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May 16

QuiBidder of the Week – Original Appy

Posted by Valerie German under Testimonials

QuiBidder of the Week – Original Appy

This week’s QuiBidder of the Week is Original Appy. Appy is a long time member of this community. The wins she’s shared with us so far this year show off her love of traveling and exploring. And not to forget the juicy goodness that is Omaha Steaks. If only my freezer could look like hers! Keep reading to learn a little about her experiences bidding on QuiBids. Be sure to congratulate her in the comments below!

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May 20, 2016
I have thought to myself many times while driving “Oh I wish I had a picture/video of that!” So when I saw that Quibids had them available, I knew exactly where to shop. I had no idea I would get this kind of a savings however. Only 3 pennies, free shipping, and a week later it is mounted on my windshield! I immediately had to check it out so took it for a test drive today. I love it! I will never miss those highway memories again because I now have it on video forever. What a fun camera this one is going to be. smile emoticon The microphone picks up everything, I can even take a quick pic with just the slightest touch of a button on front while in video mode, easy suction mounting, and a simple usb cord to my computer for downloading of video’s. Not only is this fun, but I feel it will make my traveling trips more safe as well as could possibly help me if ever needed from an accident. TY Q! like emoticon like emoticon
Original Appy and the Ribeye Roast win
May 7, 2016
I had my eye on one of these for awhile. When I won a 100vb saving 89% using my real bids, I immediately took those vb and went directly to the Omaha Steaks King 48oz Ribeye. This steak is full of flavor and so yummy! This was my first of these and I will definitely have another. If you get the opportunity to build up those vb, go for it! You won’t be unhappy. I was a bit leery because no one had given an opinion on these steaks yet. TY Quibids. Glad I got one. like emoticon
Original Appy and the Carry-on Bag win
Apr 24, 2016

Sorry, I had to repost this as it mistakenly got deleted by me. gasp emoticon
This was a fun win for me. After finding my 2 piece Loud Mouth set last week, I found this new “Wild n Crazy” patterned large Traveler’s Choice Colorful Camouflage 29″ Hardside Expandable Spinner Luggage which I love! I had the Travelers Name Brand before and was very happy with the quality lasting through my travels. But when I saw this one, I knew I loved the easy to see on a baggage claim track as it was rolling around. lol. I won this for a steal of a deal. It is made of the polycarbonate ABS materials which is super light weight, an expandable 3 in zipper that allows for more packing of actual clothes, a side handle, and a top handle which has a 2 level lock clicks for different lengths if needed,inside zipper pockets which also hold the clothes in place when opening, and full 360* spinner wheels, What fun it was winning this auction and ty Quibids for free shipping as always. like emoticon
Value Price: $132.99
Bids Credit: – $0.00 I used 7 Voucher bids
Auction Price: – $0.23
Winner Savings: $132.76
Saved 99.8% Unbelievable

Original Appy and the Nesting Tables win
Apr 20, 2016
Talk about a fun auction,,this one made my day! It all started when I won a 100vb auction using just 21vb. I had my eye on these tables because of the Reed trim. Loved them and knew they’d fit right in my decor. I had even looked around online at other “nesting-stacking” tables but found nothing I liked until I saw these beauties. So when I won the 100vb and end price of 55 cents, I immediately went to the tables for my next auction. These are as lovely as I was hoping they looked in the display pic. They have metal legs and frame which is finished in a dark walnut stain. The tops are beautifully grained black pine top (real wood) with the trimming of honey brown woven REAL Reed. No assembly required, and shipped free by QuiBids Simply stunning and very satisfied.
Safavieh American Home Reed Stacking Tables
Value Price: $255.99
I used 106 Voucher Bids
Auction Price: – $3.69
I saved a whopping $252.30 or 99%!
Original Appy and the Luggage set win
Apr 14, 2016
I like to travel and I go through luggage like crazy. Getting ready for my next trip, this time with my family to Alaska. I saw these Loud Mouth carry on’s and fell in love with the bright colors of them. The ones in the back are 17″ duffle style bags, perfect for an extra change of clothes, medications, and all camera gear. The ones in the front are 15.5″ tote laptop carriers and valuables such as my passport and wallet. I will stick my purse inside the duffle bag and be legal for 2 carry ons this way. The style on the left is called Thunderbolt, and on the right is Microwave. Both have padded should straps as well as padded handle carriers. They have side zipper pouches on them for easy quick access to our phones and passorts going through Canada. A family member needed a new set so they get the Microwave. I personally loved the Thunderbolt one. The first auction I went to a bin, but we were going to buy new carryons anyway so I utilized the bin feature and didn’t lose my money. The Microwave set I saved 75% and auction ended at 64 cents. The retail value of each set is $59.99. And of course, FREE shipping, and no running to retails stores to find something we love like these! These bright colors will be easy to see at any airport. lol Thank you Quibids for making my travels fun and safe.
Original Appy and the Omaha Steaks wins
Apr 12, 2016
After being gone for the winter, I came home to a bare freezer of meat. Boy was I missing my mailmeat! It was time to restock. Off to Quibids I go to make it happen! Here are the first 5 wins that were delivered this past week of Omaha Steaks. I have more coming too. like emoticon This overall bunch was a total value of $819.85. I saved $556.20 or a total of 67.2%! I had not tried the crown rib, so this was a go to bin if I needed. After using real bids for it, I won some voucher bids to mix with the rest of my bidding. I can only imagine what the shipping cost would have been on all these coolers. We save a lot of $ by your offering FREE SHIPPING. I greatly appreciate it. TY Quibids! grin emoticon
Omaha Steaks Private Reserve Rib Crown Steak
Value Price: $132.99 Used188 Real / 0 Voucher
Auction Price: – $7.17 Winner Savings: $13.02 Saved 10%
Omaha Steaks 32 oz.1-Step Rapid Roast Classic Beef Brisket
Value Price: $76.99 Used 2 Real / 3 Voucher
Auction Price: – $0.10 Winner Savings: $75.69 Saved 98%
Omaha Steaks Festival Package – Mignons, Strips, Ribeyes & Sirloins
Value Price: $259.99 Used 58 Voucher
Auction Price: – $1.31 Winner Savings: $258.68 Saved 99%
Omaha Steaks 8-Ounce Ribeyes – Pack of 8
Value Price: $149.99 Used 65 Voucher
Auction Price: – $3.05 Winner Savings: $146.94 Saved 98%
Omaha Steaks 8-Ounce Ribeyes – Pack of 12
Value Price: $199.99 Used 217 Real / 100 Voucher
Auction Price: – $7.92 Winner Savings: $61.87 Saved 31%
Original Appy and the hero4 win
Apr 8, 2016
I finally updated my GoPro to a Hero4 and what an amazing package it is for snorkeling and diving. The Hero4 has a view screen on it so you can see what you are taping unlike my last 2 GoPro’s. Then Quibids starting carrying the GoPro Dive Mask which allows for the camera to be directly attached to it so whatever you are looking directly at is being taped, and yet my hands are totally free for swimming. Thank you Quibids for an incredible savings on this setup! I could not be happier with both items.
GoPro Hero4 Action Camera – Silver
Value Price $399.99
Used 66 VB
Auction Price $3.24- Saved 99% or $396.75
GoPro Dive Mask With Mount – Blue
Value Price $49.99
Used 29 VB
Auction Price $0.78 – Saved 98% or $49.21
Original Appy and the gift card win
Apr 6, 2016
After a long time of travels, it’s good to be home. No matter what direction I head I know I can count on Quibids to help me save money along the way. Here are a few of my won gas gift cards all of which are $50 cards. I spent my $25 cards first. Each card was from a hybrid auction which won bids back. In all total, I used 113 rb, 41 vb, and saved 69%. I also won back 130 of those bids by being the hybrid auctions. grin emoticon Doing a little extra math on my gas prices using my cards, I was able to buy gas as low as $1.20 per gallon! Amazing. like emoticon Thank you QuiBids.

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