured QuiBidder is Lena G. from the United States. Like many other Quibidders before her, Lena experienced some skepticism when she first heard about the deals that people were getting with QuiBids. So she approached with caution, to determine for herself if QuiBids was in fact legitimate.

It didn’t take Lena long to realize that QuiBids was just what we say: an exciting, fun way to shop and save on tons of hot products! After winning a sweet Nike Thermal Jacket for herself and a Hoover vacuum for her mother, Lena quickly became a fan of entertainment shopping, and can now proudly say that she is the QuiBidder of the Week! Check out her QuiBids story below:

Photo via Sandy S. from Facebook

Fun Friday: Looks like you should’ve bid on our Zombie Survival Kit…

Jun, 1st 2012 in Uncategorized by Matt Carney

Is it the real-life dawn of the dead?

News outlets are reporting suspiciously zombie-like behavior all over the country, and we’re getting concerned for our customers. If you fear a zombie is at clawing at your window, please tear yourself away from any QuiBids auction you’re participating in and run!

Unfortunately we’re fresh out of the Zombie Survival Kits we auctioned off for April Fool’s Day, as well as this copy of Zombieland, but rest assured that we’ve still got plenty of advice for you when it comes to surviving in these darkened times when you can never be quite sure that your own cousin won’t try to bite your nose off.


Above and Beyond Managers: Mike Domingos

May, 31st 2012 in QuiBids Employees by Matt Carney

Each month at QuiBids we get to celebrate a particular manager or employee whose work steps up above and beyond what’s expected of them and achieves that rare, particular balance between quantity and innovation: working hard while working smart.

This month it’s Mike Domingos, who’s our director of strategic sourcing! Mike spends his time building relationships with suppliers so we can offer you the most competitive retail prices we can! He also drinks enough coffee each day to keep a whole stable of horses caffeinated. Here’s your chance to get to know him!


May auction recap

May, 30th 2012 in Products by Matt Carney

Every month is a big month for savings at QuiBids, which is why we have to recap them all to help us remember and celebrate our sharpest, most fortuitous customers and all the great prizes they win for wee bits of cash! May was no different, and all those savings going around surely paid off big for a bunch of customers looking for a great gift for Mother’s Day or even just help trying to win one!

Well let’s get right to it and check out this month’s ten best deals! We do however advise you not to proceed if you’re easily prone to convulsions brought on by severe jealousy of others’ massive savings.

QuiBidder of the Week – Asya H.

May, 29th 2012 in Uncategorized by Blake Brown

This week’s featured QuiBidder is Asya H. from the United States. In the photo below, Asya is wearing a smile almost as huge as the deals she won on QuiBids because she paid less than two dollars for both Invicta Watches she’s wearing! The watches’ retail value adds up to around $890! You don’t need a calculator to see that these are some incredible savings!



QuiBids named one of Oklahoma’s Best Places to Work

May, 25th 2012 in Press Releases by Matt Carney

Oklahoma City, OK — May 25, 2012 — For the second year in a row, QuiBids has been recognized as one of the Best Places to Work in Oklahoma. okcBIZ magazine recently named one of the thirty finalists for the 2012 Best Places to Work in Oklahoma program, which identifies and honors the state’s best employers.

UPDATE: We were named the third-best small company to work for in Oklahoma for 2012!

Currently in its third year of operation, QuiBids, the world’s largest entertainment retail auction site, finished fourth in the small/medium companies in last year’s survey, which measures a company’s excellence by evaluating it in several categories, including Leadership and Planning, Corporate Culture and Communications, Role Satisfaction, Work Environment, and Relationship with Supervisor.


QuiBids Product Spotlight: Energy EW100 225-Watt Subwoofer

May, 25th 2012 in Products by Matt Carney

Music is fun, that much is established. You know what makes music more fun? A big ol’ vicious low-end sound that gets your body movin’ and rattles every window in your house so hard that the neighbors’ dog tucks its tail between its legs and sulks off to hide.

You can’t get that full, bass-driven sound without a subwoofer, and lucky for you, QuiBids currently has a bunch of awesome ones by Energy in stock. We ran the numbers on the last 29 auctions for them so that when the one that’s currently posted heats up in about two hours, you can go in with realistic expectations of what to spend!


okcBIZ names QuiBids one of the Best Places to Work in Oklahoma!

May, 24th 2012 in News, QuiBids Employees by Matt Carney

Ever wonder what it’s like to work for QuiBids?

Well, when we’re not out in the community working with awesome charities like the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma or “testing” certain products around the office, we do work really hard to make sure our customers are getting great deals on brand-new products. Whether that’s by building relationships with suppliers, answering questions through customer service, or fulfillment of orders, it often gets really busy around here, especially come holiday season! But we always do our best to keep our work environment similar to our auction model and website: uptempo, exciting, and most importantly, fun.

[Drumroll, please…]

QuiBidder of the Week – A.J. A.

May, 21st 2012 in Tips & Strategy by Blake Brown

This week’s QuiBidder of the Week, A.J. A., provided one of the more interesting bidding strategies we’ve ever heard. A.J.’s strategy involves changing his avatar to use to his advantage. We’ll let him explain:

QoW 16


Fun Friday: Sing your (NBA playoffs) song

May, 18th 2012 in Uncategorized by Matt Carney

QuiBids’ headquarters’ biggest regular boon to productivity is our hometown basketball team — the Oklahoma City Thunder. The boys in blue have pick-and-rolled their way into a special spot in our collective company heart, so it was pretty tough for us to get much done this week after we watched them throttle the Los Angeles Lakers in Game One of the Western Conference Semifinals, and then barely eke out the win just two nights later in Game Two.

With recap videos, highlights and tons of discussion flying around the office, we thought we might share some of the best stuff with you guys — it definitely made our work day go by a little bit faster.