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May 30

PHOTOS: Habitat for Humanity update

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Earlier this month we told you guys that QuiBids would be volunteering work time to help Central Oklahoma Habitat for Humanity with some construction projects going on at a northeast Oklahoma City neighborhood called Hope Crossing. We’re happy to report that the playground in those “before” shots is now worthy of “after” shots, which you can check out at the bottom of this post.

All told, we’ll have sent four groups (the last one went out to Hope Crossing Tuesday) to do construction for Habitat in the last month, all on either the aforementioned and below-pictured playground or a house smack in the middle of the neighborhood that’s fast approaching “home”-status. It’ll be ready for its limited-income, hard-working family soon!

But in the meantime check out a few photos of QuiBids staffers gettin’ work done in our blue Bring on the Fun T-shirts. Central Oklahoma Habitat had a photographer who was out at one of our trips to Hope Crossing from earlier this month, I tagged along for one last week, and our other resident in-office photographer Erik Gause did the same with some Customer Support employees before that. Check ‘em out below:


Building a house means you’re gonna wind up with some extra materials, so Catie and other QuiBidders spent some time clearing that junk out of the house.


Team meeting!


Jill and our Habitat foreman joke while she paints up the home’s kitchen.


Scott, Thomas, and Kristi whitewash some shades that we’d string up on the windows later.


Always good to have big dudes like Marshall around!


Shortly after this photo was taken Joe announced that he was leaving QuiBids to take a new position as Lord of the Trash Heap.


Alyse and Catie did a lot of painting inside the kitchen and living room.


One of Joe’s favorite parts about his new job was operating a handsaw.


Joe and Clayton move some extra drywall to an under-construction house across the street, while looking sharp in their Bring on the Fun T-shirts I might add.


It takes muscles to build a house and the gang took this opportunity to show them off.


After we were done with the house we went over to check out the playground we put up a few weeks ago, which had been filled in with wood chips, making it totally operational.


So Chuck celebrated by testing out the slide. He’s a big dude, so it oughta be there for a long time to come.


Posing for a picture we met some new friends who were making good use of Hope Crossing’s new playground!

Photos by Matt Carney and Erik Gause

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