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Aug 03

Photos: #BringOnTheFun visit to the Oklahoma Children’s Hospital

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At QuiBids, we know fun. That much is for certain. So when we heard about the kids receiving treatments at the Children’s Hospital of Oklahoma (and, as we found out, their siblings who visit often), we thought we might be able to use some of our resources to brighten up their days.

In addition to housing the state’s largest pediatric sleep disorder center and neonatal intensive care unit, the Children’s Hospital has special labs to perform big operations on small bodies, and focuses on equipping parents to give care outside the hospital. And while the hospital’s well-supplied in terms of equipment for providing medical care, we found out that many of the games and toys in its playroom, The Zone, were either going out of date or falling apart.

So we grabbed a few iPads from our stock and rounded up enough of our favorite childhood board games to pretend like it was Christmas (see above) and headed over to The Zone to play games and hang out with some kids! Check out some of our Customer Support manager and ace photographer Erik Gause’s photos from the visit!

Customer Support director Josh Walker plays a big ol’ game of BINGO with some kiddos at the hospital.

Five of our awesome employees pose for a quick photo outside the Zone!

Sara, Josh, and Kristi (left to right) play Rock Band with a 13-year-old girl at the Children’s Hospital.

I asked our employees to share about their trip to the hospital. Read their stories below!

Erik Gause: We provided snacks, board games, and Wii games/controllers etc., and got to rock out on “Rock Band” with a sweet 13-year-old girl undergoing her two-month treatment. I asked what her favorite bands were and, to my surprise, she said “Aerosmith!” She was down the classic rock, which made me smile. I also learned how to play “Animal Crossing,” a Wii game with Ndyah, a precious little 9 year old girl whose sister was in surgery for brittle bone syndrome. We got to talk about being a big sister and of course, how terrible I was at “Animal Crossing.” HAHA! Providing a fun, relaxed time for kids who are having a tough time was a great opportunity I would do again without hesitation.

Customer Support manager Kristi McMullen: “I had the opportunity to hang out with a sweet little three-year-old boy who was visiting his sister in the hospital. He ignored all my questions and only truly acknowledged my presence when Thomas the Train got off track. Though he was a man of few words, my co-worker Tony and I tried really hard to find out the boy’s name. Tony put his hand to his own chest and said his name, prompting the little boy to do the same. The boy stared us at inquisitively, then put his hands over both of our hearts and walked away. That simple gesture made my whole day.”

Head over to the QuiBids Flickr for more photos from our Childrens’ Hospital visits!

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