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Jun 19

Product Spotlight: Ivanka Trump Alexandrite Satchel

Posted by Matt Carney under Products


So…purses! As a girlfriend-less dude with only so much fashion sense and a perceived social stigma about any item one “totes” around, I know very little about them. But thankfully, there are plenty of awesome, fashion-sensible ladies who work in QuiBids’ product office who gave me the skinny on this particular item we’ve been auctioning off lately: the Ivanka Trump Alexandrite Satchel.

First off, it’s a handbag in the satchel style, which means (I’m told) you don’t really carry it over your shoulder. It’s more of a wrist thing. It’s got a main compartment for your wallet, phone, and sunglasses, comes with a logo-engraved ornament on the front, and even includes nifty hidden magnetic closures! What more could you want from a purse?

Anyway, here are the quick hits on the last 25 auctions for this particular satchel — you might find that you can own one of these for far less than you’d have expected!

The average ending price on auctions for the satchel was $1.63.
While this might be telling of where you should start bidding to win this particular item, I’d recommend trying to scoop it up early. A whopping eight of these 25 auctions sold for $.01, $.02, or $.03, so several of these purses are sneaking under QuiBids’ customers’ radars. 18 of the auctions ended at a price of $1 or less, so strike early, when the iron’s hot.

Users that didn’t get locked up in a bidding war spent about 16 bids to win the satchel.
Assuming those bids are all Real Bids (and not Voucher Bids), then the average user who avoids intentionally trying to outbid a bunch of people only spends about $9.60 to win a purse valued at $175. Not bad at all.

Winners saved an average of 91.6% on the satchel, across the board.
Even with this guy, who only took a 17% discount, factored in, this is a pretty darn impressive item from a pure savings perspective. And if you’re lucky, you might even scoop it up for a mere penny like Meredith here did.