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Get ready for blowout auctions tonight!

Apr, 24th 2013 in News, Products by Matt Carney

You ever see a movie with at least one scene set on an oil rig? From there it’s about a 90% increase in the likelihood that you’re going to get a totally awesome blowout scene, the kind where ten stories’ worth of oil pierces the sky as fat, black droplets rain down and excited yellow-helmeted riggers celebrate the find.

I mention this all because this evening we’re triggering the closest QuiBids equivalent to an oil rig blowout with a massive increase in auctions from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. tonight! And every single one of these additional auctions include meats by Omaha Steaks among their product choices, in honor of their recent addition to the site. Talk about your high-steaks bidding!

New Products on QuiBids

New products on QuiBids: We’ve got crabmeat!

Apr, 23rd 2013 in Products by Matt Carney

Back in October 2012 we debuted QuiBids’ multiple-product auction format because customers wanted a wider selection of products. And now, about half a year later we’ve gotten to the point where we’re adding so many new products to the site each week that it’s getting tough to keep track of them all!

So starting today we’re going to hit you guys with a weekly blog post recapping all the new products available to you, both in auctions and at the QuiBids Store. Let’s get started!

April 22, 2013 QuiBidder of the Week - Amanda L.

QuiBidder of the Week – Amanda L.

Apr, 22nd 2013 in Testimonials by Blake Brown

We have another two-time QuiBidder of the Week! You may recall reading about Amanda when she became QuiBidder of the Week for the first time. She has even become a very valued contributor to our Facebook page. Be sure to stop by sometime and tell her hi.

Want to become the next QuiBidder of the Week and win a $50 gift card of your choice?  Click here to tell us your story. Don’t forget to include a photo of yourself with your wins so we know you’re for real. Continue reading to learn more about Amanda’s experiences on QuiBids.

Amazing QuiBids Wins

8 amazing QuiBids wins you won’t believe

Apr, 19th 2013 in Products by Matt Carney

Just how legit are the wins advertised on QuiBids?

Well, once auctions are pushed live on the site they’re anybody’s to win! (In fact, not all of them always get bid on.) And since all it takes to win a QuiBids auction is a single bid and the right timing, a thousand dollar-deal isn’t something we make up! There’s no minimum auction price or fake bidding system in place, so it’s literally impossible to predict the end of a QuiBids auction.

quibids reviews contest

A reminder that writing product reviews might win you an iPad Mini this month

Apr, 18th 2013 in Contests, Site Features by Matt Carney

Have you been writing QuiBids product reviews this month? The more reviews you write, the better your odds of winning a totally free drawing for an iPad Mini!

Pretty straightforward deal, no? The only big hurdle in your way is actually writing those reviews so that they’ll meet our guidelines. So where do you start? And what are you going to cover in your review? We already offered a couple of tips in the original blog post about this contest, so we thought we’d give you some examples of reviews that will get published on the site and ones that won’t.

quibids ipad

Here’s how to win an iPad on QuiBids

Apr, 17th 2013 in Tips & Strategy by Matt Carney

QuiBids’ commercials push heavy on the deals you can win on the site, but, as with most advertisements, reality doesn’t always pan out exactly the way your expectations are stoked.

So for those wondering whether or not our claims that you can win an iPad on QuiBids for really cheap are valid, the answer is both yes and no. Yes, if you follow our recommendations, study up, and invest a good amount of time and money in the auction, you’re going to have a good shot at winning. And no, it’s not a guarantee.

QuiBids security

Shill bidding on QuiBids? Nope!

Apr, 16th 2013 in News by Matt Carney

Shill bidding is not an issue on QuiBids. But because some people out there seem to insist it is, we occasionally have to take to the company blog here to dissuade you from that notion.

So here it is: We don’t pay, encourage, incentivize, or bribe people to bid up the prices on our auctions; it’s that simple! But what proof can we offer customers that QuiBids doesn’t deal in shill bidding? And what is shill bidding anyway? These questions and maybe even one or two more are answered here in this blog post!

"QuiBids is truly a great site!" - Adam P.

QuiBidder of the Week – Adam P.

Apr, 15th 2013 in Testimonials by Blake Brown

We’re happy to announce the newest QuiBidder of the Week, Adam P.! Adam was kind enough to share his QuiBids experiences with us, which we’ve published below. Continue reading to see what he has to say about his time on QuiBids – and be sure to tell him congratulations in the comments below.

Do you want to share your successes on QuiBids to win a $50 gift card and to become the next QuiBidder of the Week?  Go here to enter.

QuiBids Voucher Bids

15 big QuiBids wins with Voucher Bids

Apr, 12th 2013 in Products by Matt Carney

You ever stockpile Voucher Bids to make a crazy attempt at a big-time product? You’re not alone. There’s a ton of different strategies for winning QuiBids auctions and throwing a bunch of saved-up Voucher Bids at them often pays off dividends.

Because Voucher Bids are often obtained in auctions or via QuiBids contests and promotions (like through the Gameplays you can win in our monthly Top QuiBidders contest, or our Daily Sweepstakes) and not purchased directly the way Real Bids are, you may put a different value on them than others do. But regardless of how you obtain them, stockpiling until you’ve got a spare hundred or two is a great strategy for winning a big QuiBids auction.

QuiBids QBar

Getting the most out of your QBar

Apr, 11th 2013 in Site Features by Matt Carney

So earlier this week we talked about the different things you needed to find consistent success on QuiBids  and one of those qualities was good managerial skills. Why is that?

Well since dozens of QuiBids auctions could end at any given time, keeping up with the ones you’re bidding on can be like swinging at baseballs in a batting cage where the pitch machine is on overdrive. Without a lot of practice and know-how, it can get overwhelming really fast.