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Feb 22

Photo Taken From QuiBids Offices Goes Viral

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Oklahoma Rainbow Storm By Blake Brown

Howdy QuiBidders!  My name is Blake Brown, and I work here at the world’s greatest Entertainment Retail Auction website,  This past Monday I took the above picture from our offices, which you could say has since gone viral.  The photo has been shared thousands of times, featured on multiple local news stations, and will even be shown tomorrow during Good Morning America!

Click here to see the photo!

As you probably are already aware, QuiBids‘ offices are headquartered in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  If you’re an NBA fan, you might associate Oklahoma City with the OKC Thunder, one of basketball’s hottest teams right now. Those who aren’t basketball fans might associate our city with a different kind of Thunder – the kind you’d see in the sky. Personally, I cannot think of a better team name than “Thunder” for OKC, because anyone who has lived here knows that we have some of the craziest weather in the entire United States, and perhaps even the world!

This past Monday, February 20th, 2012, a line of storms began to roll through Oklahoma City.  I was here at the QuiBids’ offices with my super-cool office mates, Amanda and Jennifer, when the sky suddenly darkened and it began to rain.  The storm moved rather quickly, and after about 15 or 20 minutes the sun began to reappear as the line of storms continued moving East of us.  As the storm moved further along, the line of rain started to become more visible.  We we’re able to see the exact streets that the rain was falling down on.  And to add to the excitement, a beautiful rainbow appeared and followed the storm almost as if it were attached like a tail.

Once the rainbow was visible, everyone in the office pressed up against the windows to get a better look at this strangely beautiful storm.  I quickly pulled out my iPhone 4s and began snapping pictures.  I chose my favorite photo, and made some small adjustments to the Saturation and Contrast with the iPhone app, Snapseed. I tend to think that Sky/scenery pictures look more realistic with these adjustments because they bring out the colors and definition that I can see with my eyes, but the iPhone alone can’t seem to capture well enough.  I then uploaded the picture to Instagram without using any of the app’s “filters.” It was quickly picked up and shared by News 9, and the rest is History.

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  1. Way to go Blake, awesome photo!

  2. Crazy! Now that Quibids knows about your photo editing skills, your job role may be expanding…

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