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Dec 16

QuiBidder of the Week – Amanda H.

Posted by Blake Brown under Testimonials

QuiBids winnings from quibidder of the week amanda

Congratulations to our newest QuiBidder of the Week, Amanda H!   Want to be the next QuiBidder of the Week to win a $50 gift card and to have your story posted here on the blog like Amanda? Just click here to submit your photo and story. Continue reading to learn about her experiences on QuiBids

Tell us about a recent QuiBids win.

“I only used 3 bids for each item in the picture! 3 voucher promo bids from entering in a code I found on the Facebook page for the Cuisinart skillet. And 3 real bids to win the camera bag! The Cuisinart Skillet only cost me $.64, which is an awesome deal for a $49 item! I saved 99% off the retail cost thanks to the promo bids! The camera bag cost me a little more, because I used 3 real bids, but the auction ended at less than $.50, so that part was free! The camera bag only ended up costing me $1.80! I saved 88% off retail cost.”

When did you first sign up for QuiBids?

“I signed up on March 29th, 2011. Just a few days before my birthday! Signing up for QuiBids was my birthday gift to myself. And with my first bid pack I won: a 37″ TV and an iPad. BEST BIRTHDAY GIFT EVER!!!”

What’s the most fun you’ve ever had on QuiBids?

“I don’t think anything beats that TV win! It was the first big auction I won, and I hadn’t even realized it was possible. I ended up saving 95% on a $799 TV. That’s unheard of!”

What’s a helpful tip for new QuiBidders?

“If you are bidding on a specific item, don’t auction jump! It’s just not worth it in the end. Especially, on more expensive items. Because, if you stay on one auction and stick with it, worse case scenario you can use the buy it now button and not lose any money!”

Other than bidding in auctions, what else do you like about QuiBids?

“I love collecting the badges! I never set out to win a specific one, so it’s always fun when I get one.”

Thanks Amanda for sharing your story!

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