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Jan 15

Popular canvas artwork from Thomas Kinkade now available on QuiBids!

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Thomas Kinkade - Blessings of Autumn

Thomas Kinkade (1958 – 2012) was an American Painter who is notable for his artwork with glowing highlights and saturated pastel colors. We’ve noticed that canvas art from Kinkade have been gaining popularity on QuiBids, so our merch team decided to expand the product selection to include even more canvas art from Thomas Kinkade! We’ve listed a few of the most popular pieces below. Use the Pinterest buttons to pin your faves. Also, you can click on each image to go to the product page. Once there, you can find upcoming auctions to add to your Watchlist, or you can simply choose to “buy now” from the QuiBids store and you’ll get free bids with your purchase! Keep reading to see some of the artwork available right now on QuiBids. 

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Mountain Chapel

Thomas Kinkade - Mountain Chapel

“Before we ever began to build temples in His honor, God graced us with natural Sanctuaries radiant with the light of divine love and peace. As my Chapels of Nature Collection unfolds, we will seek the presence of God in His lakes, forest, hills, and valleys.” – Thomas Kinkade. Recently sold on QuiBids for $0.03, $0.01, and $0.14!

Boulevard Lights

Thomas Kinkade - Boulevard Lights

“Boulevard Lights, Paris is not only the first release in Thoms exciting new City Impressions series but also the first release of his new Studio Impressions collection. For Thom, this new collection is an expression of his passion for color and the way natural light affects the subject.” – Thomas Kinkade

Aspen Chapel

Thomas Kinkade - The Aspen Chapel

“A grove of aspens high in the mountains would be an idyllic place for worship. I have imagined just such a church in The Aspen Chapel where aspen trees shimmer in the breeze, like liquid gold.” – Thomas Kinkade

American Pride

Thomas Kinkade - American Pride

“In “Americas Pride” I have pictured the skyline of Washington, D.C., with lights glittering as evening approaches. The Capitol Building is illuminated as is the Washington Monument, while cherry blossoms catch the last rays of sunlight in the foreground.” -Thomas Kinkade

Mount Majesty

Thomas Kinkade - Mountain Majesty

“Mountain Majesty,” the third and concluding print in my Beginning of a Perfect Day collection, expresses the harmony of man in nature that can make life supremely satisfying.” -Thomas Kinkade

Perfect Summer’s Day

Thomas Kinkade - A Perfect Summer's Day

“My new Celebration of the Seasons collection will visit four perfect days, each of which expresses the essence of its season. The theme of “A Perfect Summer Day” is the exuberant fullness of life. “A Perfect Summer Day” is just such a tapestry, woven in honor of this most joyful of Gods seasons.” -Thomas Kinkade

Rock of Salvation

Thomas Kinkade - Rock of Salvation

“I was struck, recently, by the gospel music phrase the rock of salvation and suddenly felt myself challenged to present the phrase in one of my prints. Rock of Salvation will be the last creation in my Seaside Memories series. Though watching the sun set over this seven-year series of work is nostalgic and slightly bittersweet, I look forward to the sunrise of a new coastal series in the future.” -Thomas Kinkade

San Francisco Lombard St.

Thomas Kinkade - San Francisco Lombard St.

“This is a golden evening; the warm glow of sunset banishes the mist and paints the busy street with its cheerful light. The exuberance of city life is evident everywhere. On Lombard Street, on an evening such as this, life is a gala celebration of the endless possibilities of city life. I invite you to celebrate with me.” – Thomas Kinkade

Caramel Sunset

Thomas Kinkade - Caramel Sunset

“Ten years ago I painted “Carmel, Oean Avenue on a Rainy Afternoon,” and from the day I finished it, I dreamed of working on a second view of the famous scene. “Carmel, Sunset on Ocean Avenue” is that long awaited painting! A luminous sunset bathes the entire scene in a warm glow, as though a tranquil moment has been frozen in time.” -Thomas Kinkade

Doesn’t Get Much Better

Thomas Kinkade - Doesn't Get Much Better

“When you stumble on a breathtaking fishing hole like this on a mist-drenched morning, it hardly matters whether theyre biting or not. When, as in my very hopeful canvas, the stately fisherman, properly outfitted in full waders, hooks onto a feisty rainbow trout, it truly doesn’t get much better than this.” -Thomas Kinkade

Blessings of Autumn

Thomas Kinkade - Blessings of Autumn

Depicts a fullnes of autumn — the ripe orange plumpness of pumpkins, the Indian corn wreath upon the door, the flaming reds and golds of the maples and the soft blanket of fallen leaves.

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