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Take a Break, Take a Holiday Poll

Dec, 28th 2011 in Events, News by QuiBids

Every year the holiday season seems to get busier, doesn’t it?  There always seems to be heavy traffic everywhere, people running into others, mad dashes to get the last popular toy of the season, wars over who gets the last frozen turkey at the store, etc.  Then there’s always hanging out with extended family for an abnormal amount of time.  However, isn’t that part of the fun too?

QuiBids Spreads Holiday Cheer

Dec, 21st 2011 in Charity, QuiBids Employees by QuiBids

Earlier this month, we told you about our QuiBids Holiday Toy Drive where QuiBids employees have been busy collecting toys for children who are spending their Christmas at the OU Children’s Hospital.  Lots of these kids have spent most of their lives in and out of hospitals – and many of them will not be able to visit their family this Holiday.   We hope that these toys will make for a serendipitous surprise for these children come Christmas morning.

QuiBids in First Industry Book

Dec, 20th 2011 in News by QuiBids

Are you looking to have more success when bidding or are just interested in learning more about the origins of Penny Auctions?  Ken Knelly, owner of Clearberries, and Josh Waldron, owner of Penny Auction List have co-authored a book that they hope will help bidders to win more often, save money, and avoid common mistakes.  This book, titled Penny Wise: The Complete Guide to Saving Money with Online Penny Auctions, will take you deeper inside the world of Penny Auctions and is the first book of its kind in this industry.

QuiBids’ Games in Every Country!

Dec, 15th 2011 in News by QuiBids

Last week, we launched Games in Canada.  This week, we’ve launched them in Australia and the United Kingdom.  Every QuiBids’ customer has the opportunity to gain additional free bids through this latest feature!  Exciting, huh?!

QuiBids Holiday Toy Drive

Dec, 12th 2011 in Charity, QuiBids Employees by QuiBids

This holiday season we’re holding a toy drive for the children at the OU Children’s Hospital!  One of our employee’s brothers, Caleb, is helping to put on this wonderful activity!  Caleb is a mascot for both his high school and for our local baseball team. We always wondered who was under that bird costume…

QuiBids Creates a Good Work Environment

Dec, 9th 2011 in News, QuiBids Employees by QuiBids

For those of you who don’t know, we are an entertainment retail auction website offering customers great deals on a variety of different products.  Our new internet auction model makes bidding on products more exciting, safer and more reliable for customers.

Cooking with QuiBids: QuiBids Trial and Error

Dec, 2nd 2011 in Contests by QuiBids

We’d like to thank everyone who participated in and submitted a recipe in the Cooking with QuiBids November promotion.  We received hundreds of submissions and had to filter through them all to come out with our winners.  Every recipe looked awesome and simply, well… delicious! Congratulations again to our Cooking with QuiBids winners!

Cooking with QuiBids Winners

Dec, 1st 2011 in Contests by QuiBids

Congratulations to our Cooking with QuiBids winners! Below you will see their winning recipes.  Have fun preparing these amazing foods!

Cooking with QuiBids – November Contest

Nov, 15th 2011 in Contests by QuiBids

We thought we’d have some fun this November and put on a recipe contest.  Submit an original recipe and have the chance to win something great for your kitchen and for yourself!

Building Homes One QuiBidder at a Time, Part 2

Nov, 14th 2011 in Charity, QuiBids Employees by QuiBids


As we previously shared, QuiBids participated in a 2-day event of helping to build out a Habitat for Humanity home in central Oklahoma City, OK in the U.S.  The two days consisted of painting, caulking, more painting, tearing down scaffling, picking up surrounding trash and a few other little details. Thankfully, the weather cooperated and we were able to get a lot done.