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Jul 13

QuiBidder of the Week – Hallow Wayne

Posted by Valerie German under Testimonials

Hallow Wayne - QoW July 13, 2015

Congratulations to the new QuiBidder of the Week, Hallow Wayne!

Who can resist smiling when they see a new post waiting from Hallow Wayne? We know we can’t! Each one tells a story and we look forward to hearing many more. Keep reading to learn a little about his experiences bidding on QuiBids. Be sure to congratulate him in the comments below!

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Hallow Wayne shirt win
Hallow Wayne
July 11, 2015
Yesterday, my aunt and I were out for dinner to celebrate a special event in her life.I’m too puzzled what to wear not knowing what to pick from many choices.I just rested for a while to think,suddenly a lightbulb flashed into my mind and got an idea, uttered my #QuiBidsWin. I wore my favorite Filthy etiquette Polo shirt with Plaid trim which I got for $0.07 using only 4VB. Retail value is $49.00 and having a savings of 99%.Thanks again Quibids for such an amazing savings and the free shipping as well!
Hallow Wayne shirt win
Hallow Wayne
July 8, 2015
Going to places you’ve never seen before were such an amazing experience.Part of it is wearing something comfortable to make that thing an extraordinary.With it’s vibrant and trendy looking long sleeve shirt would make other eyes turn on you. Modeling this Something Strong Men’s Mixed Media shirt that was valued for $51.99 with 20VB was snagged for only $0.10 using 4VB. I just saved a huge amount of $51.89 (99%) in I really loved this shirt and the portrait itself is worth a lifetime.Thanks Quibids!
Hallow Wayne watch win
Hallow Wayne
June 28, 2015
My Best watch ever! does not only gives you a huge savings but a great product as well.Winning this Breed Agent Chronograph Watch is like a reward for all my hardwork and sacrifices in life.What a great surprise when the item was marked sold at $1.88 utilizing only 23VB. It’s retail value was $109 and I got a fantastic savings of $107.12 (98%).I seldom bid on items $100 and above but on that day I just attempted to go for it.Sometimes,I need to take risk in order to experience something different.It may be favorable or catastrophic, what matters most is I’ve tried or otherwise felt guilty of not trying.This item was shipped free. Thanks again Quibids! You’re truly the best Auction site Ever!

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