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Dec 12

QuiBidder of the Week – Casimina D.

Posted by Blake Brown under Testimonials

QuiBids' QuiBidder of the Week for the Week of December 12, 2016 - Casimina D.

This week’s QuiBidder of the Week is Casimina D.! She has been scoring some great wins on QuiBids. Keep reading to learn more about her bidding experiences. Be sure to congratulate her in the comments below! 

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Casimina won this memory foam pillow for $1.20 using 30 voucher bids and saved 97%! #QuiBidsWin

“Another awesome gift for the hubby!!! He had neck surgery a little over five years ago and trying to find pillows that help support his head and are comfortable are a chore. The Ultimate Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow (queen sized) has been working out nicely!!! He was able to go from using two regular pillows to just this one. He has been using it for about a week and a half and has slept better and woken up with no neck stiffness or pain, (which always gets worse in the colder weather) It cradles his head and neck perfectly and doesn’t flatten out like some memory foam pillows we have tried. He doesn’t even need to “fluff” it before he lays down, it goes right back to normal through out the day!
It came with it’s own Stay Cool Bamboo cover and is hypoallergenic. It is also machine washable 😀
It did take around 2 days to fluff out all the way, you just need to pull it from the ends and let it sit to finish plumping up. But it is well worth the wait! <3
Value Price is $35.99 I used 30 vbs and paid $1.20. I got a savings of $34.79 or 97% 😀
Thanks QuiBids for the savings on a good night’s sleep! <3
Happy Bidding and Best of Luck All!! :D” – Casimina

Casimina used 9 voucher bids to win this beautiful watch for only $0.22! #QuiBidsWin

“I fell in love with the lovely colors of this Louis Arden Runway Unisex Watch when I saw it in the You Choose section (Thank you for making more categories, so much easier to go through now I was hoping that with it being Unisex it would be mid-sized, but between having little kid sized wrists and the watch being bigger then I thought, it is way too big. :( But that is okay, because when Jack saw it , he asked if he could try it on, and it’s a perfect fit! (y) So now he has a watch to replace the too small one he got for Christmas and mom gets to try again for one for herself 😉
Value price: $35.00
Auction Price: 22 cents. I only had to use 9 vbs and I saved $34.78 or 99%!! Thanks QuiBids for offering so many beautiful items!!” – QuiBidder Casimina

Casimina used 4 voucher bids to win LED work lights for only $0.14! #QuiBidsWin

“We are big DIYers, and these 27 LED Work lights set of 2 are coming in handy!! They have the LED’s on the front face and a smaller light on the bottom for a more concentrated work area, like finding clothes in the morning without waking the sleeping bear LOL. They are very bright and light up a big area. It has a magnet on the back and a hook on the top so you can keep your both hands free without holding the light in your mouth or trying to prop it so you can see.
They come in a few different colors, and I got red because it’s the hubby’s favorite color :)
Value Price is $19.99 I used 4 vbs and the auction ended at 14 cents!!!! I got a 99% savings (y) (y)
Thanks QuiBids for offering so many great items to help make our life easier! Happy Bidding and Best of Luck All!! :D” – Casimina D.

Casimina won this 2-pack sippy cup set for $0.08 using 3 voucher bids! #QuiBidsWin

“It seems sippy cups are another one of those items that have found a black hole to hide in, as most of the ones I had on hand for the grand kids have fallen into it!!! 😉 I was so happy to see these offered! The Carteret Collections Tiny Paws – Straw Water Bottles – 2 Pack 8 oz are perfect for the little ones! They are very cute with the bear head and paw prints on them! They come in a couple different color choices too. There is also a little wrist strap that attaches to the lid which my 2 yr old grandson loves! He uses it to carry the cup around with him so he doesn’t put it down and forget where it is :)
The value price is $15.99 and I only had to place 3 vbs and pay 8 cents for a 99% savings!! They arrived quickly and have been used quite a few times already 😉
Thanks QuiBids for having such cute and useful products for the little ones! Happy Bidding and Best of Luck All!! :D” – Casimina

Casimina won this bath mat for $0.10 using only 5 voucher bids! #QuiBidswin

“Woo Hoo! I have been wanting a memory foam bath mat for a while now, and finally snagged one! This is the Spa Collection Embossed Memory Foam Mat. It came in various colors and I picked sage because it matched the shower curtains. Unfortunately, the picture doesn’t show what a great color it is :(
It is a smaller mat so it fits perfect in our bathroom. And it is tru to it’s word, it cradles your feet with a soft plush cushion, then springs back to normal after you step off. It has a lovely velvety feel and a no slip back so no worries about it skittering out from underneath you when you step out of the tub.
It also makes a very comfy doggy bed for when someone is waiting for mom to get out the tub 😉
Value Price is $13.99 I used 5 vb and paid 10 cents. Another 99% savings!!! 😀 (y)
Thanks QuiBids!!!! Happy Bidding and Good Luck All! <3″ – QuiBidder Casimina

Casimina won these slippers for $0.17 using only 6 voucher bids and saved 99%! #QuiBidsWin

“The hubby was very impressed with his Muk Luks Men’s Espadrille Slippers! He says they are soft and give his feet the support they need. They also kept his feet nice and warm. They have a nice hard sole so he can wear them inside and outside and a memory foam insole so they will stay comfy no matter how long he wears them.
Value Price is $29.99
Auction Price was 17 cents.
I used 6 vbs and saved 99% for a comfy gift for my hubby Thanks Q !!!!!!” – Casimina D.

Casimina won this Swirlio frozen fruit dessert maker for $2.51 using 27 voucher bids! #QuiBidsWin

“We are loving the Swirlio Frozen Fruit Dessert Maker! It gives us a healthier snack time alternative! It was very easy to set up, and even easier to use. It cleans up in a snap too. We all have different favorites, so instead of buying three or four different types of ice cream, I just take out our favorite fruit and VOILA! everyone is happy. 😀
Value Price: $52.99
Auction ended at $2.51 and only using 27 vbs.
I saved 95%
Thanks QuiBids!!” – Casimina

Casimina won this screen door for $0.02 using just one voucher bid! #OneBidWin

“My mom needed a screen for her trailer door, so I told her to wait before we went to a store to get one. I would try to win one for her. And lo and behold here it is!!!! 😉
I used one promo bid and spent a whole 2 cents to win! My mom was very happy!!!
It is easy to install and only took maybe 15 minutes. She had one last year that was bought from a different company and it was very chintzy, a lot of the magnets fell off within the first week of having it up. This one is very well made, and the way the magnets are set, it looks more like a zipper, the flaps open and close very easy and it lets quite a bit of breeze come thru.
Value Price is $15.99
Auction price $.02
99% Savings!!!!!!
Thank you Q for helping me make my mom more comfortable!!! Happy Bidding and Best of Luck All! 😀 :D” – QuiBidder Casimina

Casimina used 8 voucher bids to win these headphones (+15 voucher bids) for only $0.16! #QuiBidsWin

“While in the hospital, the hubby discovered he could download and use iHeartRadio and Netflix on his phone. I brought him a set of head phones, with microphone, I had won on QuiBids a while ago, and he enjoyed being able to listen to what he wanted while being able to answer his phone and talk without having to hold it up to his ear.
He wanted a pair of ear buds with mic for when he went back to work, because the headphones were too bulky, so I went right to the auctions!!! It didn’t take me to long to find one:) And now he has a new pair of Xit AXTKNXBK Woven Cord Ear Buds w/Built-in Splitter & Microphone! (y) He really loves the sound quality and ease of use! The mic quality is awesome too. His voice comes thru clear and unmuffled, and even when he only has one ear bud in, he can hear the other person clearly too.
Value Price $18.99
Auction Price was only 16 cents!!!
I used 8 vbs and got a nice 99% savings (y)
And it came with 15 vbs 😀 😀
Thanks Q for offering so many diverse items! ♥♥♥
Happy Bidding and Best of Luck All! :D” – Casimina

Casimina used 13 voucher bids to win these slippers at a savings of over $21! #QuiBidsWin

“Now that Hades decided to take his weather back, I needed a new pair of fuzzy, comfy slippers! LOL I really loved the Mossy Oak’s I won a couple years ago, but unfortunately so did my son’s puppy :p. I have heard a lot of good things about Muk Luks so decided to try some out! These are the Muk Luks Women’s Faux Suede Clog Slippers with Fur Lining. They are amazing!!!!!! The fur lining is very soft and comfy and keeps my feet nice and toasty! They have a nice hard sole so you can wear them outside too!
They are true to size also. I got a medium and they fit perfectly!
I used 13 vbs and saved $21.66 😀 😀
Thanks QuiBids for helping me find a comfy and fuzzy way to keep my tootsies warm! Best of Luck All!!!!” – Casimina D.

Casimina used one voucher bid to win computer speakers for only $0.02! #OneBidWin

“A few months ago, my computer speakers decided to stop working. I’ve been so busy I haven’t been able to go out and get another set. Lo and behold I see these beauties on QuiBids!!! I go for them and after placing only 1 bid they are mine! These are the iMicro SP-IMD168B 2-Piece 2-Channel USB Powered Multimedia Speaker Set w/Headphone Jack.
They are small but powerful! I really like that they plug into the USB port of my pc or laptop for power, so I can move them to where I need them without crawling under tables to get to the electrical outlets LOL
The sound quality is awesome. There is no distortion when turned up loud and the music comes out crisp and clear!
I used 1 vb and spent a whole 2 cents on these awesome speakers!! They are valued at $19.99 so I saved 99%
Thank you QuiBids for bringing sound back to my pc 😉
Good Luck All!!! <3″ – Casimina

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