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May 15

Photos: #BringOnTheFun Charity Event #1!

Posted by Matt Carney under Charity, QuiBids Employees


It was a little quieter than usual at the QuiBids offices Thursday afternoon.

That was because more than 25 of our employees snuck out early for a bit of fun in the Oklahoma City community! We’re building a partnership with the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma, which is an incredible organization that serves the 675,000+ Oklahomans who live at risk of hunger on a daily basis. The Food Bank’s site coordinators recommended a pair of families in need of a little help, and one team of QuiBids employees got to meet up with them for a shopping spree at a south Oklahoma City Homeland store, while another went and helped stock the food pantry at Western Oaks middle school.

We’ll be doing more on-the-clock charity stuff like this all year long, so if you’re in Oklahoma City, keep an eye out for our blue QuiBids Charitable t-shirts! If you’re following us online at our Twitter, then keep up with us at the hashtag #BringontheFun.

We’d love to tell you all about last Thursday, but we thought it’d be more fun to show you! So we sent one of our customer support managers, Erik — who moonlights as an excellent photographer — along with both teams. Check out his photos below!

We got to Homeland a little before our two families so we could decorate their shopping carts.

And we made quick friends. Sunny’s one of our customer support managers, and he and Adam were inseparable for the rest of the afternoon.

Here’s the team that helped stock the Western Oaks pantry!
That’s me and Nader, one of our compliance managers. We’re a little more about having fun than — you know — actually working.

Kristi’s another of our customer support managers, but it looks like she was using her price-comparing skills here!

We got an assist from a couple of QuiBids family members at the checkout line!
Our families bought so many groceries that it took a few trips to get them all loaded up into the cars.

“One of the mothers told me they’d freeze lots of [the food],” said Laura Glover, director of development for the Food Bank. “One was used to spending $75 on groceries in a month, so you can imagine the difference this made. It’ll allow them to save money and buy their kids clothes.”

You can check out some more photos at QuiBids’ Flickr.