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Apr 04

QuiBidder of the Week – Aaron D.

Posted by Blake Brown under Testimonials

QuiBids' QuiBidder of the Week for the Week of April 4, 2016 - Aaron D.

Congrats to our newest QuiBidder of the Week, Aaron! Aaron has been winning some great deals in QuiBids auctions recently. Keep reading to see some of the deals he’s snagged. Be sure to congratulate him in the comments below! 

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Aaron used one bid to win this watch for only $0.13! #QuiBidsWin #OneBidWin

“So excited when I won this awesome Akribos watch for just 1 bid and an ending price of just 13 cents! Value price of $59.99. My best one bid win!” – Aaron

Aaron saved big when he won these gift cards on QuiBids. #QuiBIdsWins

“With fishing season right around the corner, these $10 bass pro shops gift cards are sure going to come in handy. The first one was won with 11 vouchers bids and the second was won with just 2 voucher bids. Both these cards came with 15 bids attached! Love winning gift cards on Quibids!” – Aaron

Aaron won this non-stick grill and panini press for $0.21 using only 5 voucher bids! #QuiBidsWin

“I won this Chef Buddy Non-Stick Grill and Panini Press. This is perfect for making sandwiches or even grilling small pieces of meat. I won this using 5 voucher bids with an ending price of 21 cents. Value is 37.99 for 99% savings!” – Aaron

Aaron loves the gift cards he won on QuiBids! #QuiBidsWins

“Won a couple more $10 bass pro gift cards! $10 doesn’t seem like much but they really start adding up over time! Both of these wins came with 15 bids also. One was won with 10 voucher bids and the other just 3!” – Aaron

Aaron won this phone case for $0.09 and used 3 voucher bids! #QuiBidsWin

“I recently upgraded my phone to the iPone 6 and what better place to come for a case than QuiBids! This is the Reiko genuine leather cover which is valued at $19. I was able to snag this phone case for just 3 voucher bids and an ending price of 9 cents!” – Aaron

Aaron used 10 voucher bids to win these sunglasses for only $0.23! #QuiBidsWin

“This is my best win during my year and a half with Quibids! I love Oakley sunglasses so when I saw this auction was off to a slow start I figured I would give it a shot. To my surprise I won after placing just 10 voucher bids. These are valued at $149.99. Ending price of 23 cents for 99% savings!” – Aaron

Aaron won 2 $10 gift cards (+10 bids) for a total of $1.72 using only 16 voucher bids! #QuiBidsWins

“I have been on a great run lately on gift cards. Here are 2 $10 Walmart cards that both came with 15 bids attached. I used a total of 16 vouchers bids and paid an ending price of $1.72! Can’t go wrong with Walmart gift cards!” – Aaron

Aaron won this silicone muffin tray (+15 bids) for $0.02 using only 1 voucher bid! #OneBidWin #QuiBidsWin

“I was able to win this silicone mini muffin tray + 15 bids for just one voucher bid and .02. Got to love those one bid wins!” – Aaron

Aaron used 6 voucher bids to win this filet knife for only $0.17! #QuiBidsWin

“With fishing season just one week away here in PA, I was in desperate need of a new fillet knife. Off to Quibids I went in search of the perfect knife. I was able to win this fillet knife for .17 and 6 voucher bids! Can’t wait to catch my first trout and try it out! 🐟” – Aaron

Aaron just saved over 90% on these $15 gift cards! #QuiBidsWins

“Gift cards never get old! Here I have (2) $15 Walmart Cards. I had to really put up a fight for the first one! It took 38 voucher bids but I eventually came out on top with an ending price of $1.77. Fortunately it came with 20 bids so I was able to recoup some of those bids. The second one came a little easier as it took just 7 voucher bids and an end price of 19 cents. Love the opportunity to win GC’s for so cheap!!” – Aaron

Aaron has had a great run winning gift cards on QuiBids! #QuiBidsWins

“I decided towards the end of last year I was going to start saving Bass Pro Shops gift cards. The closest store to my house is about 2 hours so I figure I would save a bunch of cards and get a big ticket item. I’m going to save for all of this year and see how much I can accumulate! This is my hoard so far.
My 2 most recent wins were $10 cards I won for a total investment of 80 cents and just 7 voucher bids. Best part was each auction came with 15 bids so I came out 23 bids ahead. Thanks QuiBids!” – Aaron

Aaron used 1 bid to win this 13pc multi-tool pocket knife for only $0.16! #OneBidWin #QuiBidsWin

“One bid win! Here I have the Whetstone 13 function Swiss Army knife. As you can tell this knife has a ton of different features including a can opener, screwdriver, knife, scissors, saw and even a nail file. This tool really has it all. This knife has a value price of $18.99 but I paid only 16 cents! Can’t beat these prices anywhere but Quibids!!” – Aaron


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