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Happy (tacky) holidays from QuiBids!

Dec, 14th 2012 in News, QuiBids Employees by Matt Carney

Happy holidays to you, QuiBidders!

We’ve been celebrating this special season on the site since Black Friday and Cyber Monday when we unveiled our special Badge deal just for the weekend, but the party kept on going through the end of November when we announced that we’d pick up the tab on shipping for all products, whether won at auction, purchased through Buy Now, or bought from the newly minted QuiBids Store.

Free shipping went over so well that we decided to extend the deal through December 15 but, unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, free shipping included. Starting at 12:00 a.m. Sunday, December 16, QuiBids’ regular shipping prices return, so make good on these last couple days of savings!


How QuiBids Store and auctions complement each other

Dec, 13th 2012 in Tips & Strategy by Matt Carney

Unless you’ve been without a connection to the Internet for the last month —or you perhaps just joined QuiBids during that time, in which case, welcome!— you should know that November saw the biggest update to the site since this summer’s redesign.

We cut the ribbon on the QuiBids Store just in time to help with your holiday shopping, and so far reception’s been great! Customers have been taking advantage of our holiday season-only free shipping offer and earning Voucher Bids left and right, and participation in auctions is just as strong as it’s ever been. We like to think this is because the QuiBids Store increased the value of the service we offer customers by complementing our auction model and not conflicting with it.

So I went ahead and consulted some of the guys here at QuiBids who plotted out the Store opening in the first place to find out how it increased the value of QuiBids’ service for customers, specifically pertaining to how the Store and auctions relate to each other. I’d recommend incorporating these four facts into your QuiBids strategy!

Home and Garden products won on QuiBids with one bid

22 Home & Garden products won for one bid

Dec, 12th 2012 in Products by Matt Carney

This summer we tracked down a 75-product superlist of auctions that QuiBids customers won for just one bid. (That’s sixty cents’ worth of bid, unless it’s a Voucher Bid, that is!) It’s kind of amazing that we’re still doing business after we found all these people winning everything from $15 and $25 gift cards to fancy electronics and even a $699.99 set of Callaway Razr X Irons — all for just one bid.

A couple months later and we’ve already got a whole mess of new one-bid winners in the Home & Garden category alone. Just wait ‘til you see some of the incredible deals that customers are winning with QuiBids!

Click through the product listing to see who won the auction!

QuiBidder of the Week – Josie R.

Dec, 10th 2012 in Testimonials by Blake Brown

Congrats to the QuiBidder of the Week for the week of December 10, 2012: Josie R.! Josie has only been bidding on QuiBids for a short while but in that time she’s already scored some truly incredible wins. See that Xbox 360 controller she’s holding in the picture below? She won that for one cent! Continue reading to learn more about Josie’s experiences with QuiBids. Tell us your story at the QuiBids Facebook page and you could become the next QuiBidder of the Week and receive a $50 gift card of your choice!

QuiBids Extends Free Shipping for the Holidays

Dec, 7th 2012 in Press Releases by Matt Carney

Oklahoma City, OK — December 7, 2012 —, the world’s leading entertainment retail auction, announces that the company extended its free shipping deal for all products won or purchased in the U.S. market through December 15. This deal began November 15 and was originally scheduled to run through the end of that month. It covers all products won at auction, purchased through Buy Now, or bought using the site’s new QuiBids Store functionality.


QuiBids Above and Beyond Managers: Mark Moderie

Dec, 6th 2012 in QuiBids Employees by Matt Carney

It’s Above and Beyond Manager time once again! This month’s outstanding employee is Mark Moderie who came to Oklahoma City to work in our Merchandising department a few months ago from sunshiny California. Mark manages our Electronics and Gift Cards categories for U.S. customers which means his job’s gotten a lot busier ever since we debuted our new auction format that allows customers to choose from a bunch more products.

Take a few minutes to get to know Mark and how he likes working with us here at QuiBids, and tell him congratulations on being our Above and Beyond Manager for the month of November in the comments!


The best deals on QuiBids in November

Dec, 4th 2012 in News by Matt Carney

The holiday season’s in full swing with free shipping and QuiBids customers are taking full advantage of it! As always, some take full advantage of our auctions better than others so we track down the biggest winners each month to put on display.

Get yourself ready for a whole lot of the phrase “Saved 99%”! Here are 14 of the absolute biggest deals QuiBids customers got in our auctions this month!

QuiBidder of the Week – Catherine A.

Dec, 3rd 2012 in Testimonials by Blake Brown

She’s done it again! You may remember when Catherine A. first became QuiBidder of the Week way back in April, and again in July, and once more in September. Now she’s QuiBidder of the Week for the week of December 3, 2012! How can the same person become QoW multiple times? Well, since every day brings new QuiBids experiences, your QuiBids story is always evolving. This is why we encourage multiple entries, even if you’ve already won before.

And in the spirit of the season, Catherine shared her creativity by writing a little Christmas jingle about QuiBids. It goes a little something like this! (Feel free to sing along!)

Deck the halls with lots of winnings!
Fa la la la la la la la la!
T’is the season for free shipping!
Fa la la la la la la la la!
Win Free Bids and then some Gameplays!
Fa la la, Fa la la, Fa la la!
Deck the halls with lots of winnings!
Fa la la la la la la la la!


Cooking with QuiBids: The results are in!

Nov, 29th 2012 in Contests by Matt Carney

We got so many excellent entries in this year’s Cooking with QuiBids contest that we considered hiring all of the entrants as corporate chefs. But after we cleaned the drool off the desks of our Oklahoma City offices and realized that creating a budget for new hires who exclusively cook delicious food for our employees made no fiscal sense, we picked out the most mouth-watering ones and put them up on the QuiBids Facebook page for you to vote on! And we’re excited to report that the results are now in!