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Jul 15

QuiBidder Jeffrey interviewed on Local NYC News

Posted by Blake Brown under News, Testimonials

NBC New York QuiBids Auction Site

Yesterday,  Linda Baquero, a consumer reports advocate for a local NYC news station – NBC New York – did a story about QuiBids and interviewed our very own customer, Jeffrey. We already know how great of a bidder Jeffrey is from his posts on our Facebook page, and we’re thrilled that he was able to share some of his experience with others in his community via this news story. Below we’ll show you some of Jeffrey’s posts leading up to the big interview, and then his final post with his recap of the experience. Scroll down to the bottom to watch the whole news story. 

QuiBidder Jeffrey getting ready for interview

“Today I was contacted by a #QuiBids marketing representative named Blake. I was invited to Channel 4 news too talk about QuiBids. The date is set for July 3, 2014. I am so excited for the chance too tell the world about how awesome QuiBids is. I have too tell how the site works and my experiences in auctions. Of course I’m going too tell them about the Top leaderboard and as many of you i can name that gave me advice on how too win. I have too take some of my wins with me. Does anyone own a truck lol. I’m definitely gonna talk about the customer service team and how super great they are. Well I only have a few weeks so I had better start winning. I’m in time out again so maybe later. I hope to inspire people and trust the name QuiBids. thank you for your time reading this and as always, SWEET.”

QuiBidder Jeffrey with his QuiBids wins before NBC New York news interview

“Hello #QuiBids Top LeaderBoard. This afternoon I confirmed the interview with News 4 New York. I have to there at 11.30 Am Eastern Standard Time. These are a few things I won or Binned on #QuiBids. Im taking everything you see with me . $715.00 Home Depot Gift cards , $360.00 Wal-Mart cards , I luv Twisted Taffy headset that I Binned. The uNu Enerpack portable 5000 MAH I won for $ 0.82 cents winner savings $39.17. The 5th Avenue Crystal Medallion Wine Goblets $ 0.02 Cents. The Dolica Camera Tripod for $0.14 cents. Canon Camera I bought with the Wal-Mart gift card I saved up using the #QuiBids auction site . Duracell USB memory flash. My Okuma Avenger fishing reel , I think this on was a BIN . Lastly the BergHoff Bread box I won for $ 2.84 winning savings $3.18 . I should have done a BIN on this one. Well I wanna thank the LeaderBoard for your tips, advice and friendship since the start of my #QuiBids journey. Everyday I look forward to hearing from all of you and I worry if I don’t see you post at least once a day, weird. Well I will post the video as soon as possible .I love you all. Peace.”

QuiBidder Jeffrey just after his interview about QuiBids

“I am home. Wow What an experience. I went , I saw and kicked @#$%^. Lynda Baquero from News 4 Consumer reports interviewed me for about an hour . Lynda asked how I found out about #QuiBids, my wins and the overall feelings I have about QuiBids. I mentioned Q101 and the mistakes newbies make like not reading it, like me. I spoke about the LeaderBoard and named names of some of you that help me, I hope I didn’t leave you out Steve I was nervous. i told her about the wins I have seen and BINs I have done. I also explained to her this is how I save up for major purchases. Fast free shipping had to be mentioned. Customer support are live people, and someone actually answers the phone when we call. I told Lynda I visited other sites like Beezid, Happybidday, and Dealdash and they are trash and how they attempt to lure you in. It didn’t work on me, I just wanted to compare.I mentioned the bidOmatic and the Watchlist. MS Baquero told me that she has to interview one of the CEO’s from #QuiBids then edit everything into 3 minutes. July 14,2014 is when the interview hits the airwaves. News 4 New York at 5pm Eastern Standard Time. I couldn’t have answered half the Questions Without The Top QuiBidders and I thank you and #QuiBids for the opportunity. Sweet.”


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