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Jul 20

QuiBidder of the Week – Janise C.

Posted by Valerie German under Testimonials

QoW - Janise C. - 072015

This week’s QuiBidder of the Week is a well known face on our community page. Janise is always there with a smile and encouraging words to all. She had a fun underwater video review to share with us this week as well as several other wins! Keep reading to learn a little about her experiences bidding on QuiBids. Be sure to congratulate her in the comments below!

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Janise C.
July 19, 2015
What a fun day I had today with my grandson (Dylan), we had us some fun in the pool with my Kocaso Waterproof HD Sports Action Camcorder. Today is the first time I have ever used this and wanted to show a little product review on how well it takes videos, it also takes still pics if you would like. It was pretty simple to set up and use, I was impressed at how well this works, lol as you can see Dylan was having a blast doing his tricks for me while I was videoing him underwater. The video looks to be very clear so I can see using this for many memories to come. I had won this back in May with 25 vb, & end price was $0.66, my savings was $66.33. I’m pretty happy with the results of the video and another plus is it’s small enough to put in my pocket with the touch screen being 2.0″. It has 3 different mounts so you can mount it to just about anything. You will have to put in your own memory card though. All in all I would recommend this Kocaso Sports Action Camcorder. I do Thank QuiBids for the great savings and the wonderful memories I will be able to get and keep forever!!
Janise C. and the gift card win
Janise C.
July 18, 2015
A few more goodies came in the mail today from the one and only!! Here is another $10.00 Cabela’s gift card that also had 15 extra bids attached (I’m really starting to like these Hybrid Actions) I placed a total of 7 vb to win & this auction ended at $0.13 making my savings a grand total of $18.87!! & we all know what the pretty blue card is…yep Walmart and it’s a $15.00 one and it also came with 20 extra bids & to think I had to only place 9 vb to win it. Makes my savings another nice one of $26.77 after the auction ended at $0.23. Thank you QuiBids for all my savings on these 2 gift cards! Happy Bidding Everyone & Good Luck!!
Janise C. and the coffee win
Janise C.
July 17, 2015
This is how I like to start my morning with #QuiBids & Coffee! This is the Green Mountain Nantucket Blend Coffee in the 16 count K-cup pack that I had the fun of winning on 6 rbs / 20 vb is what I placed and the auction ended at a super low price of just $0.73 which gave me a savings of $12.66 which is a awesome 75% saved, than to top it off QuiBids ships your item for totally free another great saving on gas alone. Thanks so much QuiBids for carrying just about anything & everything any person may be looking for.
Janise C. and the gift card win
Janise C.
July 16, 2015
I get to add a few more Walmart gift cards to my pile thanks to the savings I got shopping at First win I have a $25.00 Walmart + 20 bids were attached which is called a (hybrid auction) I used 1 rb/ 74 vb, & this auction ended at $2.72 which gave me a nice savings of $33.68 = 91% saved, I turned around and used the extra bids from that auction and went on to win another $25.00 Walmart gift card and this also came with 20 extra bids, after placing just 34 vbs I’m happy to say it ended at $1.35 giving me another super savings of $35.65 = 96% saved. What more can I say, but QuiBids your awesome! I love the savings and these gift cards sure do come in handy. Thanks again QuiBids!!!
Janise C. and the perfume win
Janise C.
July 10, 2015
This is my youngest daughter (Carrie) Last week I noticed the smell of MY perfume in the house and I wasn’t even dressed yet so I knew it wasn’t me, I started asking who’s been in my perfume ?? Well here is the guilty one lol Carrie! She was out of her Ed Hardy perfume that I won for her back in March and being a collage student meaning no money!! I decided to go find an auction on and try my chances at winning her her own perfume. As I looked around I could tell it was a good day as bidders were winning at low low end prices so I found myself an auction that had the Adidas 2.5 – ounce Fruity Rhythm EDT Spray and place 4 voucher bids and my Happy Dance started as the auction ended at $0.13! Woot woot I was sure excited getting a great savings of $18.86 = 99% saved & not to mention the big smile I got when I told her I had won her some perfume from QuiBids. Fragrance Notes : Raspberry, Musk, Black Currant, Sandalwood, Freesia, Cyclamen and it’s for casual just what she wanted. She says to tell everyone it smells great! Thanks again QuiBids for my savings and putting the fun back in my shopping! Love love the Free Shipping QuiBids offers this item was delivered right to my door for FREE which also saves me $$$ Carrie says “Thanks from her too”.

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