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Jul 30

QuiBidder of the Week – Bina R.

Posted by Blake Brown under Testimonials

It’s Monday, which means it’s time again to announce the newest QuiBidder of the Week.  Congrats to the newest featured QuiBidder on QuiBids, Bina R.! Bina is a bidder from the United States who is about to celebrate her second anniversary with us. You can read her QuiBids story below:

Featured QuiBidder Bina R

Bina’s QuiBids Story:

“Right now, I’m a couple weeks shy of my second anniversary with QuiBids. I live in southwest Missouri just outside of Springfield with my husband of 27 years and many critters, domestic and wild. I just love the Ozarks, however, between my location and my fixed income, it hasn’t always been possible to find or buy many of the items I’ve always wished I could have. Joining QuiBids changed all that! I joined by referral and I’ve been hanging around ever since! I’ve won countless gift cards, and many $200 gift cards (back in the good ole days), a microwave, food processor, deep fryer and my most valuable win: a Canon Rebel camera shortly after I joined! I learned quickly to study the auctions, the habits of certain bidders and to have patience when bidding. Thanks, QuiBids, for helping this country girl do some big city shopping on a very tight budget! By taking the time to study the auctions and bidders, and with a bit of patience, everyone can have a ‘rich man’s dream’ on QuiBids!” – Bina R., QuiBidder of the Week

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