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Aug 10

QuiBidder of the Week – Yvonne S.

Posted by Valerie German under Testimonials

QuiBidder of the Week – Yvonne S.

Congratulations to the new QuiBidder of the Week, Yvonne S.!

Yvonne cleaned up this week! She replaced a broken, but much loved slow cooker and won a carpet and hardwood cleaner designed to help those of us prone to allergies. Congratulations Yvonne! Keep reading to learn a little about her experiences bidding on QuiBids. Be sure to congratulate her in the comments below!

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Yvonne S and the slow cooker
August 5, 2015
A nightmare turned into a Dream!
I won this awesome slow Cooker from Quibids about a year ago. My Cuisinart Slow cooker and I loved it so much! I dropped it and broke it :( I cried.
So off to Quibids I went: I am so Happy I did :)
Three Cheers to Quibids :) :) :)

They turned this frown upside down! Today I received it. I am smiling all over again :)
I am so excited I had to rush and show everyone! Here is my Totally Awesome win!

Wolf Gang Puck 7 Qt. Café Collection Digital Slow Cooker :)

Value Price $97.99
bids used 32 real ($19.20)
Auction Price $1.09 (yep, you read that right $1.09)
My Savings $77.70
79% Savings
I am smiling and doing my happy dance at this price!! Thank you Quibids and Good luck everyone! I have to run and try this baby out

Yvonne S and the carpet and hardwood cleaner
August 7, 2015
Sienna Eco Canister Carpet and Hardwood Floor Cleaner
Value Price: $119.99
Bids used 58 r/bs
Auction Price $1.35
My Savings $83.84
I saved 70 %

Any one who suffers from Allergies, this is for you! It does so much more than clean floors. As soon as i recieved it, I used it. I cleaned all my ceiling fans and little fans I have threw out my home. It made cleaning them such a breeze! No added chemicals needed :) The steam santizes as it cleans. The Sienna reaches areas and tiny cracks I cannot reach. You can clean just about anything with it. It comes with several different attachments. I know my ceiling fans, box fans look brand new. You can use it on furniture. I cannot say enough about this product. :)
Thank you Quibids for being you, I really needed this.

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