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May 11

QuiBidder of the Week – Original Appy

Posted by Valerie German under Testimonials

Original Appy - QoW - May 11, 2015

Congratulations to the new QuiBidder of the Week, Original Appy! She may have taken a month off to go visit friends in Fiji but Appy has returned with a splash. Literally! Make sure you check out the video she shot on the Hero 3+ Silver Edition GoPro video camera! Keep reading to learn a little about her experiences bidding on QuiBids. Be sure to congratulate her in the comments below!

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Original Appy 051015 OS
Original Appy
May 10, 2015
Wow! Talk about speedy delivery! After just getting home from vacation to an empty fridge on Tuesday, I bid on these Omaha Steaks packs on QuiBids and received them on Friday in just 3 days! Amazeballs!!! Here I am holding a total of 18 steaks. The black boxes are the “Private Reserve” packs- Value Price: $263.99. 6 (7 oz.) Private Reserve Filet Mignons & 4 (8 oz.) Private Reserve Top Sirloins I used 9 Real & 18 Voucher Bids. Ending auction price of $3.77 & saved $254.82 or 97%. The brown boxes are the 8 ounce Top Sirloins, pack of 8. Value Price: $129.99. I used 95 Real / 21 Voucher Bids. Auction ended: – $10.57. I saved $62.42 or 48%. No where else can I get 18 delicious perfectly tender steaks for this kind of savings and even delivered to my front door in 3 days! ty so much Quibids. I think you were ready for this big steak event.

Original Appy
May 7, 2015
My First Hero 3+ Silver Edition GoPro video.I do love the new GoPro Hero3+ Silver Edition! It is slightly smaller than the current Hero 3 that I won last year. I notice on the 3+ Silver Edition that the lower light lever is much more effective. I appreciate the weight being lighter on my wrist strap as well. I would also like to say that I am highly respectable to our ocean life and no harm or damage was done in the making of this video to our coral or blue starfish. Now if only I can suggest to QuiBids to carry the needed accessories such as the wrist, head, and chest straps as well as all clamp devices would be great! Looking forward to winning the Hero 4 next. Thanks QuiBids! Be sure to click on the HD capabilities if you have the option. Value Price: $299.99Bids Credit: – $0.000 Real / 93 Voucher (I had saved from smaller vb packs till ready to bid)Auction Price: – $8.09Winner Savings: $291.90Saved 97%

Original Appy - QoW - sandles
Original Appy
May 3, 2015
Sau got her MukLuks! I used 20 RB and saved 50% on what would have been a BIN if necessary. My friends are thrilled to get new shoes here in a country that runs 90% barefoot and always has cuts on their feet. She absolutely loves the pretty beads on top, but esp thrilled about the tribal print on the soft cushiony rubber sole. She also commented on how nice the silk felt between her toes instead of rubber ones and the contour soles is so refreshing to her arch. ?? Ty QuiBids for making someone in need so very happy at an auction ending price of 56 cents. Ps, I my MukLuks too!

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