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Mar 11

Planting Seeds in Eggshells

Posted by Valerie German under Gardening, Products

Planting Seeds in Eggshells

Gardening with my daughter is something really important to me. I may not be the best gardener, and I can’t say the Oklahoma heat doesn’t make things more difficult in the summer, but we’re learning and growing things together. I feel it’s important for her to know where her food comes from and experience the joy of watching seeds she’s planted grow into healthy and edible plants! Though its been years since I got to help eat the strawberries and cherry tomatoes. As soon as they’re ready to pick they’re in her mouth!

With Spring around the corner we can’t wait to get outside and get our hands dirty in the garden. For now though, we’ll settle for starting seeds indoors. This also has the benefit of helping your plants be stronger when you first move them outside. This method isn’t the best when you’ve got a large garden worth of plants planned, but it’s perfect for the smaller garden and for working with children.

Today’s post is about an easy and cheap method of starting seeds indoors – using egg shells!

Planting Seeds in Eggshells

We’ve tried several methods of starting seeds indoors, but egg shells have proven to be the most fun.

What You’ll Need

  • Empty eggshell halves
  • Egg carton
  • Garden soil
  • Seeds


  • Start with clean eggshells. You need at least half the shell intact, but it’s ok if it’s uneven or cracked.
  • Arrange your eggshells in the carton. Using a spoon, fill each “pot” with pre-moistened soil.
  • Place a couple of seeds in each pot according to your chosen seeds’ instructions. Leave the carton in a sunny south-facing window.
  • Lightly mist the soil with a spray bottle as needed. Since there are no drainage holes, take care not to over-water. A fine mist is all that’s needed for young seedlings.
  • After your seedling has developed its first set of true leaves, you can transplant it into a larger pot or directly in your garden. Gently crush the shell and remove a few shards around the bottom. You can plant the whole thing this way, and the eggshell will decompose in the soil, feeding extra nutrients to your plants.


As an alternative plan, you can poke a hole in the bottom of each shell to give your eggshell pots a way to drain excess moisture. However, if you use this method you’ll need to either lift each shell gently to the sink to water and allow to drain or have a larger container for your egg carton to sit in that is waterproof.

Children Adding Dirt To Eggshells

Why Plant The Eggshells?

Crushed egg shells add valuable nutrients to soil. Calcium is essential for cell growth in all plants. Calcium is especially important for fast growing plants because they quickly deplete the surrounding soil of calcium.

Gardening Tools Help

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This article was written by Valerie, an admin for the Gardening With Children page. Gardening With Children is a Facebook page about having fun with your children. It focuses on spending time outdoors gardening, gardening related crafts and games, recipes filled with garden fresh fruits and vegetables, and building an appreciation of the world around us. Like their page to get regular updates!


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