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Dec 19

PHOTOS: QuiBids’ canned food drive for the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma

Posted by Matt Carney under Charity, QuiBids Employees

Blake and I posing with some of the food QuiBids donated at the Food Bank's warehouse. That banner is huge!

The Oklahoma Regional Food Bank estimates that more than 675,000 —that’s one in every six— Oklahomans struggle with hunger every day. Of all the children in Oklahoma, one in four lives that struggle. Many of these people are homeless or working to make ends meet, so the cold brought on by the winter months are especially trying for those at risk of going hungry in Oklahoma.

In 1980, the year it opened, the Food Bank distributed about 280,000 pounds of food. They now move that much in about three days, estimating that they distributed more than 42.2 million pounds of food across the state this fiscal year alone thanks to the volunteer work of more than 44,160 people.

right: Blake and I pose with some of the food QuiBids donated inside the Regional Food Bank’s warehouse in Oklahoma City.

QuiBids is proud to be part of those number, as we’ve worked with the Food Bank in the past by volunteering at their donation center, sponsoring a grocery store trip for a few families in need of some help and helping to stock one of the pantries in their awesome School Pantry Program. Being able to give back to our community is one of the best parts about our business.

It being the holiday season (and the Food Bank’s busiest time of year, as we soon learned), we decided to have an in-office canned food drive to donate! We organized our departments into teams and pit them against each other with the promise of a lunchtime party and —much more importantly— bragging rights. The end result was way more food than we’d anticipated. You won’t believe some of the numbers:


The number of employees at QuiBids.


The number of individual items of food our IT and Design departments brought in together. That’s Blake, waving hi from a stack of canned veggies.




The number of items our Merchandising and Business Development departments combined to bring.




The number of items brought by our Fulfillment department.


The amount of food (in pounds) that we donated to the Food Bank in canned soup, canned vegetables and fruit, Ramen noodles, pasta, Jell-O, various stuff for mixing, table salt…



The number of meals the Food Bank estimates QuiBids’ donation will provide for people in Oklahoma, based on FDA standards.



The number of meals each employee at QuiBids provided, simply by donating!


The number of trucks/SUVs it took to get all the food from our office across Oklahoma City to the Food Bank. One of the trucks even had to make two trips!

Of course, all that food didn’t just magically disappear from our office and reappear at the Food Bank, neatly organized. We rolled up our sleeves, loaded it all up into employees’ trucks and SUVs and carted it all over to the Bank for sorting.




We strongly encourage any customers living in Oklahoma to join us in donating to the Oklahoma Regional Food Bank (you can give online directly here and read more information about your donation here) and we also encourage all our other customers to look up the Food Bank nearest you and get involved. Learn more about the Oklahoma Regional Food Bank below!