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QuiBidder of the Week – Robert H.

Jan, 31st 2012 in Testimonials by jfarrand

Congratulations to our very first QuiBidder of the Week – Robert H. from the U.S.!  Be sure to read his experience with QuiBids!

Share the Love in February

Jan, 31st 2012 in Contests, Events by jfarrand

Starting the month of February, we’ll be Sharing the Love!  What love is that but the love we’re showing to our customers.  Yes, sounds kind of cheesy but we’re serious!  Without you all, we wouldn’t be where we are today.  We have lots of activities planned and hope you’ll take part and join in on the fun.

QuiBids’ Children International

Jan, 30th 2012 in Charity, QuiBids Employees by jfarrand

UPDATE: QuiBids Helps Children in Need One ReTweet at a Time

Since our beginning, we knew the importance to help support our local community and beyond.  There are so many needs around the world and an effort from just one individual can truly make a difference!  So here at QuiBids, we absolutely believe in charitable giving in addition to being active in the community.  You can see a few instances with our local efforts at the Regional Food Bank and with Make-a-Wish Foundation from 2011.

Using the QuiBids Watchlist

Jan, 27th 2012 in Site Features, Tips & Strategy by Blake Brown

Have you heard about the Watchlist on QuiBids?  This feature lets you keep track of products that you are interested in while browsing the site.

With more and more products showing up for auction on QuiBids everyday, trying to keep track of your favorite items can become quite a daunting task.  So what do you do when you come across that laptop you have been wanting, or when you find that Xbox 360 Kinect bundle that you have been itching to bid on?  You can keep track of any upcoming auction with a cool feature called the Watchlist.  The Watchlist allows you to save and track your favorite items as you are browsing the pages of QuiBids.


Free Bid Opportunities to Incorporate into your QuiBids Strategy

Jan, 26th 2012 in Tips & Strategy by Blake Brown

Update (2017-02-03): Most free bid opportunities are going away.

JULY 2014 UPDATE: How to get Free Bids and Gameplays on QuiBids

Are you taking advantage of every possible opportunity to get free bids on QuiBids? Does your QuiBids Strategy include trying to attain free bids? Whether you’ve been bidding since the beginning, or you’ve just purchased your first bid package, here are free bid opportunities that you should incorporate into your bidding strategy now:

The Training Day Badge on QuiBids

Jan, 24th 2012 in Site Features by Blake Brown

The Training Day Badge - QuiBids Achievements

QuiBids offers many different badges that bidders can earn by accomplishing various objectives while participating on the site.  Not only are these badges fun to collect, but free bids can also be also attached with them!  One of the easiest badges to earn is The Training Day Badge.  To achieve this badge, you must first have earned The Beginner Badge

QuiBidder of the Week

QuiBidder of the Week

Jan, 23rd 2012 in Events, News, Testimonials by jfarrand

We thought we’d have some fun starting this new event.  Plus, we’d just like to recognize a customer every week starting Feb. 1st from then on out.  Why?  Quite simply, you all are awesome and we’re just thrilled to have your support and participation at QuiBids.  So we thought we’d name this weekly event, QuiBidder of the Week.  Yes we know, very original!

The Nikon J1 vs. the Sony NEX-C3 Camera Comparison

Jan, 20th 2012 in Products by Blake Brown

Are you interested in bidding on one of the high-quality camera’s found on QuiBids?  From the simpler “point and shoot” cameras, to the more complex and feature-rich ones, QuiBids offers a great assortment to choose from.  The hardest part just might be figuring out which camera is best for you.  Below is our comparison of two very popular cameras, the Nikon J1, and the Sony NEXC3.

Nikon J1  Camera on QuiBids


Sony Alpha NEX-C3 Kit with 18-55mm Lens on QuiBids

Need help? Try QuiBids Support.

Jan, 19th 2012 in Site Features by Blake Brown

Do you have a question about QuiBids? Are you having trouble understanding the website? If you ever have any issue or questions that arise while using QuiBids, don’t hesitate to contact customer support. How do you contact QuiBids customer support, you ask? QuiBids offers three different ways to reach support:

How to Claim a Badge On QuiBids

Jan, 18th 2012 in Site Features by Blake Brown

At QuiBids, we strive to provide a unique and entertaining shopping experience for all users on our site.  We’ve incorporated elements of gamification into our model such as the newly released QuiBids Games, where bidders can choose from a great selection of games and win tons of free bids. Additionally, QuiBids provides bidders with the opportunity to earn Badges, which come with free bids as a reward! If you’ve ever purchased the Starter Bid Package on QuiBids, then you’ve already earned your first badge!  However, to receive the free bids or to have the badge displayed on your profile, you must first claim your badge.