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Building Homes One QuiBidder at a Time

Nov, 7th 2011 in Charity, QuiBids Employees by QuiBids

This week, we’re putting on our work boots and hard hats to help build a home with Habitat for Humanity in our local community.  This is the second year in a row for us to be a part of this organization’s mission: building simple, decent, affordable housing, and to provide hope for responsible, hard-working, limited income families living in substandard conditions.

World Creativity Forum Helped to Launch the OK Creativity Forum

Nov, 3rd 2011 in Events, News, QuiBids Employees by QuiBids

This past week marked the first year of the OK Creativity Forum.  It spawned from last year’s Creativity World Forum and was already sold out weeks before the event took place.  It was created to challenge perceptions of creativity & innovation in education, commerce & culture.  This one-day forum was to inspire attendees to use their imagination to create and innovate in everyday life.

We Received Best in Class by the Interactive Media Awards

Oct, 31st 2011 in News, QuiBids Employees by QuiBids

Awhile back, we submitted in the Auction category of the Interactive Media Awards.  We were recently notified of our winning and recognition of ‘Best in Class’ for that category two years in a row!  Naturally we were stoked!

QuiBids in the United Kingdom

Oct, 26th 2011 in News by QuiBids

Some of you may now know we’re live in the UK!  We opened our doors on October 18th and have hit the ground running.  We’re excited to be in the market and hope you’ll enjoy our services. 

QuiBids Helping to Fight Against Breast Cancer

Oct, 24th 2011 in Charity, QuiBids Employees by QuiBids

Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM) is known internationally around the world and is marked during the month of October.  One of the more widely known organizations supporting the fight against this horrible disease is Susan G. Komen.  We wanted to join the fight against breast cancer, so we volunteered at the Susan G. Komen’s Race for the Cure through our local Oklahoma City chapter.

QuiBids in Australia

Sep, 14th 2011 in Events, News by QuiBids

This post was created to announce the launching of QuiBids into Australia.  If you would like to learn more about QuiBids Australia, go here.


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You heard right QuiBidders!  We’ve waited quite a while and we’re now in the grand continent and country of Australia!  We’ll randomly pick current customers who Tweet any of the below comments through September 30th and give out 5 free bids.  So c’mon and join us in the excitement!  Tweet any of the tweets below for a chance to receive 5 free bids.

QuiBids Collects Items for Troops

Aug, 29th 2011 in Charity, QuiBids Employees by QuiBids

QuiBids is currently participating in Adopt-a-Platoon’s “Operation Don’t Bug Me,” which consists of collecting needed items such as bug spray and sunblock to send overseas to our troops.   We have also added a little friendly competition within the company by offering a free lunch to the department that collects the most items. 

QuiBids Completes Third Party Audit by Grant Thornton

Aug, 22nd 2011 in Events, News, QuiBids Employees by QuiBids

Update: The latest audit can be found here.

QuiBids recently completed an independent third-party audit by Grant Thornton in accordance with attestation standards established by the AICPA.  The following is taken from The Report of Management:

Welcome Canada!

Jul, 27th 2011 in Events, News by QuiBids

QuiBids would like to officially welcome Canada to the bidosphere!   Over the past couple of months, we have been working hard to give our neighbors to the north an entertaining shopping experience that has been enjoyed by QuiBidders all over the United States.

The Mystery July 28 Event – Part 2

Jul, 26th 2011 in Events by QuiBids

Will Nader ever find his cheesy poofs?  What happened to all of Scott’s mice! And just why did that ping pong ball disappear in thin air?!  Be sure to see the dramatic conclusion to the mystery happenings around QuiBids.