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QuiBidder of the Week – Celeste K.

Mar, 5th 2012 in Testimonials by Blake Brown

This week’s featured QuiBidder is Celeste K.  Celeste and her fiance discovered QuiBids last year in 2011.  Like many other people after first visiting QuiBids, Celeste and her fiance had a hard time believing the superb deals that people were getting on the site.  As recommended in QuiBids 101, Celeste got a better feel for the QuiBids auction model by participating in smaller auctions such as gift cards.  After she began getting the hang of it, she started going for the bigger items.  She eventually began winning fantastic items on QuiBids such as an LG Vacuum Cleaner, indoor grill, MacBook Pro, and more!

After a short time, Celeste and her fiance developed an interesting strategy.  They were planning on getting married later that year, so they started bidding on only American Airlines and Marriott gift cards.  Eventually, they were able to use their winnings on QuiBids to help book their dream Honeymoon vacation.  Be sure to read Celeste’s romantic QuiBids story below.

March QuiBidder of the Week, Celeste k.

QuiBids Twitter Competion March 2012

QuiBids’ March Tweet-Off

Mar, 1st 2012 in Contests, Events by Blake Brown

Fans and Followers of @QuiBids, get ready… get set… TWEET!  This month, we thought we’d do something different and host a QuiBids Tweet-Off!  One lucky guy and one lucky girl who post one of the tweets below throughout the month of March will win a $200 You Choose It Gift Card!  We’d like to reward our followers who actively show their followers how great QuiBids is.  And with the chance to win a $200 gift card, why not get in on the tweeting action?!

Peace of Mind for Bidders

Feb, 28th 2012 in News by Blake Brown

Today’s blog post is inspired by Twitter user, @KuiniMary.  She contacted QuiBids on Twitter the other day and explained how she wanted to start bidding on QuiBids, however she became hesitant after reading reviews claiming that QuiBids is a fake. We promptly replied and assured her that QuiBids is NOT a sham.  We then explained how the entire company recently underwent an internal third-party audit to prove our legitimacy and to give our customers a better peace of mind when bidding on our site (this was all paraphrased for Twitter’s 140 character limit, of course).  The full Twitter conversation can be found here, or at the bottom of this blog post.

We are always coming across people online asking questions like “Is QuiBids legit?” or “Is QuiBids a Fake?” After a person first sees all of the high-quality products that are being sold on QuiBids at a fraction of the retail price, we can totally understand how he/she might become a little skeptical.  Without a decent understanding of QuiBids’ auction model,  it’s easy to assume that no legitimate business can sell products at such low prices.  This is why we strongly urge all QuiBidders to read the QuiBids 101 and FAQ sections of our website.  Both of these sections will help educate bidders on our auction model, in addition to providing useful bidding tips and suggestions that can greatly enhance a bidder’s chances of winning on QuiBids.

QuiBidder of the Week – Rob L.

Feb, 27th 2012 in Contests by Blake Brown

Say “Hello” to this week’s featured QuiBidder, Rob L.!  Rob has been a loyal customer of QuiBids for almost two years!  Rob admits that he had a little skepticism when he first joined QuiBids, as many people do after seeing some of the AWESOME people can get on QuiBids.  In his time as a QuiBidder, Rob has used QuiBids to get hundreds of great products ranging like kitchen appliances, 3D HDTV, Dyson products, Cameras, gift cards, an iPad on QuiBids, and much more!  You can read Rob’s full story below:

February Featured QuiBidder - Rob L.


How Do I Start Bidding on QuiBids?

Feb, 23rd 2012 in Site Features by Blake Brown

Start Bidding on QuiBids in 4 Easy Steps

Click here to make an account

Are you missing out on some of the outstanding deals that happen every day on QuiBids?  Have you finally talked yourself into seeing what QuiBids is all about, but don’t know where to start?  Typically when a person comes to QuiBids for the first time, they become astounded, and perhaps a little skeptical, after seeing thousands of top-of-the-line products being sold at unbelievably low prices.  Below, we attempt to answer the question that everyone seems to ask after first visiting  “How do I start bidding?

Oklahoma Rainbow Storm By Blake Brown

Photo Taken From QuiBids Offices Goes Viral

Feb, 22nd 2012 in News, QuiBids Employees by Blake Brown

Howdy QuiBidders!  My name is Blake Brown, and I work here at the world’s greatest Entertainment Retail Auction website,  This past Monday I took the above picture from our offices, which you could say has since gone viral.  The photo has been shared thousands of times, featured on multiple local news stations, and will even be shown tomorrow during Good Morning America!

Click here to see the photo!

QuiBidder of the Week – Greg W.

Feb, 20th 2012 in Contests, Testimonials by Blake Brown

This week’s featured QuiBidder is Greg W. from the United States.  Greg admits that he was skeptical about QuiBids after first signing up.  However, after he spent some time learning our auction model, he was able to win over $350 worth of stuff for less than $12!  Would you like to win more like Greg?  Be sure to read through the QuiBids 101 section and the FAQs on our site for helpful tips and information that will give you better chances at success while bidding on QuiBids.  Be sure to check out Greg’s full QuiBids’ Story below:

Greg W - QuiBidder of the Week on QuiBids

TRS Ballistic Premium 3 Pc. Luggage Set on QuiBids

TRS Ballistic Premium 3 Pc. Luggage Set on QuiBids

Feb, 17th 2012 in Products by Blake Brown

 If you’re from the United States, then you won’t want to miss this week’s Featured Auction on QuiBids, a TRS Ballistic Premium 3 Pc. Luggage Set that retails for $2,249.99!

UPDATE: This Auction SOLD for $3.05.

A Simple ReTweet to Donate $0.25 to Children International

Feb, 16th 2012 in Charity by Blake Brown

QuiBids & Children International Need Your Help!

We are more than half-way through the month of February, and we’re still nowhere near our goal of raising $2,500 for Children International.  Do you want to see QuiBids reach our goal?  We’re here to tell you that there’s a way you can help at absolutely no cost to you whatsoever.  You may recall our post from earlier this month explaining how we’re using Twitter to raise money for Children International.  We’ve embedded a specific Tweet in various blog posts throughout this month.  QuiBids will donate $0.25 to Children International for every ReTweet that Tweet receives during the month of February.  We’ve even made it easier to ReTweet.  Now you’re able to ReTweet directly from our blog without ever needing to get on Twitter, or without having to search for that Tweet in the QuiBids Twitter feed.

[blackbirdpie url=”!/QuiBids/status/164750129134440449″]

refer a friend to quibids for free bids

Refer a Friend to QuiBids for Free Bids!

Feb, 15th 2012 in Site Features, Tips & Strategy by Blake Brown

UPDATE (11-26-2014): The info below is no longer relevant. Now there are NEW ways to refer your friends to QuiBids. Go here to learn more. 

How to Refer Friends to QuiBids

Do you have a friend that might be interested in QuiBids?  Maybe you’re looking for a way to get some free bids?  Whatever the case may be, you’ll get 20 bids for each friend that you refer to QuiBids.  How cool is that?!  So, are you ready to refer some friends?  Before you start going through your address book, here are some helpful tips to get you started: